Blockchain is leading the technological revolution, that much is clear from 2022 and beyond blockchain is hitting real-world adaptation at a faster pace than ever.

In the context of the booming cryptocurrency market, RADA (RADA Blockchain Investment Community) and FireAnt promise to bring new financial investment products and services to Vietnamese investors through the announced strategic partnership.

FireAnt - the number 1 provider of communication solutions, information services, financial data for individuals and institutional investors, announced a strategic partnership with RADA - a DAO based community,  leading private based community co-investments in Vietnam and internationally under the founder of CEO Hung Dinh - Founder of JoomlArt and VIC Partners. This partnership opens up a new investment channel, specifically in decentralized finance, for more than one million users of FireAnt.

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Defi Decentralized Finance - a new potential investment channel in Vietnam

As analysts have pointed out across the world recently, the world's financial markets have opened up to real-world utilization of decentralized finance with the appearance of Coinbase - the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US - on the NASDAQ exchange.

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Investment banking giant Goldman Sachs recently filed a Defi ETF application with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The filing also indicates that at least 80% of the bank's assets will be invested in companies developing blockchain technology and financial digitization.


If Goldman Sachs' move is seen as the digital transformation of traditional financial services globally, the partnership of FireAnt and RADA will open up - and extend the foundation for an aspiring financial market that could very well have a new main channel in Vietnam.

Vietnam is currently the country ranked as number #1 on the Global Crypto Adoption Index in the world 2021, according to a report by Chain Analysis (Global Crypto Adoption Index 2021). The Vietnamese market has grown by 881% over the previous year to rank first out of 154 countries in this ranking. In addition, according to Triple-A, currently 6.1% of Vietnam's population (equivalent to 5.9 million people) owns cryptocurrency.


Defi is not a new concept for Vietnamese investors. However, this is considered an important turning point that will further accelerate the growth of the Vietnamese blockchain industry. The securities giant FireAnt shakes hands with the blockchain investment community RADA in what is a historic milestone in the domestic financial industry.

Opening a new investment channel for the FireAnt Community.

In the past, FireAnt has been providing solutions for securities and businesses with supported services, stock forecasting, and communication solutions to the FireAnt Community. The strategic partnership with the RADA Community is a major move towards an even broader market adaptation for the investors in the FireAnt Community

About RADA

RADA is a Blockchain investment community operating in the spirit of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). RADA wishes to build an equal opportunity sharing community and promote healthy blockchain investment for all investors in the community.

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With the platform, RADA provides an accurate, transparent, and official infrastructure portal for blockchain projects to engage with the RADA community, as well as daily updated news on developments in the blockchain market overall, as well as specific industry-relevant news, articles, learning materials, stream shows and the all of the other community-based activities of RADA.

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In addition, RADA is currently developing more integrated RADA Community Tools on the platform with a daily expanding team of RADA Contributors, allowing private small investors to choose their own investment rounds in any of the featured blockchain projects rounds such as seed, private, and public rounds.

RADA has only recently launched in public but has already attracted much attention from the blockchain industry at all levels but also especially the domestic Vietnamese technology experts in the blockchain industry have shown their full support as can be seen on the RADA Advisory Board. Recently, Dr. Dang Minh Tuan, the father of Vietkey Software, Head of Blockchain Lab - Institute of Post and Telecommunications Technology, has joined the Advisory Board for the RADA Community, along with many other very well-known blockchain experts.

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It can be said that with the deep expertise of experts and a team operated by the founder of RADA - Mr. Hung Dinh, who has established himself as an industry leader, developing technology products domestically and sold globally with great success. Brands as JoomlArt, Designbold, as well as his experience from running the Venture Capital Fund VIC Partners for domestic startup projects, RADA will bring new, transparent, and legitimate opportunities for startups and investors participating in the decentralized financial market.

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About FireAnt

FireAnt is a leading provider of financial data, information services, and communication solutions for individual and institutional investors. Currently, FireAnt Media is a reliable partner, providing services to hundreds of financial institutions and millions of investors in Vietnam.


FireAnt was founded and operated by a staff of experts with decades of experience in the financial securities market of Vietnam. FireAnt provides end-to-end solutions for customers, from advertising and media solutions to in-depth data services for organizations and investment support platforms for individual investors.


FireAnt has been on the market since 2018 and has become the number 1 platform trusted by investors with a community of more than 1 million investors today. is at the top of websites with the largest traffic by Vietnamese visitors.

FireAnt products on Google Play Store and App Store are rated with 95% 5 * points, the highest in the app category for financial applications. In addition to the services of providing information and data about financial securities, FireAnt also develops the FireAnt Marketplace which is an investment marketplace product as well as the FireAnt Academy securities training center, serving and supporting users that are new to the financial markets.

This strategic partnership between FireAnt and RADA not only creates opportunities for both sides but is also expected to create momentum for the continued development of decentralized finance in the Vietnamese market.