I assembled my ultimate machine ready for combat, my Gear was primed to vanquish my opponent… the adrenalin was rushing through my veins… this time I was bound to win, wasn’t I? The article is the opinion of the authors Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen & Fiona Thompson - members of the RADA community.

Metagear A Thrilling High Octane Play2earn Robot Battle Game

1. Project Introduction  

Set in the year 2035 Robot Battle is the most popular tournament on the planet. Manufacturing robots to join battles is a competition for geniuses and the winner will be honored as a hero.

MetaGear is a vehicle-combat game, where players construct robots (Gears) to fight with and against others in battle. In the garages, players can build various functional vehicles from 4 main parts: Chassis, Weapon, Gadget, Wheels.

Besides fighting, players can visit other players’ garages, decorate and protect their garages from surprise attacks from other challengers.

MetaGear is an NFT game with two servers: one for #play2earn users and one for #free2play users. It's developed in Unity with seamless integration between PC, iOS, and Android platforms There are 4 game modes including Quickfight (PvP), Campaign (main story), Tournament, and Guild Fighting.

Traditional, non-crypto game players can experience MetaGear for free. Machine parts and other items in the non-NFT version are in-game items and players can use them to create their own Gears, compete with other players and get rewards from the battles.

In #play2earn, in-game NFT assets include blueprints, machine parts, boosters, and materials that can be traded on the marketplace. There are 3 ways to make money in MetaGear: Trading NFTs, Token Farming & Staking, or winning Special Events. $GEAR is the governance token officially used in the economic system in MetaGear that can be used to trade on the marketplace or used to buy NFTs.

MetaGear has created an entirely new genre of online fighting game that adapts with blockchain in order to bring the best experience for crypto users.

With a team full of experience in blockchain technology & the crypto market (OnePad), side by side with a game development team with 12 years of experience (OneSoft), MetaGear is developed under the motto of creating a core value of product quality.

They have planned a roadmap for long-term growth and ecosystem expansion.  As part of the future development of Metaverse, MetaGear focuses on optimizing features for participants to vote for future developments, towards the good of the community - MetaGear is not only a game but also a miniature society.

Join in the thrill of MetaGear - assemble your ultimate machine, choose a game mode, and engage in combat. With diversified NFTs and innovative features, it’s fun to play and easy to earn. 

2. Market Review

Gearheads Will Love Building Their Parts into Fighting Machines in Metagear

The appeal of building robots for combat spans generations, with classic 90s TV shows like Robot Wars only popularising the mecha battle genre and helping fan the flames of the larger mech fandom.

Building a robot that can go to battle is a power fantasy of many but most people don’t have the capacity to do so in real life. So when the first Robot Wars video game came out in December 2000, gearheads with a penchant for the micromanagement of mech parts and robo combat were on it, like a car bonnet! (pun intended).

The show became a global success, televised in 45 countries, so the millions of fans around the world would all be very easily onboarded to MetaGear. It’s not just about the crypto kids, there's real mass-market potential for MetaGear.

The gaming business has grown dramatically in the last few decades, from the advent of arcades to the development of home consoles. In 2020, the global gaming industry's revenue stood at around $203 billion. Add in the birth of the metaverse and blockchain technology, we are seeing a new generation of games and gamers. There’s now a chance for players to really possess assets.

GameFi is fast growing thanks to its #play2earn philosophy. If 2020 was the year of DeFi, 2021 appears to be the year of GameFi. Axie Infinity and StarAtlas have demonstrated that internet games can be more than simply fun. Millions of individuals from all around the world have been drawn to cryptocurrencies and NFT because they allow them to not only play but also earn money.

For MetaGear, the economic loop is clear for fans who will buy machine parts → play the game → collect NFTs → sell NFTs → get profit → buy more & upgrade → play the game → earn more money → …. And being #free2play makes MetaGear even more inclusive and available to all.

3. Product Review

Get your pistons running and shift into high gear in MetaGear where the players are the inventors who can create any robots, assemble their extreme machines, choose their game modes, and battle it out to be the best.

There are countless ways to earn money in MetaGear with many different game modes, non-stop competitions, intense tournaments, chances to build a championship squad, and daily campaigns. There are so many special designs with great value and unlimited Gear models waiting to be discovered. Carry on reading for a description of each aspect of the game.

A key aspect of MetaGear is the quality of the product and that facet being a core value rather than having a community premier where the game wasn’t fully-geared like other projects being released right now. It goes to show that the product value and user experience are important over and above profit, which is why MetaGear will see long-term growth and a boom in popularity.

