This article will explain what RADA's #share2earn Program is, when it will be held, how it works, what value it brings, and the step-by-step guide to joining it.

*Read#share2earn Event">Step-by-step guide joining a #share2earn Event" to go straight to the guides.

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If you are an individual investor, you have probably joined at least one, if not many airdrops, competitions or whitelist events hoping to get some reward or a slot in a token sale whitelist. And most of the time, you had to complete a number of tasks (eg. content sharing, following different accounts) only to have a small chance of winning.

And if you are a Blockchain project, how many times have you tried to organize an airdrop event and watch it fail to meet expectations? Either not enough people know about the campaign, or the tasks laid out were too complicated and unappealing. Ultimately, many projects are unable to get the exposure they wanted from these competitions, despite a lot of effort.

Well, welcome to our #share2earn Program which will bring deep value to both participants and blockchain projects. 

1. What is RADA's #share2earn Program? 

Remember the traditional referral programs? Normally, they provide incentives for customers and users each time they refer someone who makes a purchase or joins their program. These programs help drive traffic and conversion, and are vital to the success of new businesses and projects.

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Our #share2earn Program has the same value, but it's recorded ON-CHAIN by smart contracts on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network.

Share2Earn is an innovative referral protocol designed by RADA that distributes rewards to incentivize user participation and content sharing.

The protocol encourages participants to share any campaign created by RADA or their partnered projects. This is done on social media channels or various messaging apps as well as to their friends and social circles

It’s a simple and efficient process - we will reward RIR to participants each time they referred one person who joins the program through the referrers generated refferal link, given in the Share2Earn Program. 

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2. When will the #share2earn Program open?

The #share2earn program will be active as an event along with any of our project partners which are currently open for investments and even RADA’s own events

Right now the following Share2Earn programs connected to one of the following events are open to participation:

  • LaunchVerse IDO Events: Token sale on LaunchVerse - RADA’s launchpad. Earning RIRs through #share2earn Event created specifically for RADA’s Launching Partners, users can maximize their chance to have a guaranteed allocation.

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 Earn RIRs through “The Parallel #share2earn Event” 

to ensure allocation of $PRL IDO on LaunchVerse NOW!

  • RADA Events: All events organized by us and published on RADA's Social Media Channels
  • Events held by RADA for a project: Special campaigns for Partnered Projects.

In the upcoming months, we are expecting a lot of events as we also announce more partnerships and new services & features. Stay-tuned!

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3. How the #share2earn Program works? 

RADA #share2earn has a connectable (cascading) reward structure that encourages mass content sharing and promotion among the community. Participants could potentially see much greater rewards from completing the tasks much more than the normal airdrop or whitelist events that they join. 

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How #share2earn works

The Reward Mechanism of #share2earn Program can be simply explained as this:

  1. You (User A) send a referral link, for example via social media and communications platforms
  2. Each time someone clicks the referral link (User B), you (User A) get rewards.
  3. When User B shares the link and is clicked on by User C, you (User A) also get rewards (as will User B). 

This means if you share with lots of people or if you happen to be a KOL who has a popular TikTok, YouTube or other SoMe channel, this is a golden opportunity. You can use your social influence for something more meaningful and let's be honest: something where you are actually getting a fair return.

RADA is proud to be a FAIR, SAFE & TRANSPARENT community - The referral system runs through BSC Smart Contract to guarantee clarity and fairness. We only promotes healthy blockchain investment opportunities to its members through a safe and accountable process.

4. What value does #share2earn bring?

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  • Transparency

All actions are recorded both on-chain and off-chain, making sure that both referrers and participants have a fair and transparent incentive structure when joining #share2earn. On-chain transactions (eg. clicking on the referral link, connecting the wallet) will be recorded by the #share2earn smart-contract, which also manages important data such as campaign information, reward information, and participation history.

  • Worthy incentive given

#share2earn implements a connectable reward structure where campaign participants are not only entitled to rewards accrued to them through direct campaign participation but also any participation by other users if it can be linked to the original sharer in a tree structure. In order to start a referral chain, a “share” is needed - an action taken by a campaign participant to advertise or share the campaign link/content to other users.

  • Mass interaction 

Through the use of #share2earn Event projects can improve marketing and advertising efficiency through the usage of smart contract-based technology. By providing rewards based on content sharing, projects can customize their targeted marketing to maximize exposure

  • The best of both worlds

When the projects grow, you grow with them. Rewards for successful referrals are paid out in the form of RIR (Rada Investment Right), which then can be used to invest in the projects themselves. This enables a user to become a member of the community and continue to promote a project even after the #share2earn Event and allows projects to potentially see much greater benefits compared to a traditional referral program.

5. Step-by-step guide to join a #share2earn Event

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#share2earn Event can be joined via both on Mobile and Desktop.

*Read#share2earn Event">Step-by-step guide joining a #share2earn Event"  for more details.

6. Understanding #share2earn Rules

Rule 1. Referral rewards will not be paid to the recipient until approved by an Admin to ensure its validity. Rest assured you will receive your rewards timely, should your referrals be valid.

Rule 2. Once the bulk operation has been initiated, all pending rewards will be paid out in a prioritized system ensuring delivery across all #share2earn rewards that are valid.

Rule 3. This method does not prevent people who intend to directly submit fake UIDs to the S2E contract, however, the Admin approval process ensures there is a process for handling potential abuse of the system.

Rule 4. All Share2Earn related transactions are public, transparent and most of all safeguarded by RADA.


Why join the RADA ecosystem?

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RADA is a professional investor’s community - aspiring to be a fair community in terms of opportunity sharing and promoting only healthy blockchain investment for all investors in the community. RADAs vision is to build a global community that connects Vietnam to the world and truly empowers a whole new generational industry of technology booming out of Vietnam and into the world with the backing from the RADA Community.

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