Thetan Arena Shoots to The Top of The Download Charts

RADA-backed Thetan Arena gets a whopping 1.5+ million players in just 72 hours, sending it to the number 1 spot on Apple Store.

If you enjoy playing multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, there’s a strong chance you'll adore Thetan Arena since it's the first MOBA game with a cryptocurrency earning system! It’s proven to be popular within the #gamefi community - after just seventy-two hours of release, Thetan Arena has gained more than 1.5 million players, rated 4.7 on Google Play, and 4.9 on Appstore, also reaching the #1 chart position.

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What is Thetan Arena?

Thetan Arena is the newest e-sport game based on Blockchain technology that incorporates professional esports elements with gaming - you can form a team with friends, battle with others, and earn token rewards/money with just your skills. 

Essentially, gameplay revolves around the combination of your personal skills and teamwork - not too different from many other games you might say. But, Thetan Arena are pioneers launching the first #free2play and #play2earn MOBA game on BSC (Binance Smart Chain)! Cryptocurrency has grown in popularity, and while more and more games are implementing the NFT method, Thetan Arena is the first MOBA game to include a networked battle system. 

We won’t go into detail about the game in this article, frankly, there’s too much good stuff to tell you. A summary of some of the best elements is below, or instead, read the Project Review and visit the official Thetan Arena site

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10 reasons why Thetan Arena is so popular

  1. Original - Thetan Arena is the first #gamefi MOBA Battle Royale title.
  2. Free2play - try before you buy! When you start out you get free characters, but you can also spend real money on outstanding characters. There are plenty of opportunities to trade, amongst other things.
  3. Play2earn - on mobile is an emerging trend that makes the mass-market potential of Thetan Arena much larger, much earlier. 
  4. Ahead of the Competition - There are very few competitors within both the MOBA and Battle Royale gaming categories in #gamefi.
  5. Solid - published by WolfFun and partnered with RADA. Thetan Arena is also part of the ecosystem of Yield Guild Games - the largest #play2earn organization in the market.
  6. Community-driven game designs - Thetan Arena wants to become the first Blockchain-based MOBA game that is truly owned and governed by the Thetan Community. The roadmap is impressive with so much to come. 
  7. Attractive rewards - who doesn't want a Legendary Thetan Box! 
  8. Start from nothing - even when starting out with the 3 free heroes, you can make enough tokens to open new premium heroes on Thetan Marketplace.
  9. 2-token model - for a better incentive structure, features, upgrades, and functionalities to the end-users. Plus, $THC has unlimited supply!
  10. The business model works! - revenue is pumped back into the game to support development and funds are allocated to active contributors. 

Thetan Aren is ideal for all types of gamers, from casual players with little time to hardcore players looking for real challenges. No matter how much money you put into Thetan Arena, there are opportunities to compete with other players. 


To know everything about this fascinating new multiplayer game that can reward NFTs, read the Project Review: here, and follow RADA for more news and announcements. 

Thetan Arena official site: here