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1. Project Introduction

Mytheria has created a very unique mythological universe, where the gods and demigods of Northern Europe, Greece, Egypt, China, Vietnam... appear together, fighting for honor and glory. With the storyline inspired by myths, Mytheria promises to create a world rich in color, close but also full of surprises, attraction, exploiting unknown elements in myths that enthrall the players. In the Mytherian universe, for the first time, gods from different cultures were able to interact, encounter and fight in epic battles. The myths of the countries are intertwined and lively interference.

Mytheria is starting to look like the most serious contender in the emerging #create2earn genre within #gamefi. There are many reasons and this might even be one of the best whitepapers ever released in #gamefi. Storytelling leads every single action. Throughout the whitepaper are signs of a clear business strategy defined by a customer acquisition strategy that leads product development towards a specific and very clear market segment.

War Temple (greek)

So why is this so interesting?

If you are familiar with DOTA Workshop in the game DOTA, it is a Design Universe where Players and Community Members can contribute their own work to the game. The role of the design community in the ongoing development of the game has been essential for the continued and year long ongoing success of DOTA / DOTA 2.

DOTA2 is to date the game in #esport that has generated the highest player income including all off Top 30 in the global #esport gaming industry. Together with games like League of Legends, Starcraft, Counter Strike, Eve Online and World of Warcraft gaming titles that are carried by massive communities, who proudly take creative co-ownership in driving the game content development. With this approach, MyTheria an create such a workshop like DOTA but more completing with #gamefi.

With amazing graphics, narrative-driven approach, and empowering artists and designers from every part of the globe, Mytheria will be one of the most interesting projects to follow in the final quarter of 2021. Moreover, it’s noticeable when the visual storyline is led by Game illustrator Cuong Le who has experience with Marvel's famous Card Game series War of Heroes as well as outfit design in DOTA.

2. Market Review

In the last five decades gaming has seen a lot of growth. The overall gaming industry was $175 billion in 2020 and is predicted to rise to 218 billion Dollars in 2023. Newzoo also projects that 77% of spending on in-game items will be spent in 2023 or equal to $168 billion in online gaming revenue globally in one year. 

In term of NFT, the total capitalization of the market will reach over $22 billion in 2021, up from $338 million at the end of 2020. Most of the cash flow is in NFT titles, which have quite a lot of potential to deliver. giving gamers the opportunity to increase profits from in-game NFT items. (Source:

To further evaluate the potential attractiveness of Mytheria, let's take a look at the success of the Than Tich project. Than Tich only focuses on stories and characters from Vietnamese mythology. Here, it is clear that the Gods are just a piece of the grand Mytheria puzzle - where many other gods are present, inspired by the world's mythology (a larger war). In other words, the Than Tich is just a branch of the big project Mytheria.

Than Tich is currently the most successful fundraising project fromComicola Crowdfunding, attracting up to 2,000 USD  after only 7 hours, the result reaching 181% of the target set from community investment. The fundraising round ended with the result of nearly 20,000 USD, proving the special attraction of the project to Vietnamese people. This is definitely a metric worth referencing that creates expectations for investors with MyTheria.


With the rapid development of NFT games, we hope that Mytheria will be the pride of Vietnamese mythological traditions, which are still relatively unknown in the world. Mytheria will be the first time the Vietnamese mythological traditions appear together in context with the Mythological Worlds of other major cultures. such as Northern Europe, Egypt, Greece, China into a full MetaVerse.

3. Product Review

Mytheria is taking the charge in #gamefi into creative co-ownership. The world of Mytheria will never stop evolving as players from all over the world take their cultural approach to enrich and diversify with artists from all over the world that join in to co-create and bring their characters to Mytheria through the contribution and voting mechanisms of the game called GodForge. Players will become a part of the continuous loop of co-creation and expansion of the games content with the resulting customer retention being higher than anything ever seen before in traditional gaming.


In Mytheria, Players will have many game modes: Practice, PVE, PVP, Battle Royale, Tournaments and E-sport with interesting and unique game play with countless tactical methods through collecting Gods, Soldiers and Magic Cards to play and compete!

Rewards for players will be NFT tokens and $Myra coins.
The game promises to be very attractive when the game's founders are experienced in the Game and Blockchain fields. Mytheria creates the first #create2earn in blockchain which can work with:

  • TCG (Trading Card Game) where in Characters will be represented by Cards with different strength and rarity factors.
  • NFT (Non-fungible token) are used for cards and items and are all uniquely minted NFT used for all the needs to collect, exchange, buy or sell in the game.
  • P2E is the basic #play2earn mechanism that attracts most of the Player base to #gamefi projects, and it is expected it will be no different here as well.
  • MOBA - PVP fighting game integrated to increase the attractiveness of military- battles, specific generals of TCG game while also bringing in a specific customer audience.

Mytheria has not yet been released, but this is an expected game with beautiful graphics, a breakthrough direction, and a large community of contributors to building the game world.


In this game, players will experience unique and attractive gameplay.

