Creators and designers will love the copyright protection they receive from The Parallel’s Hydra System. 

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The Parallel is one of the most promising projects supported by the RADA Community.  It’s set in an Infinite Metaverse where players and architects have unlimited options to create whatever their heart desires. With the potential for unlimited growth, once creators are set free to design and build, The Parallel is going to be a game-changer in #gamefi. Every aspect of the game is devised to be fun. There are enjoyable experiences for not just playing and battling, but also in the producing and creating of new worlds, NFT items and equipment, and of course the NFT game characters: the Paragons.

The Parallel Is Incredibly Inclusive for All Demographics of Users

Upon launch, The Parallel will already have multiple engaging worlds (put together by a talented cadre of veteran designers) for users to explore, battle, farm, mine, and stake. But The Parallel is incredibly inclusive for all demographics of users. Sure you can hop right in with the free character everyone gets at the start and begin playing immediately, but for the creatives out there, this game is equally aimed at letting you flex your creative muscles.

Many will compare The Parallel to Minecraft and even Sandbox (another recent entry into the #gamefi universe), and there are some obvious similarities between them. They’re all Open World games with Sandbox elements, Crafting elements (Construction / Building / Mining), and Survival elements. They all use Voxel animation to create an animated atmosphere adored by millions. Sandbox is even another #gamefi entry in the blockchain gaming world. 

Both Sandbox and The Parallel let users craft their own items, mint NFTs, and then monetize them in the NFT Marketplace. Plus, they both have governance tokens that can be staked for rewards. 

But there are things you can ONLY do in The Parallel.

No Limitations on Creativity

The degree of customization that The Parallel allows for is unmatched - such as the ability to bring in outside design tools when you’re crafting. If you like a particular tool from somewhere else, The Parallel allows you to bring that tool into the game to facilitate your creative tendencies. Additionally, you’re not even limited to the Voxel animation - customizability is a key component of The Parallel

Sure you can architect entire worlds (and that’s nothing to scoff at), but The Parallel goes even further. Have a deep-seated desire to make your own video game right from scratch? Designers and creators in The Parallel have access to not only a boundless universe of parallel worlds that are player-content-created, but they can also write new stories, develop vibrant communities, decide on governance, modes of play, and even socio-economic structure.

Both Sandbox and The Parallel Let Users Craft Their Own Items and Then Monetize Them in The Nft Marketplace

Another strength of The Parallel is that it will be mobile friendly and multi-platform (AR and VR is in the Roadmap and already in development). As such, architects will have access to an even greater mass market through the multifaceted approach.

All of these great features are sure to delight any designer, creator, or aspiring game developer, but what about security? Knowing that whatever you create belongs to you, that your hard work will continue to earn for you with no chance of plagiarism. It’s great to create, but properly owning it after is even better! Well, there’s good news for you with the next generation of NFT copyright, The Hydra System - and why The Parallel has such big potential.

The Hydra System

One of the many ground-breaking features The Parallel team has implemented is the Hydra System. With this, you (the designer and creator) own the digital copyright of whatever you create. By using AI, the technology scans identities to make sure that every NFT is unique. NFT traits are unable to share more than 85% similarity, giving you complete ownership of your distinctive creation.

Without plagiarism concerns, this hands you the option for future earnings by leasing or licensing your creations. So if a particular design you create proves to be the most popular, you earn every single time another player uses it. This is not available in any other #gamefi title on the market. And because this is built into The Parallel before launch, architects can rest assured that their digital creations will stay protected. Of note, players still need to invest, but when potentially millions of daily players could use your patterns, that investment can return huge dividends over time. Also, keep in mind, the earnings on any creations are not limited to just one Metaverse but apply to the Infinite Metaverses of The Parallel and all who use your designs.

The Hydra System and Why The Parallel Has Such Big Potential

So for any creatives out there with aspirations of making your own MetaVerse, you don’t need to worry about digital copyright or not getting paid for your work. Keep the inventive focus on planning and building your world and your game just as you want it. Designers just have to let the Hydra System and the built-in earning mechanisms do what they’re meant to do. They’re built into the core of the first release coming from The Parallel - the foundation game where you can design, craft and uncraft, anything.

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