RADA - LaunchVerse

RADA LaunchVerse

IntroducingRADA Launchverse

LaunchVerse is a product of RADA - The DAO-based AngelList for Blockchain. As a leading decentralized community-driven LaunchPad, we fund and launch the most promising Gamefi and Blockchain projects.

The first Metaverse Gamefiis launching on RADA LaunchVerse

The Parallel

The Parallel is an Infinite Metaverse where players can limitlessly create everything, enjoy the unexpected experience that only Parallel can make.

WHY ARE YOU REALLY DIFFERENT?A Global #Share2Earn Community

Our innovative #share2earn model encourages community sharing for the purpose of helping our community backed projects to become global, while earning RIR - The more you share, the more you earn - and the projects you help will grow big and thats why we #share.

The LaunchVersewhere everyone is welcome

We revolutionize blockchain fundraising with our DAO-based AngelList modelled Launchpad.

The LaunchVerse creates high value for both startup projects and the investor community.

Different, diverse but united in the MetaVerse, projects across all blockchains are welcome on the LaunchVerse.

We provide fair and transparent initial token and nft launches for projects with carefully structured allocation models.

We help incubate early stage projects across the #MetaVerse and #GameFi industries.

We help connect projects to the world through our community and innovative Share2Earn and Contribute2Earn models.