  • Free to Play: Players can enter the world of Mytheria COMPLETELY FREE
  • Mytheria World: A beautiful, well-invested and thorough world
    • Images of gods belonging to mythical universes of different cultures such as Greece, Egypt, Northern Europe, China are studied and drawn by a team of experienced artists in game studios around the world.
    • The world of Mytheria is constantly becoming diverse and rich thanks to the GodForge function - artists around the world will join in creating and bringing their characters to Mytheria.
  • TCG gameplay, offering "explosive" experiences - For the first time, gods from different mythical universes will fight for honor and victory.
    • Multiple game modes: Practice, PVE, PVP, Battle Royale, Tournament, E-Sport.
    • The differences in gameplay:
      • Choose Champions that can level up and unlock skills in battle. Each Character has a lot of skills, different plays for each character. Gods can use their ticks to upgrade, unlock skills, use special moves, recruit soldiers and summon spells.
      • The position of the Character is extremely important, changing the game: can change the position of the Character to create an advantage.
      • The battlefield has 2 lanes, structured like a MOBA Battlefield, defend your turrets and attack enemy turrets to win.


  • Many opportunities to earn:
    • Cards and $MYRA - a currency that can be exchanged in the game to maintain transactions and provide the ability to play for money.
    • Possession - Trade - Auction: Unlike traditional games, with Mytheria, Players have real Ownership of their cards. Collect rare cards and participate in a strong and prosperous economy to earn money.

4. Unique Selling Points

Mytheria is a quite a unique game project considering the clear narrative carried focus on #create2earn (GodForge) in combination with #play2earn and all the other #gamefi mechanisms. 


  • Mytheria defines itself as the first in an emerging category of #create2earn titles. However, while the GodForge is a playground and revenue source for game illustrators, Mytheria is still an attractive #play2earn and NFT game with the potential to build a strong and long-lasting gaming community within its MetaVerse where there is room and need for both Players and Creators.
  • Mytheria has a great storyline that is very respectful to the Vietnamese people's traditional mythology and utilizes the ancient stories as background in the MetaVerse’ rich and beautiful storyline.
  • Players can play Mytheria completely for free before deciding to invest, collect game cards; Along with the Practice, PVE, PVP, Battle Royale, Tournament, E-Sport game modes and collect rewards, the income is NFT Cards and $MYRA.


Besides the above factors, Mytheria's team is headed by CEO Le Manh Cuong, who is very experienced in games and gameplay when he used to act as an artist for Marvel's famous card game project: War of Heroes.


5. Tokenomic

  • Symbol: $MYRA
  • $MYRA is also the native currency in the game. $MYRA is designed to encourage as well as maximize player-game interaction.
  • $MYRA has a total supply of 200,000,000 tokens issued in 5 years:


Token distribution ratio is as follows



You can also refer to the role of the player types in the game - the functional roles of collectors (Collectors), regular players (Duelists), Operators (Operators) and especially artists involved in creating card game (Artist)

6. Roadmap

Please refer to the project's Whitepage for more information.


7. Media

Mytheira is a new project and still pending much attention at this time, but we would expect these numbers to change quickly, so do use these as a reference point to Mytheria on SoMe and follow the project or join the Community and be a part of the vibrant Artist Community serving the fascinating Godforge functionality.

7. Media (bài Phân Tích Dự Án)

8. Partners & Investors

Mytheria’s Partners and Investors is relatively few as the project is so new, but with the support and backing of RADA on the list and more joining in to support a new very interesting #gamefi project out of Vietnam.


9. Team

The founding team has members with experience in games and blockchain. 

In particular, the position of CEO of Mr. Le Manh Cuong should be highlighted. He is very famous in the world of game illustrators, due to his participation in many big game projects around the world. He has ample experience in international game projects with famous titles such as Marvel and DOTA 2, in both illustration and game design. 

With the passion for games and graphics, Mr. Cuong once dropped out of college to focus on pursuing his goal of becoming a game artist. If you know that "game artist" at first was considered a pretty "weird" profession, his efforts are really worth what he has achieved so far. 

Once again, the gaming community will be reunited with Mr. Cuong through the game world of Mytheria. We can expect Mytheria universe for elaborate plots, characters, psychological developments, gameplay and graphics. Furthermore, with the influence and understanding of the game world of the Strategic Advisor team, it’s believed that Mytheria will become a Dota version on the Game Blockchain platform.

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

The list of advisors includes many big names from the Vietnamese start-up and blockchain industry.


10. Summary

Mytheria is an upgrade of the TCG (Trading Card Game) gaming genre. It will not only be a game for investors, collectors, gamers and earners but also a place for designers and illustrators to unleash their creativity.

The Godforge mechanism is very interesting to follow and as the very recently launched project grows, the Mytheria Communities sustainability will be a cornerstone of the future success of Mytheria.

The game has been in planning for more than 2 years and the project is now nearing its launch. The development team has a lot of experience working on big projects like Marvel and DOTA2 and the quality, detail and level of which the, very well told, story of the GodForge: to create a playground for Artists, driven by a famous artist with KOL status makes it very likely that Mytheria will be both worth playing due to its beautiful graphics but also a storydriven experience befitting of making the transition into the Mytheria MetaVerse.

Obviously the Mytheria project has a lot of room to grow in the Blockchain gaming world that you should keep an eye on. If you put your trust in Mytheria and the team, hopefully you will get the results you deserve.


Disclaimer: Information is gathered through research from the project's official Whitepaper and other official sources. The content in this article is the author's personal views for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment or financial advice. RADA and the author are not financial advisors and will not bear any responsibility in connection to any potential investments.