The Options Are Endless in Metagear

3.1 Technology

Unity Technology

MetaGear is developed in Unity, which benefits the integration for PC, Android, iOS versions, and the ability to expand in-game features while still ensuring the graphic quality. The in-game effects are optimized to bring users the perfect experience and the game can be played anywhere, anytime.

The Unity technology in MetaGear is used to design core functions and in-game structure. Items and physical impact factors in the game are optimized based on AI, collaborated with fascinating sound and picture effects.


Pixel Art is a graphic that reminds us of retro arcades like Space Invaders (1978), Pac-Man (1980), and 8-bit game consoles like Nintendo Entertainment System (1983), Sega Master 1985). Users who have been through the development of the game industry all have a soft spot for pixel art.

Pixel art brings a bit of quaintness mixed with modernity, coining a difference to design publications when the world, especially the gaming industry, is running towards the trend of smooth graphic upgrades.

Physical Logic

MetaGear is a tactical game based on physical science. The physical impact mechanism requires thorough study and meticulous calculating by the programmer. With common game genres and in-game factors that use regular strength indicators, forming equations and functions are much simpler. However, integrating with physical impact factors demands computation with many complex functions.

MetaGear has formed a perfect mechanism to integrate with physical impact factors scientifically; variants in the game can be unlimitedly generated based on players’ tactical skills. Players can freely create and design a machine for themselves with a variety of items to fight with other players.

Blockchain Security

Transaction security is very important to the whole project. Therefore, MetaGear does not allow any malfunction in smart contracts including the Token contract and NFT contract. Tokenomic operations will be meticulously tracked to monitor any off-chain and on-chain transactions, ensuring accuracy and safety.

All of the smart contracts are testnet launched over multiple versions to find and fix any errors that arise in the process of the transaction and economic operation in the game.

For the $GEAR token, the smart contract is audited and certified by leading Blockchain audit companies. Audit results, contract source code, and token allocation are announced to be public disclosure ensures transparency.

Expansion Possibility

Today, for other games that have simple gameplay on the NFT game marketplace with a short lifespan, developers didn’t pay attention to the expansion possibilities of the game. They only focus on the basic features initially created. The limitation of game expansion will also limit users’ experience and bore them.

MetaGear increases product expansion possibility with initial functions that are all customizable; develops new features for the long-term roadmap. Players will have the chance to take part in many events and updated features in the future without being limited by the features of the first phase.

Moreover, the powerful growth of blockchain platforms has widely attracted community interest, hence, MetaGear can connect to other blockchain ecosystems like Solana, Polygon, Near… in the next phases in order to expand our users' approach in near future.

Metagear Technology Aspects

3.2 Game Overview


Robot Battle is the most popular tournament on the planet in 2035. Manufacturing robots to join battles is a competition for geniuses and the winner will be honored as a hero. Tom is a fatherless boy. His father has won many global Robot battle championships. Tom inherits his father’s passion for crafting. Therefore, he spends a lot of time in the Garage manufacturing robots with the hope of joining big tournaments just like his father did.

However, Tom is just a kid with a passion for crafting robots from picked-up scraps, his robots had never won - even in the smallest tournament.

When he was 12, Tom accidentally found a blueprint (BluePrint) and his father’s unfinished robot in the garage. Tom decided to complete the machine without knowing that it was the most powerful and special robot that his father had ever made. With that robot, Tom then joined tournaments and won his first-ever victories. He continued his journey to craft and advanced his robot to join much bigger tournaments and encounter more powerful opponents. The adventure begins!


Genesis Machine
  • Genesis Machine has eternal durability, players who own Genesis Machine can use it forever to play games without having to restore durability.
  • There are a maximum of 250,000 Genesis Machines in the game (equivalent to a maximum of 50,000 Gears crafted from a Genesis Machine).
  • After 250,000 Genesis Machines are minted by the NFTs sale from developers and players earned in the game, the next NFTs that can be earned by players in the game are Machine Parts.
Machine Parts
  • Machine Part is similar to Genesis Machine with similar stats, players can build Gears and use all of the features on the marketplace, but Machine Part has durability stat. The durability stat depends on the type of machine parts and the rarity.
  • The durability of the Machine Parts decreases over time, on average from 10 to 20 days. When durability drops to Zero, Machine parts cannot be assembled and battled.
  • To restore durability, players need to use materials (Gold, Green Mat, Yellow Mat, Purple Mat).
Crafting Gears

A complete Gear is made from 4 main parts: Chassis, Weapon, Gadget, Wheels. Each part has a different role that affects the ability and competition for the performance of the machine.

