Reminiscent of the long lost Three Kingdoms period, MyMasterWar enables Players to build their own empire in the MMW MetaVerse that's heavily inspired by famous novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms

The article is the opinion of the author JinT - a member of the RADA community.

1. Project introduction

MyMasterWar is a game ecosystem platform named DeFixNFT based on the #gamefi models #play2earn #free2play and #profit2share, which means the entry level for New Players to enter the MMW MetaVerse is non-existent!. There are other titles in the way out in #gamefi looking to utilize many different new mechanisms and there is no doubt they will re-define gaming for the coming decades as #gamefi attracts millions of mass market traditional new players, this #free2play entry level equalizer will be essential for a successful mass market adaptation. Some of the worlds largest #play2earn markets are in countries like the Philippines where an estimated 2.000.000+ people are already making a living from #play2earn and #gamefi.


Enabling Players from countries with emerging economies into earning their first income, without any entry level is not something that has been seen successfully done yet, however there is no doubt that #free2play in combination with #play2earn and a myriad of new interesting #gamefi mechanisms being developed across all the emerging #gamefi titles, including those we back in RADA, will be one of the key ingredients in conquering mass market segments from the traditional gaming industry

The storyline in the MMV MetaVerse is quite attractive to Players as it is based on the novel Three Kingdoms, the vastness of the author Dien Nghia’s universe gives the narrative of the MMV MetaVerse a wholeness that is not seen in most other emerging or existing competitors, that gives MyMasterWar an edge in the market.

The narrative is based on the fundamentals of the Three Kingdoms universe and aims to fully demonstrate our great ambitions as humans from the beginning up until today, summarizing two fundamental principles of the MMV MetaVerse.

  • Humans always crave power, want to be immortal, change heaven and earth, claim the galaxy.
  • To do this, Humans need power and evolutionary thinking. The most talented scientists research, invent, search and distill the most stellar genomes in history, transcending time and space to create real battles to breed, improve and develop the gaming experience through role-playing into different Kings to rule the kingdom

Participating in the e-game, each Player will be provided with 2 completely different play options initially:

  • The game is initially set in the middle ages. There the Player has the right to choose the Scenario for himself, in the role of a King of a Kingdom. The "scenario" here includes choosing a general, dispatching troops, setting up a strategy and of course directly facing tough battles.
  • The second part of the journey takes place in a place called the future, where Players travel through Space to build their own MMV MetaVerse Empires.
  • They will enter the MMV 3D World and transform into Gods with boundless power and limitless creativity, thereby enabling the Player the god-like power to conquer and shape the Empire that has become a part of the MMV MetaVerse.

To better understand this potential game, please read more about the detailed analysis of the project in the next sections.

2. Market Review

NFTGaming is exploding these months and the extremely rapid development is leading to the birth of many new #gamefi projects. MyMasterWar leads its entry into the market space with its biggest competitive advantage being the mechanism that allows Players to Experience the game completely for free before deciding whether to play or to invest in the game or project, or not.

Below is a chart showing the price movement of the $MAT token and the project's trading volume from the time of IDO until October 16, 2021. As we can see that the data tends to increase quite a lot, this confirms that the attraction of the game MyMasterWar is very large, if the project continues to maintain the development roadmap and launch the game as committed, it could be very successful. It will be interesting to follow if MyMasterWar will be able to engage with the Community of Players who are looking forward to the game release.


Compared with other recently launched by IDO/IEO #gamefi projects that apply the #play2earn mechanism, we can see that the potential of MyMasterWar seems a bit better when applying a completely new mechanism. Comparing to Defi Warrior, another RADA backed project, with the same #play2earn mechanism, the $FIWA token is priced at $0.023, 9.19 times higher than the public sale price ($0.0025), Heroverse, another RADA backed project, that is trying to re-coin the phrase #play2earn into #playandearn, the $HER token price of $0.151, 10.1 times higher than the public sale price ($0.015). 

With the application of #play2earn and #profit2share mechanisms in MyMasterWar as of October 16, 2021, the price of the $MAT token is $3.37, 28.1 times higher than that of the $MAT token. IDO price ($0.12/token) and 33.72 times the private sale price ($0.1/token).

Thereby, we can also see the attraction and potential of MyMasterWar through the application of this completely new gamefi mechanism. However, the market cap of MyMasterWar is currently only $19 million, relatively small compared to pioneering #gamefi projects like Axie Infinity or Thetan Arena. With the available potential and great support from the Community, will MyMasterWar be the next blockbuster in the #gamefi world?


