Metaxperience The New Kid in Town that Connects It All

Meta, MetaVerse, MetaEvent, MetaGame - many kinds of Meta words are emerging but one stands out, MetaXperience.

User Experience and Customer Experience have been two of the most important words in software design and development in the past decade and for a very good reason. UX and CX center around the customer journey and how an optimized experience for the customer leads to drastic increases in sales - simply because a more meaningful experience leads to the customer wanting to purchase.

Global E-Commerce Marketplaces like Amazon or Online Streaming Services like Netflix have been optimizing the Customer Experience by utilizing behavioral data and personalization, something I have worked with for over a decade building the world’s first 1st part data digital experience platform with personalization. 

In the last 10 years of data collection and analysis across millions of websites, e-commerce solutions, learning management systems, marketplaces, and communities the evidence is clear that an optimized experience for the User (Customer, Player, Student…) will always lead to a high increase in conversion rate simply because it’s more meaningful for the User.

Metaverses Give Us The Ultimate Opportunity to Enhance The Current

MetaVerses give us the ultimate opportunity to enhance the current, limited user experience and venture into what I would term a Total Experience because of its immersive nature but at the same time, the word Meta implies an additional layer that interprets the reality in which the contextual adaptation is perceived within the narrative of a given project or MetaVerse.

What does that mean?

If you play a #gamefi ">#gamefi title, you own the NFT(s) you are playing with, and those NFT(s) have a defined reality that’ is contextual to the game they belong to. So if you play DeFi Warrior, you own a Warrior from a Crypto Planet that can stake, farm, mine, fight to earn.

But what if your NFT(s) from DeFi Warrior suddenly were moved to another #gamefi or #metaverse title?

The NFT would need to contextually be able to transform into the new context in a new game or Metaverse where the storyline can be completely different, so your Warrior in a Crypto World now might have to transform into Tree Hugging Wood Chopper in a #play2earn minigame in The Parallel.

This is just an example, but the potential of combining User Experience and Customer Experience with the technological possibilities from blockchain and the indefinite creative narrative possibilities that MetaVerses give us (that Total Experience), is what becomes the MetaXperience.

User Experience and Customer Experience with The Technological Possibilities from Blockchain

Disconnected Experiences

The problem of disconnected experiences is that they are not meaningful to people. People engage with others and in activities only when they find them meaningful. For decades the industry has developed solutions online that really had very little meaning to people. Conversion rates on online shops at 1,25% are OK, but in the real world, shops convert 40-70% of the customers who walk into a shop in the same industry, why? 

The real world has spent centuries learning how to optimize the user experience because we all buy things when they are meaningful and make sense to us. We never buy what we don't understand or what doesn't make sense to us.

If we look at Enterprise business’ and the past decades’ business mantras we can also see that the companies who have converted to customer experience-based business strategy are performing much better than traditional business strategies, and the reasoning is the same, it's more meaningful.

Staff Experience is the hottest word in Enterprises today, because of the learned experiences from focusing on the Customer Experience, the turn has now come for Staff Experience, and magically enough the exact same thing happens, when common sense and meaningfulness are applied everything grows.

Dieu Ky Dieu La Khi Ap Dung Nhung Thu Huu Ich Va Co Y Nghia Moi Thu Se Phat Trien

MetaXperience, the final destination

MetaXperience will define the total perceived reality of the user and technology like AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality). They are the dimensional connectors that will almost give human beings the chance to experience just about anything, anywhere, anytime.

We are still missing the taste and feel, but both have been in development for years and there are machines, gadgets, and devices in the market already today who are tackling the last limitation of a full and final experience. It will come in the next decade, there can be no doubt and the potential for every single industry and human being is breathtaking.

Mang Den Tiem Nang Lon Cho Con Nguoi Va Moi Nganh Cong Nghiep

The last 2 years the world spent in COVID times, what if we had that total MetaXperience already available, how much could have been different? Not just the work situation, but actually being able to be together with your sick family or friends in a Meta Context where it's still safe for everyone, but the closeness that is so important and a vital factor for healing would be possible.

I know it's a little feely soft on the heart, but it's just a simple little story of how we are emerging into new times, where we as humans have not been before, and that gives us a lot of new possibilities and opportunities technologically. But at the end of the day, the biggest impact of a total MetaXperience is on the people, on you and me, and on what it allows and enables us to do globally and instantly - there are no borders in the MetaVerse.