Rada A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol is a story from 1843 by Charles Dickens. It has been filmed several times, both as a live-action movie and as an animated film. It's about the businessman Ebenezer Scrooge, who only thinks about making money and considers Christmas to be pure nonsense and a waste of time.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

2022 is before us, and tonight and tomorrow morning marks Christmas in the calendar for most people who celebrate the holidays known as Christmas. Eastern Europe waits for another few weeks until it's their time, but all over the world, the quiet slowness crawls into every household as families and friends meet and share the holiday season.

Past, present and future 

Ebenezer Scrooge was a man whose singular obsession was money and as he forgot about his family and friends in the pursuit of money, Christmas ghosts of past, present, and future visited him in his dreams on the night before Christmas to show him the error of his ways, and what he was missing.

At The End of The Day Real Values Count

A Christmas Carol is perhaps the most famous Christmas tale of all, so to keep it short, the point is that through his ordeal Ebenezer Scrooge realizes what real values are. As a result, he reconnects with his family and friends and so finds his own salvation.

RADA & Raders

The RADA Community Members (Raders) have worked tirelessly for months to build a vision of something that could be more than just money, turning it into something real. As we have seen in recent weeks with the success of the newly launched RADA LaunchVerse and the first IDO with The Parallel, it seems that the same values that Dickens wrote about more than 150 years ago are still very much in demand by people all over the world, who are all seeking something more than just money.

Seasons Greetings to All Enjoy Time with Friends and Family

The ongoing Community Pool for The Parallel is currently at 1,460,500 BUSD and there is still a chance to join and get a fair chance to get whitelisted. So if you do 1 investment today and give someone else a Christmas gift, consider 100 BUSD in the Community Pool. If they get lucky, it might just be the Christmas gift of a lifetime, and giving a gift of hope to someone else is a very beautiful idea.

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Greetings to all

We are going into the last week of 2021 and on the verge of 2022 that will be the year where blockchain adaptation goes mass market. The growth rates of 2021, especially within #gamefi and #metaverses">#gamefi and #metaverses, all point towards a very different kind of investment market for cryptocurrency. But also to a 2022 where real use application in blockchain will be the new normal.

Real use cases also mean it becomes real for real people, real people who care about their family and friends. Real people who wish to be a part of something that’s more than just money.

LaunchVerse was built based on a vision that is very aligned with Dickens and his educational story - to all of us - on how we should be better people, how we should define our goals and successes based on the ability to do them together.

Merry Christmas One and All

RADA wishes you and your family & friends a very merry Christmas and we hope to see you in the new year.