Spacecrypto A Simple and Accessible Play2earn Game

1. Project introduction

Space Crypto is a role-playing action game inspired by space, the universe, and time. It's based on the two most popular blockchain platforms: Binance Smart Chain and Solana. The game combines #play2earn and metaverse">NFT, #play2earn and metaverse to help players get the ultimate experience and monetize their digital assets with simple, accessible and time-saving gameplay. Players can experience the game directly on web browsers. In addition, mobile versions on Android and iOS will be released soon in 2022.

In the game, players can use $SPG Token to buy a Genesis Box and open Spaceships randomly. Players can evaluate the performance of each Spaceship in Bases, as shown by the reload speed, which helps the spaceship recover ammo faster, turning it into a fighting machine.

2. #play2earn

There are 2 types of NFT that players can own in SpaceCrypto: Spaceship and Base.

Spaceship will directly participate in the battle. There are 6 rarity levels of Spaceship:

  • Common - 82.00%
  • Rare - 10.0%
  • Super Rare - 6.00%
  • Epic - 1.40%
  • Legendary - 0.55%
  • Mythical - 0.05%

Spacecrypto A Simple and Accessible Play2earn Game 2

Base: Increase reload speed of Spaceship

Spacecrypto A Simple and Accessible Play2earn Game 3

Both can be traded on Marketplace, which will be available soon. Then, the game will launch the Landlord feature which allows landowners to use the resources on their land or rent it out to make money.

To participate in a battle, you need to assemble a fleet of spaceships with at least 1 and at most 15 spaceships. All spaceships have the same price of 10$SPG.

3. Summary

Space Strategic Warfare games are fun. They attract players through intellectual challenges like any other strategy game, and players of this genre often spend more time experiencing the game than other genres.