The Parallel is an Infinite MetaVerse where users design and create symbiotic worlds to play and live their virtual lives in. It’s no longer just about #play2earn - games are evolving...We now #enjoy2earn!  

And, only in The Parallel can you truly own your NFTs thanks to the revolutionary Hydra System.

#enjoy2earn, an evolution of #play2earn, is one of the cornerstones of The Parallel, a MetaVerse soon to be released. Up to 9 stakeholders can all find joy in The Parallel, not just from playing games (#play2earn) but with #enjoy2earn, where the focus is on fun and making all aspects of the game a thrilling experience. It’s no longer just about playing the game, although The Parallel will definitely be that.

Come to The Infinite Metaverse of The ParallelCome to the Infinite Metaverse of The Parallel

With an unbounded ability to create anything, players can explore and expand an Infinite Metaverse. The Parallel will grow without limits as players and digital architects come together to build whatever their hearts’ desire. While there are comparisons to Minecraft and Sandbox (Metaverse), those games are just the tip of the iceberg compared to what people can do in The Parallel.

It’s understandable why some would compare the games. Both are Open World games with elements of the subgenres of: 

  • Sandbox
  • Crafting elements (Construction / Building / Mining)
  • Survival elements

Plus, all three use the famous Voxel animation - at least as the default for The Parallel, although you can change that if you want. 

Some Key Differences Set The Parallel Apart from Its CompetitionSome key differences set The Parallel apart from its competition

As mentioned, both Sandbox and The Parallel are Metaverse leveraging blockchain technology to have players:

  • Craft their own items
  • Mint NFTs
  • In the NFT Marketplace, monetize them

Plus, they both allow staking of their governance tokens for rewards. The Parallel uses the PRL token for this, although there’s also the PS utility token.


Everyone starts The Parallel with a free NFT character which is completely customizable and they can begin playing and earning immediately, so it’s #free2play. And there will be so much to do right from the onset when the game launches as a creative and talented team of designers will have worlds ready to explore. Playing the game, you can earn from:

  • MiniGame Rewards
  • Participating in daily and weekly quests (with their own rewards)
  • Participating in operations to earn Runes  
  • Working as tenants on land owned by landlords

Crafted with Runes Each Paragon Has Unique AttributesCrafted with Runes, each Paragon has unique attributes

There are different ways players can earn tokens. In a casual game, it’s possible to earn PS tokens and Runes materials (runes are needed to craft anything in the game). To get more PRL tokens, players can Farm or stake an NFT. PRL tokens can also be staked to earn PS tokens and Runes materials. On top of that, there are two trading options: 

  • On exchanges for tokens
  • NFTs, Runes, and Lands can be acquired in the NFT Marketplace

To craft NFTs, players need the PRL token which is burned in the process. Also needed are Runes to craft NFTs, but players can uncraft NFTs and regain some of the Runes back. The PS utility token is burned during the process of buying consumable items, but also when crafting NFTs.

It should be noted that there are different fees you’ll need to take care of, such as the governance fee, creation of Paragon / ParaArt fees, or buying Tools


The Parallel really pulls out all the stops for the creatives out there. As already mentioned, you can make anything you want in The Parallel, and there are in-house development tools to support you. But you can also use your own preferred design tools. Remember #enjoy2earn? The Parallel makes sure that the creative process is as enjoyable as possible. Of special note, with the Hydra System, designers and creators can rest assured that they will have what amounts to digital copyright of anything they create. 

Creators Are in Good Hands with The Parallels Copyright Protection The Hydra SystemCreators are in good hands with The Parallel’s copyright protection: The Hydra System

By using AI, the Hydra System scans to make sure that a new NFT has distinct characteristics and is not able to have more than 85% similar traits with another. This is great news for designers and creators as this ensures complete ownership of your creations. There is no need to worry about plagiarism, so there’s great earning potential by leasing or licensing your creations. If the sword you create turns out to be hugely popular, you earn anytime another player uses your design. No other #gamefi out there protects and benefits creators and designers in this way. In fact, it is not even possible for Sandbox to add this feature at this stage because too many NFTs have already been created with potentially similar features. If the game tried to add this now, it would result in a huge mess.

But we would be careless if we didn’t also point out that designers and creators can go beyond being the architects of worlds. Do you dream of making your own games but lack the resources? Well, your prayers have been answered by The Parallel. In addition to being a builder of worlds, you can also be creative with storytelling. For example, through the of gameplay or how your community will grow - take control of the governance and socio-economic balance as you build your utopian reality.

With so much potential to play, earn, and enjoy, The Parallel will no doubt be a lot of fun for everyone involved and has a huge potential to earn for both players and creators alike. And that’s not even getting into the plans for game development and hosting entertainment options that an Infinite Metaverse offers!

Learn more about The Parallel’s Revolutionary NFT Copyright system: The Hydra System

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