Entrepreneurs around the world who are starting or expanding their businesses are seeking investors to grow and create jobs, wealth, and prosperity. Yet, most times, the price they pay for the investment is actually not very fair.

Most young or aspiring businesses when venturing out to find an investor head into unsteady waters filled with many kinds of fish, from sharks to whales. From the smallest to the largest investor, entrepreneurs must navigate a myriad of different models, approaches, and concepts. And on top of that, they must try not to be taken advantage of or directly cheated - yeah, that happens! Unfortunately, it happened to me - it’s crazy what some people will do out of greed.

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There’s a generic problem tied to investments because traditionally Old Money and Big Money have dominated the investment scene either directly or indirectly. The problem is because the amount of people investing is relatively small and sums of money required to invest are relatively large. In a structure that feeds itself with investment opportunities, there really is little room for new players to enter the market.

Traditional banking (Big Money) fundamentally drains the world's financial systems over time and with fee limitations combined with the requirements from the National Banks and Governments to control and regulate the flow of money, which has resulted in the build-up of these large global banks, that have over time limited the access to investments - leaving investment opportunities to only be possible through Big Money companies.

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The result is that even in 2021 with the multitudes of options,  including new options for crowdsourced funding, angel investors, and do-good investors (and as we do in RADA, a Community based LaunchVerse, where everyone can get access and earn the right to invest), most of the world is still highly limited in terms of what they can do, how long it takes, and how expensive it is.

So, structurally there are problems that luckily will be resolved by blockchain and decentralized finance. So if that problem is already on the way to being fixed, the inclusion and right to be included is still a barrier preventing most small investors from taking part. And as long as the small investors are prohibited from direct investments because of structural problems or old ingrained systems that only include themselves, the world's aspiring growth companies will have to pay too high a price. In most cases, fundamentally, the greed of some becomes the limitation of growth and the creation of future jobs, prosperity, and success for all.

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The blockchain industry is blessed because it has launchpads, and even all private and early seed-stage deals are usually not equity-based. This means the company gets to keep all its shares and ownership and therefore the true control of the vision and direction of the company as well as its products, services, and solutions.

This is at the core of the problem in terms of the value creation by taking in an investor (or more). If they become a risk to the company, if they drain the company, or if they steer the products, services or solutions in the wrong direction due to a short-term financial goal, that often can put the overall company mission at stake.

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Crowdsourced funding from many investors who are allowed to invest with smaller amounts, is, in general, a much smarter idea for sourcing an investment. And as we can see when it comes to #gamefi and #metaverses most of the investors actually stake back into the game or project, they become the first players, the first ambassadors, the first to spread the word, and to help make the project become real.

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The symbiotic relationship between small investors as a group and the company or project they invest in is a high-value relationship in the sense that it really and truly becomes a real partnership. It is no longer Customers and Companies. Instead, there is a multitude of different degrees of investment, engagement, and commitment. Within #gamefi and #metaverses, you will find the world's best and most beautiful true partnerships between companies and their small investors.

If everyone in the world had access to safe, transparent, and inclusive investments, we could, together, create so many news jobs where no one would be left behind - what an amazing opportunity.

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