The assembling mechanism is simple. Players need to pick a Chassis with slots available on the chassis, then choose other parts like weapons, gadgets, and wheels to craft a complete Gear. The body parts can be disassembled and easily replaced depending on the player’s strategy.

One of the Deepest Metagame

The meaning of the game is to build the Gears to fight other players in a group stage to get the best results. The higher power of Gear only means a higher chance that you will win against opponents, the rest is based on physics.

Some Gears could counter each other no matter how high power others could be. So you should try every Machine Part combination you have. The more you understand about the game, the fewer combinations you come up with.


Chassis is the body of the machine, each chassis has differences in shape, slot position, and feature. Choosing a chassis plays the most important role in the game because it will affect the physical impact mechanism and the performance of the various parts mounted on the chassis.

Slots are placed randomly; players can assemble other parts in the slots that have similar functions. Each slot will correspond to a specific type of part, players cannot mount weapons on the gadget or the wheel slots.

Chassis has two parameters:

  • HP: Health points
  • Power: Each chassis has certain Power stats, the higher the power, the higher the ability to assemble with high-power parts.

For example: If the chassis’ power is 8, you cannot install with a total power of more than 8.


The weapon has the ability to cause damage to the opponent, each weapon has a different damage stat per second (DPS). Damage stat depends on the weapon’s rarity and level.

There are two kinds of weapons: 

  • Melee Weapons can only cause damage when colliding with the opponent’s machine. Each kind of weapon has a different DPS and composition.
  • Ranged Weapons can cause damage from afar without having to approach the opponent. Each weapon has a different DPS and attacking features.

Graphic 4


Many chassis have slots for gadgets, this is the part that helps the machine to have more special abilities and makes the battle become more interesting than ever. Some special features include:

  • Speed up (Booster)
  • Move backward (Backpedal)
  • Push back opponent (Repulse)
  • Flip up the opponent (Forklift)
  • HP recover (First-aid kit)
  • Lift the opponent up (Lifter)
  • Drag the opponent (Harpoon).

Gadgets are interesting. They can help to turn the tide to win, or they can turn your machine into a useless piece of steel. If they are not assembled logically, you can easily be beaten, no matter how powerful your stats are.

Gadgets can help boost your machine’s HP, HP stats and the effectiveness of your gadgets depend on their rarity and level. Each gadget has a certain power stat and the chassis needs to have enough power to attach gadgets on.


Wheels help the machine move. The machine will move forwards or backward wherever the opponent is. Besides, Wheels will supply the machine with HP and work according to real-life physical logic.

The Wheels’ HP depends on the level, rarity, and size. The larger the wheel, the higher the HP stat. Moreover, special types of wheels will also have more complement features like lifting the machine up to the air, boosting the propulsive force, or causing damage.

Each machine may or may not have Wheels. They have 2 different sizes depending on how the players design them. Wheels don’t have a power stat so players can mount them on the chassis freely.

Machine Parts Rarity

Machine parts have 4 levels of rarity: Common, Rare, Mythic, Legendary.

Machine Parts Rarity

Stat and features of these machine parts depend on rarity. The rarer they are, the more special ability and resistance the machine has. To upgrade Machine parts with different rarities, you need Gold, and another special material equivalent to each rarity.

Blueprint Probability

After Game Released

After Game Released

Box Sale Events

Box Sale Events

Premium Blueprint

Premium Blueprint


A pilot is a character who controls the machine, in the initial phase, players will choose 1 out of the 3 default pilots with different characteristics. Pilots in phase 1 will be ordinary characters and will not have any complementing usage in the game.

3.3 Earn NFTs

Graphic 10


  • Blueprint is the most valuable asset that players can earn when playing the game.
  • Blueprints are used to manufacture new Genesis machine / Machine parts or to build important materials to upgrade: Booster, Upgrade Materials.
  • Players need to collect 1000 Blue Shards to complete a Blueprint.
  • Blueprints can be sold/bought from the Marketplace.
  • Blue Shards are in-game rewards when players join any game mode. Blue Shards are not NFT so they cannot be traded.
  • Items received after using Blueprint are random.


