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1. Project Introduction

MONIWAR (MOWA) is an epic Puzzle game with a PvP mechanic for everyone. The project aims to create a new experience for players in the field of gaming and DeFi. The game is designed with a suitable mechanism for players to be entertained, and DeFi will bring income and sustainable ways to make money for users. 


MOWA is inspired by the famous and widely loved game: Battle of Legend, combined with the stories of ancient Greek Myths and with the leading NFT and DeFi technologies in the blockchain, and designers in the field, making full use of the “interoperability” advantage of blockchain technology, allowing toy figures in the real world to interact with NFT’s in the virtual world in the MOWA Entertainment MetaVerse, breaking the dimensional barriers. Finally, we will build a world-class pan-entertainment platform based on blockchain technology. 

Is how the team behind MOWA introduces the project in the whitepaper, to participate in the game, players need to prepare themselves for acquiring a Pet according to the game's 5 Pet System: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. To own a Pet, Players will be able to register on MoniShop (MOWA's in-game item exchange platform).

To join the game, users can download the game on Android & IOS or use the web version and register to play the game. Every day, players will participate in "diamond scan" challenges through missions: explore the map, fight bosses, hunt pets, participate in 3-player matches, and participate in battles with other players (PVP).

Through each mission, the player can receive gifts with items (pets, items that help upgrade pets) or tokens (in-game crypto-currency for transactions).

MOWA also offers a system of regular tournaments so that players can challenge themselves and compete with other players. Through these tournaments, the best players will be found and receive valuable rewards such as pets or tokens for trading on the NFT Marketplace.

In the MOWA Entertainment MetaVerse, designers can use the tools provided by MOWA to create NFTs and release physical toys. Combining NFT + NFC / AR technology, NFT in the digital world can correspond 1-1 with physical toys in the real world, which in itself is potentially a game-changer for the #gamefi industry. 

MOWA aims to develop and launch the most novelistic, but familiar, gaming experience in a fantasy-themed PUZZLE BATTLES MetaVerse. MOWA is on a mission to expand the BSc ecosystem and lead the mass adoption of blockchain in #gamefi.

2. Market Review

There are a few Puzzle genre games in the #gamefi market space today, some new projects are emerging, one being MOWA, another a fellow RADA-backed project HeroVerse. The Puzzle genre is the highest revenue generator category in the gaming industry overall in 2021, however as #gamefi is as new as it is and mass-market adaptation is so early in its infant stages, the Puzzle category’s impact on the overall revenue total in the #gamefi industry in total has been fractional in 2021. 

There seems to be a big potential for the Puzzle category in #gamefi, especially because the most dominant titles in the world within the Puzzle category attract a high amount of female players. Female players are challenged by the puzzles and use them to spend time with something that is interesting and challenging, yet casual and can be done on their own time

Gamification utilizes puzzles strategically to attract and retain specific types of players across the entire gaming industry, it works very well and it is very well documented as well - in #gamefi, it’s all-new land and MOWA is one of the first to really aim into this category and sub-segment.

Moniwar Pet

Looking into fantasy-themed game genres the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) category we see titles as WOW (World of Warcraft) but also previous pioneers as EverQuest (25 years+ and still in the market!) who at peaks attracted more than 5 million monthly paying customers, and with a very high degree of success also towards the female market segment, because the fantasy-themed driven storyline has a very high degree of attraction into specific sub-segments of the (female) gaming audience. MOWA carries its narrative and fantasy-theme through the game dynamics, the character-based storytelling, and the integration of a familiar concept, both arising out of the RPG genre, a pet (familiar, helper, servant, sidekick, assistant, spirit animal, etc. the concept has many names in many game categories) that the players experience a deeper emotional connection to the game, through the connection to the Pet over time. This is a very fundamental game mechanic that supports customer retention.

Games are a little different from Marketing, in the end, those who are successful carry their storyline through emotions. Connecting the fantasy theme with the pet concept (and emotional attachment) into an overall RPG-based narrative can very well be the way to massive success.

In the following sections, we will analyze each area of the project and try to enlighten you, our RADA Readers, about what this project is about.

3. Product Review



Moniwar has a pretty attractive plot with a mysterious mythical twist in the player's adventure program in mysterious fantasy lands.

"Decades ago, the world was attacked by another force, the earth crumbled into pieces. The gods quickly gathered the fragments and hastily put them back together. As a result, a world looking eerie with countless strange monsters appeared...At that time, an adventurer (players themselves) came to this strange world. The adventurer had to go through a series of adventures, Meet many different monsters of 5 factions in the world to confront the growing mysteries waiting to be revealed..."

Moniwar Docs Banner 1 750 (2)


Players will have to own Pets in 5 types of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth (each system has 3 levels). Each pet has the following different stats: Health, Life-steal Strength, Anger, Damage ability, and Skill. After reaching enough levels to level up, these Pets will evolve into another form at a higher level.

Moniwar Pets

In each game mode, players will have the flexibility to choose a character/pet to go to the battlefield.

  • Mode "PvP (1v1, party) and Match 3 puzzle": Players will confront each other individually or in teams of 3. This game mode calculates points according to the Elo coefficient, which means that the more goals you have, the higher the number of points you will receive in the next round and vice versa. In addition, two teams or two players when facing each other can bet a certain amount of tokens on the victory or loss of the stage via PvP betting mode.

Moniwar Match-3

  • "Boss Hunting" mode: Form a team of 3 players to fight the boss. Boss will appear and change every weekend. The team that kills the boss wins the game.

