Thumb Metaverses Extend Reality as The Total Experience Emerges

What is the hype about MetaVerses and why is it so important for next-generation customer experience, not just in #gamefi, but in any industry?

Let's start from the top and make it really easy. Simulation and VR games are used for both enjoyment and real-life serious applications. The aviation industry has reduced fatal accidents and saved an unprecedented amount of lives due to the implementation of Simulation and VR  so that pilots and aviation professionals have the chance to practice in as-near-to-real-life situations as possible.

Metaverses Extend Reality as The Total Experience Emerges 1

Doctors and anyone in the medical / health industry that does any form of complex surgery are also using Simulation and VR every single day to avoid mistakes and to save lives. Fundamentally all humans learn over time through experience, and having the opportunity to immerse into a MetaVerse that is fully and totally focused around the #MetaXperience within one subject or deep level focus, interest, hobby, professional or recreational narrative.

Surgery School MetaVerse is bound to be happening and let's face it if you fully utilize the potential of a #MetaXperience into one singular experience that takes advantage of all the current and future technological possibilities, the future of MetaVerses are bound to be the future of all education, simulation and training. Why? It has been proven already and has been an industry standard within the Wind, Oil, Gas, Aviation, Health, and Medical sectors for the best part of 20+ years.

The #MetaXperience amplifies ROI (return on investment) so much more because the relative gains in terms of learned lessons, lives saved, accidents avoided, environmental disasters prevented, etc. very easily makes it a no-brainer cost benefit for any major enterprise in the world.

Metaverses Extend Reality as The Total Experience Emerges 2

So what is #MetaXperience?

Well, it’s something I came up with but for me, it sort of explains what a MetaVerse does: It extends the (customers | user | player | you-name-it) experience with a Meta layer that amplifies the perceived experience resulting in value addition. This is done through the combination of multitudes of dimensions, features, activities, social interactions, events, narratives, user-generated content, etc., all combined in blockchain with tokenomics and decentralized finance truly adding in all the major aspects of a total experience, which the #MetaXperience is about to become.

I worked in MarTech for 25+ years as CEO, CMO, and CTO and developed CMS and E-Commerce platforms. In the last 10 years, I have created and developed Digital Experience Platforms that work with 1st part data to enhance the Customer Experience through personalization - the entire industry is evolving based on the customer experience as a clearly defined goal for at the end of the day it's very simple.

If the experience is felt more cohesively by the user the gains are experienced at a far higher perceived value, and so indirectly customer or user attributes like loyalty rise very quickly as the world's Enterprise-level businesses are seeking to gain loyal ambassadors over customers who only care about price.

Metaverses Extend Reality as The Total Experience Emerges 3

Will #metaxperience also hit e-commerce?

Ohh yeah, it already has in the form of VR, AR, etc. It’s all coming! The first global marketplaces that sell millions of products online and take tokens as payment are already up and running. There is huge potential for omnichannel e-commerce players to extend and take advantage of the next generation of blockchain-powered technology to embrace the Customer Experience and certainly the Staff Experience in an even more fruitful and meaningful way.

Blockchain and MetaVerses are not something magically new nor dangerous, it’s just infrastructure and a better and smarter way of improving the total experience. So that's why I combine my experience from MarTech with the possibilities of blockchain and MetaVerses to extend into an additional evolutionary layer -  we could almost call it MarTech X because it’s a future and more mature, cohesive approach to doing business.

It all revolves around a customer-experience-based business strategy that has already taken the best from the business canvas model and other prominent business models from the last 25 years and evolved into a more cohesive framework, which now is about to also be fully blockchain enabled and extend to the next level: the #MetaXperience.

Looking forward to seeing you in the next MetaVerse.

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