  • Gold: A common material used to upgrade all Machine parts.
  • Green Mat: A material to upgrade Rare machine parts.
  • Yellow Mat: A material to upgrade Mythic machine parts.
  • Purple Mat: A material to upgrade Legendary machine parts.

Upgrading Machine Parts (Max 60 level)

Upgrading Machine Parts in Metagear


  • A booster is a consumable item used to increase the combat performance of the machine. Each booster has an effect on any 10 battle max.
  • Booster is a useful supporting item that helps players win easily in battles.
  • There are 5 types of Boosters: Attack, HP, Energy, Mass, and Kinetic.

Core Loop

Metagear Core Loop

3.4 Game Modes


Quick fight mode is a fighting mode (PVP), players will fight with other players of the same rank selected randomly. Players will see the opponent’s machine indexes and features in order to choose to fight or change for another opponent.

Opponents can be online, or offline. In the process of selecting opponents, based on the game smart mechanism, there are not many disparities when it comes to index so that the game stays balanced.

Players will have 20 Energy max per day to play in Quickfight mode, each turn will require 1 energy, players can win up to 20 turns per day. Players will receive 10 Blue Shards for each win.

Rewards - Players will get Blue Shards when winning. You will get even more bonus when you win multiple fights continuously (Winning streak).

Winning Streak Bonus

When players are offline, they can still be attacked by others in the league, opponents will fight with the last machine you used. When attacked by an opponent, the player’s rank can change, hence, you ought to use the best machine in your Garage to be ready to fight when you’re offline.


Campaign mode is the main game story mode. Players will not consume any energy when playing in Campaign mode. Campaign mode has 24 levels, each level has 15 players in a group. According to the server time, players will be matched to the group from 0:00 to 23:59:59

To level up in campaign mode, players need to fight and maintain in the top 6 for 48 hours. On the contrary, if players are in the bottom 6 for 48 hours, their level will drop

24 levels will be divided into 9 small zones symbolized 9 machine tournaments:

Graphic 14

Rewards - Players will receive Blue Shards every 48 hours depending on the current level. The higher the level maintained, the more rewards they receive.


Besides campaign mode, Tournament is the most anticipated and attractive game mode for players. There will be tournaments for all players every week. It is considered the most intense mode in which players have to go through many consecutive rounds to win the final and become the champion.

The specified point is Medal, which is calculated following the ELO formula (Winners will get points, losers will lose points).

A tournament has 7 divisions lasting for 7 weeks. The top 10 in a group will be promoted to the next ranks (based on Medal points for ranking).

Each group has 50 participants and lasts for 1 week.

Weekly Rewards:

  • The reward of 10 players who rank up is Blueprint + $GEAR
  • The reward of the next 30 people is Blue Shard
  • The last 10 people will be relegated and no reward

Guild Building

In phase 2 of the game, MetaGear will launch a guild creation feature so that players can interact with others in a common space through an internal chat channel. In addition, players will perform tasks to contribute resources, rank their Guild up, and receive rewards from the contributions.

Guild Fighting (3vs3 PVP)

  • Guild members can create a group of 3 to compete against 3 members from another guild.
  • The match takes place in a 1vs1 knockout format, the guild with the last winner will be the overall winner.
  • There will be more rewards than in the normal PVP mode. Each victory will add rank points for the Guild.

This is an attractive game mode that creates strong interaction for all the community. That a guild wins a high rank is a way to affirm the value of each member and the whole team.

Get Your Game On

3.5 Marketplace

NFT Trading

Player's in-game assets including Blueprint, Machine Part, booster, and material are NFTs that can be traded on the marketplace. Transactions are guaranteed to be safe and transparent. For each type of machine part, there will also be transaction history to identify who has owned that item.

Players are the only ones who can set the prices for each type of item, which means the price will depend on market demand. MetaGear will ensure the safety of all transactions. Listing or canceling will require a little gas fee to confirm the transaction on the marketplace.

Price-offering feature: Buyers can directly purchase NFTs that are being sold or offer a lower price. When the seller receives the offer, he can make the sale at the offered price or ignore it.


When players want to maximize the value of the rare NFTs, they will need the auction feature to help find buyers who are willing to pay the highest price for that item. The seller will offer the floor price and set the auction time for the NFT. When the time ends, the highest bidder will make the payment and receive the NFT.

In case no buyer is willing to bid for the NFT, the auction order will be canceled at the end of the time and the NFT will be refunded to the seller.