Moniwar Boss Hunting

  • "The World Boss Battle" mode: Players will confront the Boss and try to deal as much damage as possible. The higher the damage, the more "silver star" the player will receive - used for the "blessing" increase that helps the player double the experience in each level.

Moniwar Boss Battle

  • "Dungeon" mode: Team up with 3 people to pass each stage, each level will have different rewards. The more stages you pass, the rewards will increase. If you lose at any stage, you will return to the first stage. You only have 1 ticket per day to play this Dungeon mode.

Moni Home

All of the above game modes, along with the Daily Quest, will help players receive the $MOWA token of the Moniwar game.

Moniwar NFT Marketplace

Monimarketplace is where users can exchange unlimited NFT categories such as pets and in-game items. ‌The marketplace includes four smaller sections mentioned below.

  • MONI Shop: Moniwar Shop is the main exchange market of the community. Here, players and investors can easily buy and sell their game items and pets to others.
  • MONI pool & Moniwar NFT pool: Where players and investors can mine and farm $MOWA or Moniwar NFT.
  • BlindBox: BlindBox is awarded to players after each round in the game or can be bought on the market. When opening a BlindBox, players have a chance to receive items, pets, cards, or upgrading stones. Buy BlindBox and get Moniwar NFT! BlindBox can also be bought and sold on the market.
  • Auction: Creators and sellers can launch NFT auctions in the marketplace to broadcast their NFTs to broader potential buyers and earn higher chances of selling them at a higher value.

4. Unique Selling Points

MOWA provides a solid game plot around their MetaVerse that can develop over time to both continuously attract new players as well as retain old players through many different exciting challenges on both individual and group-based, daily, weekly, monthly game mechanics the game utilizes all aspects of gamification to build its long term customer base (Players).


There are many future possibilities in also connecting in DAO-based structures to add even more to the customer retention, as there are hints of as well in the whitepaper and in the tokenomics, but we will see how this evolves in the future as the game launches and starts to take shape based on the interaction of the first players it attracts.

The MOWA team has near to 15 years of experience in making traditional games out of Vietnam, and that is before they ventured into #gamefi, so part of the USP’s here is that this project has a team of very experienced industry team members as well as a team of backers/investors that a well-founded within blockchain and #gamefi.

Focus is on the engaging gaming experience with multiple missions every day: explore the map, fight bosses, hunt pets, and the essential 3-player PvP mode to enhance interaction amongst players in the MOWA Community.

5. Tokenomics

This is what the Tokenomics of the Moniwar project looks like on their whitepaper.

$MOWA token

$MOWA token represents the common currency of the gaming economy. The $MOWA token is issued based on the Binance Smart Chain, which is entirely decentralized. We take a very small transaction fee of 1%. All transaction fees generated from buying, selling, auctioning, and upgrading items are returned 80% of the supply to the play-to-earn economy.

Moniwar Tokenomics


  • Token Name: Moniwar
  • Ticker: $MOWA
  • Total supply: 300,000,000 $MOWA
  • Contract Address: 0x411Ec510c85C9e56271bF4E10364Ffa909E685D9

Token Allocation

The table below shows initial market capitalization, the total supply, and how Moniwar allocates tokens to incentivize a fast-paced yet sustainable growth of the Moniwar community.

Moniwar Token Allocation

6. Roadmap

The team behind MOWA presents the roadmap for the project as such:

Moniwar Roadmap

7. Media

MONIWAR is building a following very consistently and the official Telegram channel already has more than 10.000 followers more than the official number on the website.

Moniwar Media

MONIWAR seems to be one of the few #gamefi projects that are not planning on using Discord, the current traction favors Telegram channels, but the customer engagement is deeper on Discord, let's see if MONIWAR decides to also open a channel on Discord, it could seem an important move to support their narrative-based approach to customer engagement and retention.

8. Partners & Investors

MONIWAR has finished its private sales round with $1,296,000 USD raised by more than 50 investors. The IDO will happen on the following launchpads: BSC Station, Kardia Chain, JLaunchpad, Launchzone on 12/10/2021.

Moniwar Partners

9. Team

The MOWA team is very experienced, and although they appear in their MetaVerse Avatar versions on the website and in the whitepaper, there are many years of highly relevant gaming and blockchain experience on this promising young Vietnamese team of talent.

Moniwar Team

10. Summary

MONIWAR brings a new genre and also a new fantasy theme-based approach to the #gamefi market space. With various challenges, a multi-tiered approach to #play2earn as well as a good token allocation and vesting schedule, this game could become a promising contender in the #NFTgaming industry.

The utilization of the Pet is seen across multiple contenders, the emotional connection into the storyline also carried pioneers as Axie Infinity with the cutest little fighters in the market, however, there seems to be much more focus on the story-driven game development that takes its vantage point in the Customer Experience of the Player -> the Gaming Experience, weather in traditional gaming or in #gamefi defines the market attraction, and while pioneers were focusing on pioneering blockchain technology itself - the new generation that emerges now are all taking a technological leap but the main focus is on the Customer Experience itself in all its facets and multitudes connecting it into all aspects of the MOWA MetaVerse.

MOWA seems to have all the ingredients that are required to make a good dinner, but ultimately the team behind MOWA needs to execute the narrative and be successful in bridging over traditional gaming fans to #gamefi. MOWA is one of few pioneers aiming to bring the storyline carried role-playing MOWA MetaVerse to masses of new #play2earn consumers, who are entering the marketplace at a higher adaptation rate than ever.


Disclaimer: Information is obtained from the project's Whitepaper and official sources. The content in this article is the author's personal opinion for providing informational purposes and should not be considered as investment advice. RADA and the author are not financial advisors and will not bear any responsibility in connection with your investment.