With just a few simple steps, you can immediately earn RIRs by joining this event via desktop or mobile device.

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1. Make sure to add Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC) to your MetaMask wallet

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First, please notice that RADA's Investment Platform perform best with MetaMask Wallet. To minimize the process, add MetaMask to your Chrome Extensions here.

Most importantly, since the #share2earn Program is built on Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC), so please make sure that you have already added Smart Chain to your MetaMask Wallet. If you don’t have it, simply go to settings to add a custom network and fill in the fields as below:

  • Network Name: Smart Chain
  • New RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/
  • ChainID: 56
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL: https://bscscan.com

*Click here for further instructions.

2. Step-by-step guide 

STEP 1. Click on the link to join 

Normally, whenever RADA host a new #share2earn Event, we always share it on our social channels

*Click here to follow it all and not miss any chance of earning RIRs.

After you click the links, you will directly enter the event.

Share2 Earn   Banner 3Sample: “LaunchVerse #share2earn Event”

*Please notice that each #share2earn Event will have a different RIRs Reward Metric due to its total reward. Therefore, you may see a different reward for Referral Tier 1 and Tier 2 in each event.

STEP 2. Login, KYC and connect wallet

Scrolling down, you will see all the entry requirements in the picture below. Complete it all to officially join the program.

Share2 Earn   Banner 4Login, KYC and Connect your Wallet to join

A. Login

  • Click “Login button"
  • Choose your Sign-in Method (Google/Facebook/Twitter) 

*Note: Please make sure that you use only one consistent Sign-in Method, for the platform to keep your data when you sign in later.

Share2 Earn   Banner 5Sign in to your RADA account


You will need to complete your KYC information to be able to join for all upcoming RADA #share2earn Event or LaunchVerse token sales. This only needs to be done once.

Share2 Earn   Banner 6Follow the steps for KYC

Certain citizens are not allowed to pass KYC with either ID or a Driving License. In this case, you would need to have a Passport for verification. You can find the ​​list of Identity Documents supported by Blockpass here.

For KYC verification, one Proof of Identity from the following is required:

  • Passport
  • National ID card
  • Driving license

Follow the instructions to complete the KYC process. Once completed, Blockpass will review your submission. Results and updates will be sent directly to your email address, so keep a lookout there on the status of your verification. You can now close and sign out.

To adhere to compliance policies, users from some countries have been restricted. 

If you are having trouble completing KYC, click here to join#share2earn channel on RADA's Discord Server. Our Customer Services Team will be ready to assist 24/7.

C. Connect wallet

For now, RADA's Investment Platform implements the best experience with the MetaMask wallet. Please create one and use it to connect with RADA's platform.

Share2 Earn   Banner 7Connecting your wallet

*Note: Please make sure that you use only one consistent MetaMask Wallet connected to the below Sign-in Method, for the platform to keep your data when you sign in later. Having multiple wallets connected to your RADA account will prohibit you from joining any event or token sales on RADA's Platform

Share2 Earn   Banner 8Connect your Wallet with rada.network and Switch Network to Smart Chain

STEP 3. Join Program

After completing Login, KYC, connect your Wallet, you will see “Done” status.

  • You can find the full #share2earn explanation article by clicking the “Learn more about #share2earn" button.
  • Each #share2earn Event will have its own rules, click the “Participation Guide" button to really understand the Event Specific Rules.

Share2 Earn   Banner 9

  • Click on the check box to confirm that you agree with the rules.
  • Click on the “Join Program” to enter the Event.
  • Notice that you will have to pay a small amount of gas fee to connect your Wallet to the event’s contract

Share2 Earn   Banner 10*This is the network fee, RADA does not profit from any of this. 

After hitting the “Confirm” Button, please wait 15-30 seconds for the contract to work.

STEP 4. Start Sharing!

You are now officially joined a #share2earn Event. Complete all the required steps to earn RIRs.

A. Change your Facebook & Twitter’s Avatar and Cover (Compulsory)

Notice that this step is compulsory for all #share2earn Event.

Share2 Earn   Banner 11Download and change your Facebook Cover & Twitter Banner

Share2 Earn   Banner 12Download and change your Facebook & Twitter Avatar

B. Post your referral links on your Social Media (Optional)

*Disclaimer: This step is optional. It is your choice to post it publicly or privately to your friends. As long as the more people join the event through your referral links, the more reward points you get. 

*Read “‘#share2earn Referral Program">Refer a Friend’ and Earn RIR Tokens: Introducing RADA’s #share2earn Referral Program” to really understand how it works.

Share2 Earn   Banner 13

In case you want to post it publicly on your social account, each #share2earn Event will have a caption sample library for you to copy and share it. But it’s recommended that you write the caption yourself, to optimize the clicks on your referral links, which is personal-generated for each participant. 

C. Verify your referral

Share2 Earn   Banner 14

We will manually check your Avatar & Cover/Banner change through your links submission. Please paste your social account profile link in the box and make sure it is on public mode.

*Notice that if you accidently paste the wrong links, you can come back and replace it later. Make sure to do it before the Event close date, otherwise your participation will be noted as invalid.

D. Click the save button

Share2 Earn   Banner 15

After finishing all steps, click the “Save” button for the platform to save all your participation data.

STEP 5. Keep track your progress on the Dashboard

On the dashboard in the first section, you will find information to keep track of your #share2earn progress including the number of referrals for each Tier, Under Review/ Approved RIR, or maximum RIR earning per user for a #share2earn Event. In there, you will also find the Share2Earn smart contract and the contract address for the RIR token. 

Share2 Earn   Banner 16

The winner list after the event closed will be publicly provided on RADA's Social Media Channels. Please make sure to follow it all to not miss any winner announcement

And that's all the steps to join #share2earn Event on rada.network.

Wish you earn as many RIRs as possible to be guaranteed with maximum allocation on any IDO Event at LaunchVerse!