In all game modes, the player can only use a single machine design, which means that each player may have free NFTs at a time. In addition to selling NFTs, players can lease out NFTs for a certain period of time to earn more profit from the NFTs they own.

NFT rental is a mechanism that optimizes players' experience with many choices in machine design to participate in matches at the lowest cost. To win matches in campaigns and tournaments, hiring NFTs becomes really necessary. Players do not need to spend too much money on rare NFTs.

To lease NFTs on the marketplace, the lessors have to set the rental price and duration. After the lease is accepted, the NFT will be locked, the lessor will receive the amount from the tenant, and the tenant will receive the item corresponding to that NFT. After the rental period ends, the item will expire and disappear from the tenant's inventory, be unlocked and be returned to the owner.

Fee & Token Burn

Marketplace transactions are charged a fixed fee of 3.5% for NFT sellers/renters.

The fee will be used for these purposes:

  • 50% for system operating costs
  • 30% for treasury (Farming, staking)
  • 20% for game reward + Events

Token Burn

In the first 2 months from the listing date to the official game launch, NFTs will be open for limited sale according to the schedule and use $BUSD to trade.

NFT sales from the 3rd month from the official game launch date will be paid in $GEAR. 100% of the $GEAR collected from NFT sales will be burned.

Metagear Token Burn

3.6 Unlimited Gear Models

NFTs are unique items that are personalized for each player, creating diverse variations in Gear design not only creates fun in tactics but also helps players express their personality and . his way. In MetaGear, it is very rare for players to have the same vehicle design, which means that the items you create in the game are unique.

In addition, MetaGear will create events for the community to design new backgrounds and machines for the game. There will be many valuable rewards for the winners. Also, the creativity of the players will be applied right in the game. The team is very interested in the limitless creativity of the MetaGear community.

Metagear Is Diversified

3.7 Free to Play

With the goal of expanding access to traditional game players, MetaGear built its own server for non-crypto players to participate in experiencing in-game features.

Machine Parts and other items in the non-NFT version are in-game items and players are free to create their own Gears, compete with other players and get rewards from the battles. In-game items are not tradable like NFT items, but the creativity in the design with infinite variations will create an interesting experience for the player.

Under Graphic Comment Description

3.8 Economic System

One of the important factors for the long-term development of games is the mechanism of operating the economy in-game. There are many projects with a short life cycle because the in-game economic operation is not good, which leads to uncontrolled inflation and a shortage of payment token supply. NFTs owned by players become depreciated over time. This is a problem that currently no project has completely solved even if there are 1-token or 2-token method applications.

With serious research on the current NFT Game market, along with the advice of financial experts in the crypto market, MetaGear has created a complete economic system that overcomes the disadvantages of previous projects. MetaGear allows investors and players to create sustainable value from investing and owning NFT in MetaGear's ecosystem.

NFTs Quantity Controlling

NFTs released from the project are controlled in a limited number with 2 main goals:

  • Control NFT inflation, create scarcity, and enhance NFT value.
  • Empower the community to release NFT from playing games.

MetaGear's biggest goal is to help players own truly valuable NFTs not only for gaming but also to create other valuable NFTs that can be freely bought, sold, and exchanged in the MetaGear economy. Each NFT generated is unique and the player has full discretion.

Genesis Machine Limited

  • There are a maximum of 250,000 Genesis Machines in the game (equivalent to a maximum of 50,000 Gears crafted from a Genesis Machine).
  • 100,000 Genesis Machines will be sold by the developer through planned sales. All $GEAR obtained from Genesis Machine sales will be burned 100%.
  • The remaining 150,000 Genesis Machines will be earned from playing the game and owned by the players.

After 250,000 Genesis Machines are generated from the sale of NFTs by developers and players earned in the game, the next NFTs that can be earned by players in the game are Machine Parts

Machine Parts (Unlimited)

Players can own Machine parts at a cheaper price than Genesis machines and still be able to participate in all in-game features, buy, sell and rent to get income. In addition, players who own Machine parts need to use materials to restore durability.

Economic Model

The in-game economy is operated according to free-market principles, through commodity trading (NFTs). Each player is the owner and publisher of the NFT through gaming. Each NFT is unique and valued by the player. 

$GEAR is the main currency in the MetaGear ecosystem, used to trade NFTs throughout the economy.

Economic Loop

Buy machine part → Play game → Collect NFT → Sell NFT → Gain Profit → Buy more & Upgrade → Play game → Earn more money → ….

