GodForge Contest is an art competition that offers a total prize fund of USD 50,000 with the first prize of USD 5,000. The contest gives room for artists worldwide to imagine the Gods and Mortals in mythologies from different cultures battling in Mytheria’s fantasy world. 


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  • Prize: $ 5,000 first prize, with a $ 50,000 total prize fund.
  • Entry Fee: FREE
  • Closing Date: Dec 31st, 2021
  • Entries open Nov 21st, 2021

Check this link out for details: https://mytheria.io/contest 



  1. First place: The highest scored pack rated by judges.
  2. Runner-ups: Three (03) second highest scored packs rated by judges.
  3. Third place: Four (04) third highest scored packs rated by judges.
  4. Most interactive/viral: Three (03) packs that received the most likes & shares in our platforms.
  5. Referral: Three (03) prizes for people who refer the most artists to the contest, tracked by information when artists submit their artworks via email.


The judges are experts in the industry: 

  • Ron Lemen: a concept artist and art director for the games industry. He is currently a full time freelance artist and has worked with numerous clients such as Blizzard, Lucasarts, Transworld Media, Activision, Upper Deck, Dragon Lance, White Wolf, Time Warner, Wizards of the Coast, Image Comics, Birdhouse Projects, Ride Snowboards, Disney, and more.
  • Cuong Le: Director of Mytheria. He is also the CEO of Genesis and founder of KEIG Studio. Cuong is known as an experienced game artist. His artworks have been used in multiple prominent games, i.e. DotA 2 and Marvel Wars of Heroes.
  • Dao Le: Senior Art Director at Bubble Cat. He was the Senior Illustrator of Riot Games for 3+ years and a former illustrator at Moon Knight Labs. He is currently working on Legends of Runeterra card network.
  • Jad Saber: Co-founder & Art director of Chromatic Studio. A Lebanese concept artist based in Paris, he has worked on multiple video game projects, i.e. Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us: Part 2 and Uncharted: Lost Legacy. He is currently working in the Film industry and teaching concept art at NEW3DGE school in Paris.



The GodForge Contest is organized by Mytheria, the first game that provides Create-to-Earn opportunities for artists around the world.

Artists are free to create, participate in creating the world of Mytheria from the earliest days, and to promote their mythologies and culture in general to the world. The contest promises a thrilling journey.

Artists and their artwork are recognized, for Mytheria offers huge prizes (with a total prize package of 50K$, first prize of 5K$) to show recognition for the artist’s enthusiasm and talents. If their artworks are selected to be incorporated into the fantasy world of Mytheria, the artists will earn sustainable and long-term financial benefits in the future, as their artworks could be traded and auctioned using $MYRA token.


Character Design

A complete submission will be a pack consisting of:

- At least 01 character design for God or Mortal from a culture of your selection.

- You can select any Pantheon from the first Five Pantheons already introduced in Mytheria (Greek, Egyptian, Nordic, Chinese, and Vietnamese), or from any culture. 

- To be specific, Mortals are followers of God you choose. Gods and other characters should be from the same tribe, and thus share the same key features and costumes.

- Gods will be of a higher tier for evaluation. The panel of judges expects higher aesthetic quality, and effective communication of the concept idea from entries for the Gods tier.

- A short paragraph describing the story/ folk behind your selected characters, the connection among them, and how they will fight in Mytheria battles.

- Multiple entries are acceptable.

Submission guideline

  • Send your artworks in JPEG format to [email protected]
  • The format of the email:
    • Title: [artist name]_[God name]_Mytheria God Forge Contest
    • Attachment to your works in JPEG
    • Name and contact of the person who has referred you to the contest (optional)


  • God/Hero Tier:
    • Dimension: minimum 4800×2700 pixel (16:9 ratio)
    • RGB 8 bits/channel, 72 DPI
    • Main character(s) and background on separated layers
    • JPEG format 
    • Name file: contest_God_tier_.png for preview
  • Minion Tier:
    • Dimension: minimum 3200×4000 pixel (4:5 ratio)
    • RGB 8 bits/channel, 72 DPI, sRGB Colorspace
    • Main character(s) and background on separated layers
    • JPEG format 
    • Name file: contest_Mortal_tier_.JPEG for preview


11 Nov 2021: Competition announcement

21 Nov 2021: Open to submission

12 Dec, 19 Dec, 26 Dec 2021: Publish weekly rank – Best artworks of the week

31 Dec 2021: Competition deadline

05 Jan 2022: Winners announcement


Ask Mytheria GodForge Team any questions you might have at: https://www.reddit.com/r/MytheriaGodForge/

Or email us at [email protected]