Looking to the stars he realized his lifelong dream of going into space was finally coming true… manifested in a new MetaVerse where aspiring starship captains can embrace their deepest desires of intergalactic strategic warfare.

The article is the opinion of the author Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen - a member of the RADA community.

1. Project Introduction  

Space Crypto is the Space Metaverse, where anyone can earn tokens through skilled, strategic gameplay as a space guardian with the mission to right the ill deeds of evil bosses and protect the Space Metaverse.

Space has entered the MetaVerse, Space Crypto will give generations of Trekkies and Star Wars fans, like this author, a chance to explore space in full strategic warfare and the best part is, it’s #free2play. Anyone can use their web browser or download native IOS and Android versions and start playing without any initial investment.

The gameplay is focused on an accessible and interesting play experience where casual gamers can earn while playing in their free time. This makes the adaptation for traditional Space Strategy gaming fans to the Space MetaVerse very easy because of the same fundamental gaming mechanics that attracts millions of players to the Space Strategy category of gaming.

2. Market Review

Space Games and every sub-genre and category within the Space theme of gaming attracts customers globally - many of the same customers who follow some of the world’s largest followed TV series of the last 50+ years. Sci-Fi and Space are as hot as ever and will remain to be so as it is “the final frontier”, as was made famous by Star Trek.

Humanity longs for space and to figure out what lies beyond, the mission has been ongoing for generations and despite manned flights to the moon and many other marvelous achievements, fundamentally the journey to the final frontier is still very far away.

In comes the MetaVerse. Let's be honest, this is where deep space exploration will happen first, maybe not in reality, but in terms of social contexts, establishing socio-economic balances and laying some form of foundation for decentralized human living.

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Gamefi & MetaVerse

There are many new #gamefi and #metaverse titles on the verge of launching in Q1 2022, a lot of them also have Space as a theme. There are a few interesting ones also coming on BSc, however, Space Crypto stands out quite clearly compared to most that are focused primarily on owning land and farming initially. Instead, Space Crypto is a Space Strategy Warfare game, whereas most of its competitors in the same generation of coming new #gamefi titles are not.

3. Product Review

Space Crypto challenges every player to become a space hero, a guardian of good to help free the world of the enemy in the ongoing battle against evil. The theme is a classic and so is the Space Strategic Warfare game genre, and for good reasons. 

The immersive character and full-on storyline of Space Strategic Warfare games are naturally predisposed for a MetaVerse, and the step into a full-on #metaxperience lies near.

The project is still young, but already a great deal of insights are coming out from the project in terms of gameplay, earnings, roadmap, etc., as we will walk you through in the following section.

Boss Battle

Start Your Battle in Boss Battle Mode

Boss Battle mode is the beginning of your journey in the Space Crypto Meta Universe.

- As a Space Guardian, you will take your Spaceship and destroy the Boss.

- There are countless waves of Boss, and they will become stronger, wave after wave.

- If you fail to destroy the Boss within the given time, you will have to restart from the beginning.

Raid mode

Earn Spe when You Fight in Raid Mode

This is a quick mode, you will burn $SPE to fuel your spaceship. Fight and win to earn $SPE.

PvP Tournament

The Higher The Level of Rarity The More Ammo A Spaceship Can Carry

The space commanders will come together and battle. The best commander will survive and claim the reward. We believe this is a critical aspect for future growth as we have seen how viral the game will be when there is money on the line.


Landowners can take advantage of the rich resources on the land, or just lease them and collect rent.


Spaceships Are Nfts

A spaceship is the main unit - in the form of an NFT, it’s a transferrable, scarce, digital asset.

Players need to have spaceships to fight enemies. To engage in a battle, you need to assemble a squad of spaceships that has at least one spaceship and 15 spaceships maximum.

All spaceships have the same price of 10 $SPG per spaceship.

Each spaceship has the following stats:

Rarity: A ship with a higher rarity level is more powerful.

