SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / December 18, 2021 / While the metaverse remains a story for the future, things have begun to heat up in the present. Game-Fi is a necessary step for humans to create experimental worlds before migrating to the digital world for more important activities. Game-Fi projects embedded within potential blockchain ecosystems are currently trending as a means of preparing for the transitional moment when the metaverse is successfully applied. And one of them is Orbitau.

What is Orbitau?

Orbitau is the very first game in the Taureum ecosystem, which is a turn-based idle combat / socializing game suitable for everyone to play. Characters in Orbitau are customized by users on all edges with countless choices from appearance to stats, creating a colorful world.

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Why choose Orbitau?

Inward profundity

Unlike the majority of NFT games available today, the Orbitau development team aspires to create a world where players can enjoy truly rich game content through an investment in plot, a logical task system, and graphics that are meticulously designed to create a truly immersive experience.

Plot depth: For the majority of current NFT games, plot twists are just an extra element. Orbitau based the plot on a synthesis of Norse Mythology and the Seven Deadly Sins, during which the Norse gods were imprisoned in hell following Ragnarok. Players will encounter familiar gods, but their stories and endings will be drastically different. How will the gods' journey to conquer the lands held by the Seven Princes of Hell end? Is it certain that good will always triumph over evil? Or was this initially just a war sparked by an individual's hatred, and both the god and the demon lord were merely chess pieces in his hand? Orbitau leaves the grand finale open for exploration throughout the game's numerous phases.

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Logical mission system: Developed concurrently with the plot, the journey to conquer the lands in the game will proceed rationally, from troop departure to withdrawal or territory construction. Players will have a great deal of work ahead of them in terms of maintaining their army and expanding their territory.

Graphics and sound: Orbitau's strengths. The game's graphics are meticulously designed in every pixel, with special attention paid to the NFTs. Additionally, the sound system is custom-built by an independent studio.

Apart from that, Orbitau's unique gameplay system will help retain players. The national war PVP feature allows players to engage in combat with players from all over the world, and joining a Clan increases the scale of PVP battles, which will continue until a winner is determined. And, of course, the reward chains will be highly proportional to victory in the tournament, Battle Pass, or Season ranking.

Abundant NFT system within the Taureum ecosystem

As the first Game-Fi project in the Taureum ecosystem, the Orbitau game offers players a significantly higher potential for income growth than most other games today due to a more robust NFT item system. Additionally, Taum - Orbitau's primary token - will be used in future games/projects developed by the team.

  • Territory: Unique elemental lands to assist you in establishing your own colony, upgrading heroes, and gathering rare resources.

  • Gods: In addition to having unique skill sets, different gods can be upgraded, and each time will increase their value incrementally. Additionally, the gods can be combined to create Eggs, items that are intrinsically more valuable than the "parents" themselves.

  • Beasts: A God is incomplete without his summoned beast, and possessing a one-of-a-kind beast will undoubtedly excite you.

  • Ornaments and weapons: Players can customize not only their Domains, but also the gods' abilities and appearance, making them truly unique and representative of players.Logo Max VIP Pro

  • All of these item categories can be accessed via bonus activities, combinations, upgrades, or even lucky spins. Players can then use these assets to participate in the decentralized financial market, directly joining the Taureum ecosystem via two tokens:

    • Taum: the primary currency associated with De-Fi and centralized exchanges around the globe; is used to purchase and sell NFTs or other items in Orbitau.

    • Ori: A unit used to upgrade heroes, territories, and weapons; or combine heroes and build clans.

    The transaction process for NFTs is guaranteed to be secure, unique, and simple for all players via smart contracts compliant with the ERC-721 standard. Additionally, for the tokens are being implemented on the Binance Smart Chain platform, they will be exchanged at a low gas cost and will provide a highly profitable staking opportunity due to the commission being divided by the high trading volume.

    In addition to the inherent strengths of an NFT game and the success and failures well-learned from predecessors, Orbitau also provides exciting plots, outstanding sound and graphics, and a rich NFT collection backed by a larger ecosystem. The game itself also presents to players a unique game with pre-metaverse experiences. Along with trading, in-game items and tokens can be used to participate in De-Fi or serve as a repository for trusted assets in the digital world.