Hi guys, my name is Lan Tran. Today I am so happy to have the opportunity to play the demo version of the game Elemon. This is an interesting NFT game in monster-fighting genre. This genre is popular on the market, so I feel extremely excited when I can play the test version. This article I will focus on the gameplay than the other parts.

RADA has written a detailed analysis of Elemon, you can read it to learn more about this project.


Elemon is inspired by the mysterious and beautiful world of Elematris, our mission is to build a comprehensive platform of digital monsters that will enable millions of individuals to participate in the NFT and blockchain-based gaming world in a simple, creative, and enjoyable way.

1. All about Elemon

Summon Elemon

To start playing the game, you must have at least 1 Elemon. Elemon is divided into 3 main levels: Basic, Advanced and Super and the higher the rarity, the better the Elemon will be. Furthermore, at each level, the type is divided into 3 groups, for example at the Super level: there are S, SS, SSS and obviously SSS is the best Elemon.

You can buy Elemon in the game's Marketplace.


Each Elemon has 8 stats:

  • HP (Health Point)
  • P.Atk (Physical Attack)
  • M.Atk (Magical Attack)
  • P.Def (Physical Defense)
  • M.Def (Magical Defense)
  • Speed
  • Dodge
  • Crit (Critical Hit)

As the nature of an NFT game, dividing into 8 stats is a good step for the game because each Elemon will have its own stats, contributing to diversifying the number of Elemons in the game. This leads to a certain number of Elemons that have stats which match the gameplay of the majority of the player community and create a hotness for those Elemons.



In terms of attributes, Elemon has up to 18 types of attributes and each type of attribute will have an interaction with each other. You should pay attention to this table to choose the right squad, especially when fighting the Boss to avoid losing unjustly.

You can refer to the details of each attribute type right in Elemon's whitepaper: https://whitepaper.elemon.io/gameplay/overview


Elemon is divided into 2 purebred types: Pure and Hybrid. Pure will be stronger than Hybrid.



Currently, the skill set has more than 15 skills. All Elemons will have 1 initial Skill first and have a maximum of 4 Skills. The following 3 skills will unlock according to the number of stars of each Elemon (3, 6 and 9 stars). Especially, you can raise the level of the skill.


For example, this Elemon has only 1 star, so I can only use 1 skill and upgrade that skill only. In the skills table, you can also see the number of stars needed to open the next skills.

Level Up and Evolve

In the picture besides Star-up, you also see Level-up and Evolve features. Level up is to upgrade this Elemon, and the stats after upgrading will increase more than Star-up.

The Evolve feature as far as I know is a breeding feature, which is to combine 2 Elemons together to create a new Elemon. This demo hasn't developed that feature yet, so I don't really know how.


Each Elemon will have 6 body parts and each bodypart is divided into 5 levels:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legend
  • Mythical

Picture5 The Elemon in the picture is that I have raised the star as well as level up, so I have a genuine Bodypart 2.


Elemon's rarity is ranked from B, A, S, SS, and SSS. This rarity is determined based on all the elements of an Elemon and you can rely on this rarity to know the strengths and weaknesses of each Elemon.

2. Gameplay Elemon


Elemon is an IDLE RPG game combined with blockchain. With this type of game, you need to pay attention to Enemy in each match, check their attributes, levels and skills to set up a right squad formation and choose the right type of Elemon in each match to increase the winning rate.

At the same time you will also see what the reward you get. This is important in the NFT game because we will lose Energy after each play, so calculating to optimize the profit of each turn is extremely important.


The game configuration is relatively light, I think most PCs and mobiles can play it.

Game Modes

The game will have 3 main categories IDLE Campaign: stage-by-stage, PVP Battle and World Boss. These game modes are widely used in most games of the same series, so it is not too difficult for a new player to understand.


The music and sound effects in the game are suitable for this game genre. The sound effects when creating skills, hitting, ... harmonize with each other and do not create an uncomfortable feeling. The background music is just enough, not too gentle but not too dramatic, suitable for the IDLE RPG series.



Before entering the match, you can choose the Elemon you want as well as the squad you want to play. This process is all too familiar with the RPG genre.


After playing a lot of screens in many different formations as well as arranging the Elemons in different orders, I can see the order of combat in the game with the formation as shown in the picture, it will be like this:

  • We will attack first in order 1, 2, 3
  • We will attack Enemy in order A, B, C, D
  • When Enemy attacks again, it will be in the order A, D, B, C
  • Enemy will attack our Elemon 1 first, if 1 dies then 2 and 3
  • When it comes to the second attack, our Elemon will launch skills in the same order in step 1).
  • After this step, there will be many varieties depending on each match, the number of Elemons on both sides as well the skills. There are skills that deal total damage to all Enemies, as well as skills that only focus on a particular Enemy. Therefore, if we play and lose at a certain level, we should analyze the order of the two sides to have a suitable lineup layout.

My guess is that the Elements will also be sorted by classes like Tank, Support and Assassin. Looking at the pictures of the Elemons as well as the skills, you can also guess how to arrange the Elemons appropriately.

One thing I do no't know is when Elemon will release the skill. In the game, there are only blood bar, not mana bar, so waiting for Elemon to launch skills will be in the form of bad luck.

After winning, you will receive a reward or if you lose, you can fight again.



In addition to being rewarded after each winning, you can also earn more rewards by completing the tasks in the lower right corner of the screen.


For example, this is the reward I get when completing the task of the blue box. There are also daily, weekly and monthly missions and the more difficult the level, the more rewards.

Ranking, Clan and PVP


These 3 features will open in the future and this is the real attraction of the game. Racing to the top, fighting the world boss, strategizing, forming a clan to plow for prizes or being bitter when losing to another person are the experiences that make the game live and keep players.

3. Summary

With this test, I am quite satisfied with the gameplay of Elemon. From music, graphics, elements of Elemon and gameplay are carefully invested. This shows the serious vision and commitment of the team behind Elemon.