The Metaverse 

While “the” Metaverse isn’t actually a new idea (Snow Crash, a science fiction novel by Neal Stephenson first used the term in 1992), it really entered the public domain in the movie The Matrix. Now it has truly started to enter the mainstream with Big Tech companies like Facebook changing its name to Meta Platforms (Meta) in October 2021. Other major players like Microsoft, Roblox, and Epic (Games) are investing in their own Metaverse iterations. You’re going to keep seeing more about this in the weeks and months to come, I promise you. This is the new digital reality.

Welcome to The Metaverse Which Will Be Supported by Many Big Tech Companies

Welcome to the Metaverse, which will be supported by many Big Tech companies

For those just catching up, the Metaverse is what the new Internet is becoming, the next level of expansion, the next layer of digital immersion. Depicted in more recent years in movies like Avatar or Ready Player 1, users are transported into avatars in an online reality that is fully interactive and customizable. The Meta (remember, the new name for Facebook) was launched by talking about meeting up with friends to experience a virtual concert. Or being the architect of a home space with digital persistence that players create and tailor to their personal tastes - perhaps decorated with prized NFT art or NFT items from your favorite game. That’s a good point though: for many, the goal of the Metaverse is interoperability. 

Digital assets in one metaverse reality can be brought to another. Have a favorite NFT Character or item from one game? Bring it into another and vice versa. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, it’s going to be so much more. For many, online communities are in many ways more important than face-to-face relationships because they offer access to a boundless world where they can transcend the limitations of geography and simply feel free. 

A Metaverse could be the focal point of someone’s life, almost like an alter-ego similar to Peter Parker and Spiderman: by day, work whatever job that makes ends meet, but in the Metaverse? Be the hero of your community as you conquer challenges together. Grow a circle of friends you may never meet in the real world or even know what they look like, only seeing their Metaverse avatars, but who you know will have your back when the going gets tough.

Users can interface with the Metaverse through computers and laptops, but imagine it with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). AR adds to the real physical world with digital visual aspects, sound, or other sensory experiences as delivered through technology. Pokemon Go is a great example of this with players using their phones’ cameras and GPS settings to find Pokemon in real-world locations. 

Using Their Phones Gps Players Can Find Pokemon to Catch in Pokemon Go

Using their phone’s GPS, players can find Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Go

Virtual reality is a simulated experience that can be similar to the regular world, or entirely different. This is often achieved by wearing a headset, but in Ready Player 1, they had full bodysuits and multi-directional treadmills for exploring the Metaverse environment.

While we don’t have that kind of technology yet, with Elon Musk’s Neuralink company and the way technology advances, who knows how far away this present-day science fiction is from being our new reality? So sure, you could stream that virtual concert on your phone, or completely immerse yourself in the Metaverse experience with mind-blowing effects achievable only in the digital realm which completely outstrips any in-person concert - and still come home satisfied with ringing in your ears.

This is why The Parallel is such an awesome project. Not only is it a true Metaverse experience with players able to play in The Parallel Metaverses (there will be initial worlds created by a design community who are talented and experienced), but they can also be the creators and designers of their new digital realities. There are no constraints on creativity! 

The Parallel is also a competitor to game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine - if you aspire to build your own gamefi game then The Parallel team works with you to help you get your game online and metaversed with tokenomics and everything - that is their real end goal, to be a Metaverse Infrastructure Provider - because doing so, The Parallel becomes the doorway to all the other Metaverse experiences: each with their own logics, toknonomics and full narratives.

Even the voxel rendering design can ultimately be replaced or modified to anything - there are truly no limitations to the parallel metaverses that can be imagined, designed, created, developed, constructed, built, played, experienced and not least, enjoyed with your closest friends and family.

Through The Looking Glass into The Infinite Metaverse Which Is The Parallel

Through the looking glass into the Infinite Metaverse which is the Parallel

Infinite Metaverses

So while there are multiple worlds for players to start playing for free, those with inspiration can find their dreams realized to create their own Metaverse: a reality as they see fit. The Parallel has an in-house development tool, but they also allow users to bring in their favorite outside development tools. Call in your friends to build together a shared vision of your utopian Metaverse.

Encounter new companions as you design and manifest your imagination in the Metaverse, and grow a community with a shared purpose. And once that project is finished, move on to create another world, another Metaverse together. The only limit is your shared imagination - well, you also need Runes materials for crafting new NFTs, but should you decide you no longer need (or like) that NFT, you can uncraft and get some of the Runes back (82%). 

One fantastic feature of The Parallel is the Hydra System which uses AI to analyze each new NFT if it has demarcated characteristics, which means it is a replica of an existing design. The AI bases its ruling based on any NFT having enough uniqueness so that it can not have more than 85% similar traits to any other designed and copyrighted NFT in the Hydra System.

For designers and creators alike, this is fantastic because it gives you complete ownership over what you create, without concerns about having your work stolen, designers and creators can focus on designing and crafting the best designs with the highest earning potential. Every time your design is used in-game, the Hydra System ensures you are getting paid for your design.

This Is The Best Sword in The Infinite Metaverse and You Can Own It for The Low Low Price Of

This is the best sword in the Infinite Metaverse and you can own it for the low, low price of...

But why limit yourself to only building worlds? How do you want other players to enjoy that world?  Realize your dreams as a game developer, as you not only design your own Metaverse, but also script your own one-of-a-kind storyline true to the vision of a Metaverse that you have. Grow different communities. Decide on their governance, what gameplay modes there will be, socio-economic balances, factoring tokenomics, etc. in a way that no other game development platform or game engine system offers in the market space. 

The Parallel puts you in the driver seat with complete creative control over how your game will be played and experienced - and how you and your community can earn from it. Who knows, in the near future we might even see Gamer Guilds populating the vast indefinite parallel Metaverses that The Parallel makes possible like no other for creators, designers, developers, artists and everyone else who ever had a fantasy of working in an indie gaming studio and having enough influence to create your own vision of a game - now you can.

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