There are six levels of rarity. Here are the levels of rarity possible for one spaceship:

  • Common - 82.00%
  • Rare - 10.00%
  • Super Rare - 6.00%
  • Epic - 1.40%
  • Legendary - 0.55%
  • Mythical - 0.05%

Ammo: The amount of ammo that each spaceship carries.

The higher the level of rarity, the more ammo a spaceship can carry.

When a spaceship runs out of ammo in the middle of a fight, it will automatically be removed from the battle to reload ammo.

The standard reloading speed for a spaceship is three ammo per ten seconds. You can equip your spaceship with a base unit to improve the reloading speed.

A spaceship can continue the battle only when more than half of its ammo is refilled. You have to manually add such spaceships back to the battle.

As long as a spaceship is not used in a battle, it will automatically reload ammo.

Firing rate: Firing rate of each spaceship is measured by firing times per second.

The higher the rarity level of a spaceship, the faster the firing rate.

Damage: Damage point is the measure of how much HP a spaceship causes its enemy to lose.

The ammo of each spaceship has its own damage rate.

Total damage that a spaceship can inflict on its enemy = The number of ammo it carries x The damage rate of each ammo.

Base unit

There Are Three Stats Representing A Base Loading Speed Purchase Value and Base Level

A base can be attached to a spaceship to speed up ammo reloading and it also exists in the form of an NFT.

A base has three stats:

Loading speed:

Attaching a base to a spaceship makes the reloading speed of a spaceship much faster.

Purchase value:

The faster the reloading speed is, the more expensive the base is. Bases can be purchased with $SPE.

Base level:

Each base has a level among Small (Alpha 1,2,3), Medium (Beta 1,2,3), and Large (Gamma 1,2,3). The higher level the base is, the faster the ammo recovery speed it offers.

Since a base is an NFT, you can buy/sell and send/receive it using your crypto wallet.

As long as you have a base of the previous level, you can unlock and buy higher-level bases.

You can buy one or more bases at the same level to fasten your spaceship's reloading speed.

Boss unit

The Enemy

Boss unit is the enemy target that your spaceship squad needs to destroy.

Bosses will come in different waves; each following wave is stronger than the previous one. There are unlimited numbers of waves in Space Crypto.

A boss unit has three stats:

Hit Point (HP):

When a battle starts, a boss has a full hit point. Then as the spaceship squad attacks the boss, its hit point is gradually deducted. One hit point is equal to one damage caused by a spaceship.

$SPE reward:

$SPE reward is given after you defeat a boss. The amount of $SPE reward varies according to each boss and your luck.


Each battle will have a number called showtime. You have to defeat the boss within the given showtime. If you fail to do so, you will have to restart from the first Wave again.

Play To Earn

Get Your Space Squad Ready to Engage in Battle

Preparing for a battle

You can use $SPG to purchase spaceships. The more spaceships you have the more powerful your Space Squad is, and the sooner you can finish the battle.

After purchasing spaceships, you can send them to battle and fight the boss by clicking the "Fight" button on each spaceship unit.

Up to 15 spaceships can form a Squad and join the battle. When a spaceship runs out of ammo, it will automatically be removed from the battle. In that case, you can add another spaceship to your Squad as long as it has at least 50% ammo capability.

When not in a battle, the spaceship is automatically reloaded; the standard reloading speed is 0,3 ammo/second. You can use $SPG to buy more base and attach it to your spaceship to fasten the reloading time. One base can reload one spaceship at a time.

Engage in a battle

After clicking "Fight" for each spaceship, you need to go to the battle screen for the actual battle.

Bosses will come in different waves; each following wave is stronger than the previous one. There are unlimited numbers of waves in Space Crypto. in the beginning, you will join Wave One.

After you defeat Wave-One boss, you will earn $SPE and go to the next wave that has a stronger boss with a higher $SPE reward.

If you can't take down the boss after the showtime ends, you will have to restart from wave one.

If you exit the battle screen during the battle, the boss's hit point is reserved but the showtime still counts down as if you are actively engaging in that battle.

