The Importance of Community for Crypto Projects

Many of us are here in the crypto world because of the relationships we form and the support we receive from communities. Beyond being a supportive environment where we can find like-minded peers, they are the primary driver for the project’s demand. But why else are communities vital for a crypto project’s success?

One of the numerous great things about the RADA community is all the different types of people involved. While some have joined purely for investment purposes (and not casting aspersions, the community welcomes many different groups!), a majority are here because they’re crypto gaming enthusiasts: they’re passionate about gaming and the opportunities that #gamefi">#gamefi offers, not just in playing awesome games but also from earning at the same time with #play2earn. Here are some important reasons why the community plays a critical role in ensuring any crypto project’s success. 

If You Want to Go Fast Go Alone but if You Want to Go Far Go Together

If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together

Strength in numbers

Beyond providing extensive free marketing through word-of-mouth or on social media channels, a community can be the first line of defense should there be any fake news, scams, and/or fake pages. These attacks have been a problem for many projects, even some backed by RADA.

For example, in Heroes TD (which has its IDO on November 28), there have been multiple pages that have faked the project’s name and spread wrong information. Clearly, this can be incredibly damaging to any project if these fake pages continue to exist unchecked, especially in the beginning stages of development. 

That’s why it’s important to join communities such as RADA - the bigger the community, the greater the protection. At this time, there are over 30,000 members across all channels that RADA communicates on, and this number is growing. RADA shares information on Facebook, Discord, Twitter, Email, Telegram and has recently incorporated Medium, all top communication channels as used by crypto projects.

Onboarding new users efficiently

All Are Welcome in A Good Community from Veterans to Newbies Have to Start Somewhere

All are welcome in a good community, from veterans to newbies - have to start somewhere!

While there are certainly more experienced crypto gaming users and investors, blockchain gaming and #play2earn models are attracting a lot of attention globally - and rightly so! Consequently, educating new users is also vital.

Being a relatively new field, people want in, but they also want to be brought up to speed quickly. That’s why RADA has made it easy for new supporters - by providing multiple communication channels. But where the community also really shines; those veteran gamers are an integral part of showing the ropes to those just joining in on the action.

Another important aspect is that community-driven development has given developers control over the development process, while the resources and decision-making authority are directly in the hands of the community.

The role of leadership and experience

While communities are indispensable for project success, what is needed for a community to thrive? Of course, those veteran members are crucial, but perhaps it’s community leadership that’s the greatest element when it comes to building communities. As any project establishes its brand, from the very early stages of the product, getting decisive support from early adopters is a defining factor of growth.

How does this work? The presence and support of official representatives help energize the community and bolster confidence in the crypto project. RADA brings this to the table with Mr. Hung Dinh, a serial entrepreneur operating from Hanoi, Vietnam. With over 15 years of experience focusing on entrepreneurship, tech startups, and angel investing in various sectors, for the web and mobile development industry. 

Mr Hung Dinh Provides A Strong Leadership Role for The Rada Community

Mr. Hung Dinh provides a strong leadership role for the RADA community

Mr. Hung has wisely brought in other top-tier talents to support RADA’s projects. Being a partner of RADA results in blockchain projects receiving the benefits of RADA’s marketing expertise. Project information, upcoming events, compelling articles, etc. are communicated - through the earlier mentioned communication channels and in multiple languages - not only to the RADA Community but to the world. 

The benefits of being a RADER

RADA’s ambition is to draw together a global community connecting Vietnam to the world, thereby empowering an entirely new generational industry of technology surging out of Vietnam with the RADA Community underpinning it.

Global RADERS receive exclusive advantages for being part of RADA - and one of the best ways to engage the community is through incentivization. RADERS can participate in referral programs, social media contests, AMA events, trading competitions, airdrops, rewarded social media tasks, free giveaways, and the list goes on. 

With the rise of #play2earn, along with the evolution of NFT, the path of success for GameFi projects is clearer than ever: by harnessing the power of communities.