3. Product Review

MyMasterWar is a series of different game scenarios set in the Three Kingdoms period. If you are a fan of the novel series "Three Kingdoms” by Dien Nghia, surely you will be no stranger to the Three Kingdoms period, a glorious period in Chinese history. It is from here that the journey MyMasterWar takes the Player through the ages begins.

Anh Dau Tien

In this part, players can not only transform into the king of one of the three kingdoms, but also can choose generals, build an army, and devise a strategy before the battle. The importance of choosing a general, a weapon for a general and a strategy is indisputable because it is the secret technique to bring victory on the battlefield, help occupy the stronghold and unify the world. The champions and items in this game are blockchainized by the MyMasterWar team into NFTs for Players to actually experience the game and own them permanently and publicly.

Features in MyMasterWar

  • Heroes: Players will manage a collection of their own heroic heroes. There, each character in the game will be upgraded by the player and attached items to increase combat power in each battle. The higher the level, the more expensive it is to upgrade and the necessary items. Therefore, players need to carefully consider choosing the right hero and squad to increase their strength and avoid wasting their own resources.

 Anh Hung

  • Boss: heavenly monsters whose goal is to destroy the world, will be the opponent of 12 vassals. The player's task is to join forces against them and collect resources from them. These space monsters carry in themselves countless valuable resources, when destroying them, players will receive unexpected rewards.


  • Tactics: This feature simulates all kinds of tactics that have brought the power to destroy heaven and earth since ancient times. Players will have to arrange their battle formation in the most reasonable way to maximize the strength of their troops. From there it is possible to win glorious victories and bring rare loot. 

 Chien Thuat

  • Tavern: This is the place where the great heroes gather to discuss stories in the world. Inside the tavern, players have the opportunity to recruit their own heroes. The dignity of the player will be shown through the spins, the higher the dignity, the better the chance of receiving rare generals and vice versa.

 Tuu Quan

  • War between kingdoms: With this feature, players can "visit" the surrounding countries, exchange strength with each other, thereby learning more about how to arrange the battle of other players as well as other players. Find the weak points in your current squad. If you win these friendly matches, players will receive worthy gifts.

Chien Tranh Giua Cac Quoc Gia

  • Resources: Here the player has the task of leading his army on expeditions to distant lands, exploiting the necessary resources in the game. To be able to receive a worthy reward, players will have to confront the generals guarding each resource mine, the larger the amount of resources, the higher the difficulty to overcome.

Tai Nguyen

NFT in MyMasterWar

In MyMasterWar , the NFTs will represent the generals. Each champion has many different attributes including basic elements such as: health (HP), strength, intelligence, defense, attack, ability, military rank and technique. These attributes will determine the shape, color, strength and fighting ability of the generals. With the combination of the above factors, we can create an almost infinite number of champions with different characteristics, which means that the number of NFTs created will be extremely large, it's like like the combination of gene sequences to create different individuals in the human world

Nft Trong My Master War

  • Genes of Champions: The genetic code of champions (or DNA) represents the uniqueness of a champion. Just like real DNA, different parts of this number will be associated with different traits of champions. 
  • Collect champions: MyMasterWar provides players with a Marketplace similar to a real-life e-commerce platform, where players can freely buy and sell their favorite champions. As mentioned in the previous section, each champion is an NFT in the game, when a player buys a wall on MarketPlace, that champion's ID token will be transferred to the buyer's wallet and the player is completely free to use that champion. in the game. If a player buys it but doesn't like it, they can completely bring that champion to Marketplace to resell.

Thu Thap Tuong

  • General Breeding: This is an interesting feature in MyMasterWar, players can create a new champion by combining two generals together. Note that only champions of the same type can be combined. The new champion's genes will be derived from "father & mother", so the appearance may also be similar to that of the champion's "father & mother".
  • General upgrade: To be able to improve the strength and combat ability of the generals, players can use the upgrade function for each of their generals. Each upgrade requires the player to have enough necessary items and a certain amount of $MAT tokens. The higher the level, the more champion upgrade process will require more materials and more $MAT tokens, so players need to consider the selection of champions and squads to upgrade. However, upgraded champions will have a better price on the Marketplace and the price will depend on the strength and rarity of that champion after the upgrade.

Nang Cap Tuong

  • Champion trading: Only owners can trade champions on Marketplace. When the sale is complete, ownership will pass to the buyer. Merchants will not be able to access and use their champions in-game or in the Marketplace.