Play to Earn

Battle: Each boss you defeat is assigned a different amount of $SPE reward. After you defeat the boss, you will enter a slot game that will decide the actual amount of $SPE you will earn. There are 4 possibilities that can happen in the slot game:

  • $SPE reward x100 - 0.1%
  • $SPE reward x2 - 2.5%
  • $SPE reward x0 - 2.5%
  • $SPE reward x1 - 94.9%

Raid mode (coming soon): When playing in Raid mode, you do not need to purchase any spaceship and you can play it anywhere, anytime. This mode is designed for busy people who want to relax by playing video games while making some extra money in the meantime.

Tournament mode (coming soon): You can claim more tokens by playing Tournament mode. Join the tournament to prove that you are the best Space Guardian in the Space Metaverse.

PvP mode (coming soon): You can compete against your friends and other players in PvP mode.

Market Place

Through gameplay, the Space Guardian will be able to get stronger Spaceships and earn many NFT items. An NFT is a digital certificate representing the ownership of a digital asset, traceable on the blockchain.

Market Place is where all the Space Guardians come together to buy or sell their NFT items.

4. Unique Selling Points

Space Metaverse & Land

The vision of Space Crypto is to offer a deeply immersive Space Metaverse in which players will create virtual worlds and games collaboratively and without a central authority, it will all be structured as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Centralized ownership and control of user-generated content limits creators and designers rights and ownership in the traditional gaming category. NFT Blockchain Technology removes these limitations and the combination of DAO and NFT for Space Strategy Warfare is the next frontier.

The Space Metaverse Uses Two Tokens to Create A Circular Economy

The Space Metaverse uses two tokens to create a circular economy between all Space Guardians and Land owners. LANDS, SPACESHIPS, BASE, $SPG (bep20), and $SPE (bep20) will act as the official currency asset in the ecosystem when purchasing or selling goods and services within the game marketplace.

  • LANDS are the most valuable resource in the Space Metaverse with a limited quantity.  LANDS are also NFTs and they represent the “physical parcels” of the Space Metaverse
  • LANDS will allow players to own a portion of the Space Metaverse

As a LAND owner you can:

  • Collect a fee when letting other commanders use their land as battlegrounds.
  • Build their guild with friends and earn rewards by conquering other players' lands.
  • In addition, landowners might find $SPG tokens on their land plots.


To sustainably develop the Space Metaverse economy, the revenue will be redistributed as an incentive for active Space Guardians.

All users must participate in the development of the Space Metaverse to receive rewards.

The revenue and expense of the Treasury will be determined by all the users through the Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

The main purpose of the Treasury are:

  • Reward $SPG holders and Land Owners
  • Funding for tournaments
  • Provide incentives and attract new users to grow the community

Participate in The Development of The Space Metaverse to Receive Rewards

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Space Metaverse is a member-owned community with no centralized leadership. Every $SPG token holder is the owner of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The more $SPG you have, the more votes you get when deciding the future of the Space Metaverse.

To participate in the governance process, Space Metaverse members will have to stake their $SPG token. Only staking $SPG can be used for voting. By participating in the voting process, $SPG holders directly contribute and govern the future of the Space Metaverse.

Through the $SPG token, the Space Metaverse will gradually evolve into a community-owned Decentralized Organization.

The project estimates that by March 2023, The majority vote will be in the hands of the users.

5. Tokenomics

Space Crypto has a dual token system with $SPG and $SPE to ensure the sustainability & scalability of the ecosystem. They are used as economic incentives to encourage users to participate in the Space Metaverse ecosystem, thereby creating a self-sufficient internal economy with healthy demands and supplies.

This dual token model also decentralizes the ownership of Space Crypto and allows players to truly own their in-game assets.

