Why The Steeds of Defihorse Are Different from Any Other Cyberraces Horses You Have Seen

DeFiHorse is a premium GameFi horse-racing metaverse where players can buy, sell, breed, and race NFT horses to win prizes. It’s more than a game though, it’s an unstoppable race like no other and with a grand prize of $1 million USD!! It’s the breathtaking Cyberpunk graphics and steed designs that will blow gamers away, and one of the reasons why DeFiHorse is different from any other cyberrace.

In a global battle for the throne, the only way to resolve disputes is to race, HORSERACE! 

But not just any steeds… 

When they begin to self evolve, having powers beyond human imagination, the possibilities become LIMITLESS.

DFH Horses are like no other! 

The Divine Steeds Are The Pride of The Gods

They are divine beasts

The steed is a symbol of the pride and power of the Gods. Endowed with boundless energy from The Supreme Being, they create a new galaxy from every stride, move mountains with just one breath, and shake the terrain in every move.

The Four Bloodlines Are The Chaos The Titan The Poseidon and The Heroic

The four bloodlines are The Chaos, The Titan, The Poseidon, and The Heroic

Defihorses Help to Rule The World

DeFiHorses help to rule the world

They are representatives for the rulers of the world 

The game takes place in a future where the world is now ruled by the four most powerful technology corporations. When it comes to solving a global problem, they horse-race. Created by the most advanced technology, the unexplored potential of these creatures is beyond our wildest imagination.

Half Animal Half Machine

They are bioengineered

The DFH horse is the only horse on Earth that is integrated with artificial intelligence and automation. Genetic crossbreeding and quantum technology are used to create a unique physical horse body. Half animal and half-machine, the performance they bring to the race is always mind-blowing.

Gain Limitless Power from Your Defihorse

Their spirits are connected to their riders spirits 

In a natural way, all the high technology has made the horses evolve into forming humanity. They begin to form a spiritual connection with their partners, to whom they transfer their limitless source of power.

The horses are different because the core team behind DeFiHorse is second to none, led by an exceptional panel of executives including CEO Edison Mai, COO Daniel Pham, and Creative & Brand Director Kien Ho. 

Mr. Ho is the inspirational Co-Founder of April Advertising, having seven years of experience there offering innovative solutions for brands like Vinamilk, Traveloka, and Diageo the multinational beverage company. He is also the CEO of GreenOly, and has over 13 years of experience in Creative and Strategy in global advertising agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi. 

Lam Mai is the Chief Technology Officer and also the CTO of CoinCu Group. He is the Founder & BOD of YouthDev, BuzzHeat, and DooPage, and has 8 years of experience working in a technological role.

The DFH team aspires to create a world where players can experience the perfect combination of appealing horse racing and unstoppable Blockchain & NFTs technology within a billion dollar+ cross-platform game industry.

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