Mua Ban Tuong

  • Destruction: The owner can completely destroy his champion. Note, once canceled they will not be able to reuse that champion in game or on the Marketplace.

4. Unique Selling Points

Free play to earn

Unlike other NFT games, MyMasterWar does not require Players to spend any money to experience the game. This is exactly a plus point that helps Players not to be too hesitant when considering trying the game out. Only when Players really need to buy items and upgrade to VIP will they have to spend money. This small investment will be a profitable foundation later on. 

Profit sharing model

40% of MyMasterWar's total earnings will be distributed to $MAT token holders. According to the development roadmap, the project will also have a series of other activities to benefit holders of this token.


With the combination of Free play to earn and Profit sharing models, MyMasterWar is like a declaration of war against #gamefi projects that are developing under the Play-to-earn model. The project demonstrates the ambition to expand the market and attract a large number of Players through extremely attractive incentives.

5. Tokenomic

Before getting into the tokenomic details, let's take a look at important information that MyMasterWar fans can't ignore. Tonight at 19:00 (October 16, 2021), $MAT token is officially available on MEXC Global and on October 19, 2021 at 19:00, MyMasterWar will continue to be listed on Previously $MAT was listed on PancakeSwap. This makes trading $MAT tokens easier for the community behind the game. In addition, the listing on the above-mentioned prestigious exchanges also shows that the project has done very well in its product development as well as its communication.

Basic information about the MAT token:

  • Token Name: My Master War
  • Symbol : MAT
  • Blockchain : Binance Smart Chain
  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Contract: 0xf3147987a00d35eecc10c731269003ca093740ca
  • Token Type: Utility
  • Total Supply: 100.000.000 MAT
  • Circulating Supply: 5.875.000 MAT
  • Storage wallet: can store this token at wallet: Coin98 wallet, Trust Wallet, Metamask.

MAT token allocation rate: 

  • Team & Advisors: 20%
  • Treasury: 15%
  • Public Round: 2.5%
  • Ecosystem: 25%
  • Liquidity & Marketing: 10.5%
  • Private Round: 12%
  • Play to Earn: 15%


Vesting Schedule

Vesting Schedule

What is the $MAT token used for?

  • Buy in-game items: such as weapons, equipment
  • Level upgrade: such as VIP-01, VIP-02…
  • Game rewards: players will receive rewards when they win a battle, conquer a stronghold…
  • Referral system: when players refer friends to join the game, they will receive an amount of $MAT tokens proportional to the referrer's trading volume
  • Staking: players can stake their $MAT tokens in the game system to receive rewards.

How to make money in MyMasterWar:

  • Stake token $MAT
  • Invite others to join the game
  • Participate in in-game activities and achieve high rankings
  • Buy, sell and rent heroes


6. Roadmap


Q1, Q2 of 2021

  • Get ideas, start designing and building the game MyMasterWar
  • Connect with advisors and prepare a formal plan

Q3 2021

  • Complete game coding
  • Applying blockchain technology to the game
  • Buy game items, level up with MAT . tokens
  • Generating generic NFT tokens (Game Creator's job)
  • MAT token rewards for winning MAT stakers or stakeholders
  • Marketplace NFT for players to buy/sell masters, heroes
  • Officially launch the game and start allowing staking
  • Private sale

Q4 2021

  • Game improvement
  • Improved UI/UX, animations…
  • Publish games on Google Play and App Store
  • Allows players to create new champions and mint common NFT tokens, grow and trade in the market
  • List MAT on PancakeSwap
  • List MAT on top 10 centralized exchange

From 2022

  • Game improvement
  • Development of the second part of the game will take place in a futuristic world where humans transcend space and time to build their own Metaverse empire.
  • Community development
  • Business expansion
  • Operation and exploitation

7. Media

MyMasterWar especially focuses on promoting the game on the project's media channels. To date, MyMasterWar has attracted more than 80,000 followers on Twitter and over 60,000 subscribers on Telegram Official Group - a diverse community in 7 languages. This is a proud number of the MyMasterWar communication team because it partly shows the great interest of the gaming community in the project. Surely this number will increase sharply in the future when MyMasterWar is officially launched. 