$SPG token

Spg Token

SPG has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens and will be distributed at the following rate:

Play to Earn: 25.8%

Team: 20%

Marketing & Ecosystem: 13%

Private sale: 10%

Liquidity & Listing: 10%

Treasury Issuance: 10%

Advisors: 5%

Reserve: 5%

IDO: 1.2%


Name: Space Crypto Token

Ticker: SPG

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 SPG

Platform: Binance Smart Chain

Standard: BEP20

$spg Tokenomics

Graphic 12

$SPG is the main token in Space Metaverse. The goal of introducing $SPG is to provide a convenient and secure payment method in Space Crypto and other games in the Space Metaverse.

  1. Payment in the marketplace and fusion spaceships.
  2. Staking to earn reward from Treasury & DAO.
  3. Governance: voting to decide how the economy will be.

$SPE token

Earn Spg Token by Playing Space Crypto

Ticker: $SPE - Space Energy Token

Contract address: TBA

Total supply: unlimited

You can earn $SPE by playing the game. Once you earn them, you can claim and store them in your crypto wallet.


$SPE is the reward currency used in Space Crypto's World. $SPE is used in the following activities:

  1. Buy Base
  2. Rewards in Battle mode
  3. Upgrade Spaceship (coming soon)
  4. Rewards in Raid mode (coming soon)

Every time you withdraw $SPE, you need to wait 14 days for the next withdrawal. To optimize gas fees, the minimum amount that can be withdrawn each time is 20 $SPE.

6. Roadmap

The vision for Space Crypto is clear: from the beta test in Q4 2021 to partnerships with other blockchain games in 2025, they aim to build the MultiVerse through a series of refining events.

Space Crypto Roadmap

7. Media

Find out more on Space Crypto’s official channels, subscribe to follow the latest news and keep up with important dates. 

Note: Be careful! There are many websites and social channels that are scamming.

Besides the website, we have social channels including Twitter, Telegram, Discord, YouTube, and Facebook group.

Graphic 15

8. Partners & Investors

Media & Security

Graphic 16

CoinMarketCap and Certik are the main media & security. 

Backers & Partners

Graphic 17

9. Team

The dream team at Space Crypto is in a class of its own, pumping out the energy to develop this meta game! Their deep content experience is a force to be reckoned with.

CEO, Giang Nguyen, created the Facedance Challenge App in 2017, mostly for fun, but the game was a hit, generating 2 million downloads in its first week.

The Team behind Space Crypto


The team of advisors are seasoned software and blockchain entrepreneurs, e-commerce experts, and reputable digital transformers - all talented in the field. 

The Knowledgeable Space Crypto Advisors

10. Summary

Yeah, it’s not going to be much of a surprise on this one, I just have to play Space Crypto! Having seen all episodes of Star Trek ever created, plus an additional ten-thousand hours of Sci-Fi TV series and traditional gaming titles entering the Space MetaVerse, naturally Space Crypto is on my bucket list.

I will still go to the real space, the dream is still alive, but the MetaVerse or MetaVerses and the endless possibilities of realizing our dreams and aspirations through social interaction and immersion into a singular subject or theme, that happens to be your favorite game, hobby, book or tv genre.

Space Strategic Warfare games are very fun to play, they attract people who are engaged by intellectual challenges, as all strategy games do, and the audience in the overall game category often spends more time in the actual gaming experience compared to many other gaming categories.

Thumb Space Crypto Project Review

Space Crypto is a #free2play game on RADA LaunchVerse. The last RADA-backed project we saw coming out of beta was Thetan Arena, which is already nearing 10 million players within the first month of release. The world's demand for fun and exciting play experiences where you can earn while playing is many times larger than supply globally and serious projects who are pioneering into the next frontier of space like Space Crypto really have a strong hand.

Now it will be up to the team to realize the potential and get the project out to the world's aspiring Picards and Han Solos. I know this Chewbacca in disguise will be one of the first in the game.

Disclaimer: Information is gathered through research from the project's official Whitepaper and other official sources. The content in this article is the author's personal views for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment or financial advice. RADA and the author are not financial advisors and will not bear any responsibility in connection to any potential investments.