7. Media (bài Phân Tích Dự Án)

8. Partners & Investors

MyMasterWar has acquired many well-known investment funds and companies in the blockchain world such as Animoca Brands, Hub Global, RedKite, Morningstar Ventures, Icetea Labs, Gamefi, DAO Maker, Raptor Capital, Basics Capital

Animoca Brands - the name not to be missed when looking for hidden gems. For those who don't know, Animoca Brands is the leader in digital entertainment, combining blockchain and gaming on the market today. Prior to investing in MyMasterWar, Animoca Brands had a portfolio of very successful names in the blockchain gaming market such as Sandbox, REVV Racing, Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes. The name Animoca Brands is often mentioned as the "trump card" that ensures the quality of the projects this company participates in through names that are now too famous in the blockchain world such as Binance, Lucid Sight, Dapper Labs , WAX, Harmony and Decentraland, these are all billion-dollar projects that receive support and investment from Animoca Brands.

If MyMasterWar makes good use of the resources from the aforementioned powerful partners and investors, in the future this game will most likely become a formidable opponent for emerging projects in the current #gamefi market.


9. Team

The technology team behind MyMasterWar is full of famous names with a wealth of experience and remarkable achievements in the blockchain world. In addition, the production team also has the presence of members who have been involved in the management of the construction and development of projects belonging to large corporations, so we can fully expect the best results. The name MyMasterWar will storm the market in the near future.


  1. DOMINIC NGUYEN Co-Founder/ CEO:
  • 7 years of experience as CEO & CTO 
  • 3 years of experience in the field of online games, data science, Big Data, AI and Machine Learning
  • 10 years experience in project management and global delivery management in the Japanese market
  1. HENRY NGUYEN Co-Founder / CTO : 
  • Blockchain architecture and Engineer by Krispay
  1. HA VU, PH.D. IN AI Co-Founder/Senior Advisor: 
  • Over 20 years of experience in digital transformation and AI. Won many prestigious international awards from technical work to research.
  1. QUAN TRAN - CTO Blockchain: 
  • BTA-certified blockchain developer specialized in Hyperledger Fabric
  1. VO NGUYEN - Chief Gaming Officer: 
  • Leader team Building and Developing an online game server system in the Philippine market. 
  • Owning the top 1 trending game products on Google play 
  1. THANH NGUYEN - Product Lead:
  • Project leader of Soha's Casual Game products Vccoprt
  • Building and managing VAS service business activities on games of TT media Viettel telecom
  • Scenario design manager tại Inet Corporation
  1. THOAI NGUYEN - Lead the engineering team:
  • Codar developer, IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer, received a Microsoft certificate in developing solutions for the project.
  • Having many years of experience in the field of Blockchain technology development, NFT
  1. JSMILE BUI - Lead the Frontend teams: 
  • In-depth experience in Frontend development
  • Graduated with distinction in Information Technology Engineering from University of Science and Technology, Hanoi

10. Summary

The combination of Free play to earn and Profit sharing

With the competitive advantage of the Free play to earn and Profit sharing models mentioned earlier, MyMasterWar is likely to create a new trend, overwhelming previous #gamefi projects under the Play-to-earn model . However, everything is just a prediction, especially when the current market cap of MyMasterWar is still too small compared to the popular games of the past time.

Support from big funds

The attraction of the Animoca Brands fund in the #gamefi community in particular and blockchain in general cannot be ignored. The support and backing of one of the biggest players in the industry space, in the portfolio behind MyMasterWar confirms the long-term potential of the project.

Focus on security

A plus point for MyMasterWar is that the project pays great attention to security when it pays a large budget to be Audited by Cretik - the leading name in the Crypto field. For those who do not know, Audit is an extremely complex process with many strict criteria from checking code to checking for vulnerabilities (bugs) in security. This gives Players complete peace of mind to limit risks such as hacking, errors during use.

Invest in graphics and plot

In addition, in terms of products, MyMasterWar has almost completed the project's website and whitepaper. All information is presented so clearly and elaborately that just reading the whitepaper and watching the videos on the website Players understand the details of the project. Although the game has a similar motif to other strategy games, the way the story is written and the graphics have made MyMasterWar really win the hearts of gamers in a short time.

In the future, MyMasterWar is likely to grow tremendously because behind the project is a team of staff and advisors with extensive experience in this field. 

With the information provided above, you probably have your own overview of MyMasterWar to be able to actively make investment decisions. Wish you success and profit from this potential market.


Disclaimer: Information is learned from the project's Whitepaper and official sources. Some analytical information is researched by the author from other online sources (sourced). The content in this article is the author's personal views for informational purposes and should not be considered investment advice. RADA and the author are not financial advisors and will not bear any responsibility in connection with your investment.