Metagears Economic Loop

3.9 Metaverse Building

Garage metaverse is a huge area where players can freely move. About the garage size, there are big and small garages. The garages in the center areas of the map are more modern. There are also racing mini tournaments held for all players to earn Fanshards. 

Garages can be bought and owned as land NFT. In this metaverse, there are two types of players: Garage owners and Car owners. Car owners can lend slots of Garage owners to store cars.

Garage Owners

  • Players can buy garages on the marketplace from others or in garage sales opening Garages are always available on the map. 
  • Garages in the center areas help increase the efficiency of car upgrading. They also provide more options for car customization.
  • Players can create their stalls on the Marketplace for renting garage slots.
  • Garage owners earn a part of Fan shards from Car owners.

Car Owners

  • Car owners can use special features only in garages once cars are being stored.
  • Those special features include Car painting, Engine Upgradation, and Garage Fight (attacking other garages to get Fanshard).
  • Painting and upgrading help increase the cars’ power. The amount increased depends on the size and modernity of that garage.
  • To participate in Garage fight, Car owners have to pay Garage owners a part of Fanshards earned
  • To be rented, a garage has to be blank. Bigger garages have more slots.
  • Car owners have to pre-pay the renting fee. When a renting period is over, car owners will have to go if they have still not extended the renting period.

Metagear into The Metaverse

4. Unique Selling Points

Metagears Strengths

MetaGear has many USPs, all of which bring something special to the game. But it’s the creating-it-yourself aspect of the game that gets your brain firing on all cylinders and keeping you hooked. A little like when you’re a kid building a play den or making a hobby horse, it’s the creating part that keeps you occupied for hours. 

Game Balancing

A good game is an easy-to-approach game. MetaGear's gameplay is quite simple, you only have to prepare a Gear by mixing Machine Part and waiting to see their simulated fights. You don't need to learn the ability descriptions, or counter elements circle,... You only need to learn from the failure.

MetaGear’s combat mode operates entirely on physical impact science as in real life, that is why the disparity in the machine’s index doesn’t decide the game result. As mentioned before, if players don’t design their machines logically, the machine may be useless when facing opponents who are weaker in the index. This helps MetaGear create a balance between players who don’t have much disparity in the index.

Besides, with the smart organizing system between players, you will always find opponents who have equivalent ranks and can earn more valuable rewards in combat modes.

Graphic 9

Game Play Hints

Joining a battle doesn’t require the Gear to be fully equipped. Sometimes, the Gear with missing parts can be an interesting tactic and can still easily win. The addition, replacement, or removal of any parts of the machine all depends on the player’s tactic.

Choosing a weapon to mount on the Chassis is really important because each weapon has a different feature and composition. Players need to choose a suitable weapon that matches the overall composition of the chassis in order to make the best combat performance.

In Phase 2, MetaGear will launch more Pilots with various avatars. These Pilots will be NFTs and will have a special complementing ability in battles. Pilot NFTs will be sold within a limit or can be achieved from tournaments, and special events.

Unique NFT

All NFTs should be unique for the foremost reason, why should a user want that NFT?

The NFT creation pool should be endless for the same reason. MetaGear was created based on the sole ideas. All Machine Parts are different in shape, physics, and power. A new NFT banner will come each month. And from time to time, Gears that were built on those NFTs will become infinite.

Gift NFTs

When the player plays the game at the non-crypto server (Offchain), the quantity of in-game items received is more than the items on the onchain server, the player can create many variations for the Gear and participate in all the game modes. When players reach the top 100 in each Tournament season, players will be given Gear NFTs, these NFTs can be traded and played on the Onchain server.

Play and Earn

In addition to optimizing the player experience, MetaGear also focuses on building a sustainable-economy ecosystem based on the trading of NFT items. MetaGear creates a decentralized economy based on trading volume in which prices are determined by a community of players. 

There are 3 ways to make money in MetaGear: Collect NFT, Farming and Special Events.

1. Collect NFT

Players can collect Blue Shards in 3 game modes:

  • Quick fight: Players get rewards for each match. Consecutively winning provides players with an additional bonus according to the winning sequence.
  • Campaign: The number of playing times is unlimited. Players receive rewards every 48 hours based on the player's current level.
  • Tournament: Each season takes place for 7 weeks. Players receive rewards based on the player's current rank every week. In addition, players can receive $GEAR if they are in the top 10.

Collecting 1000 Blue Shards will create 1 Blueprint. Players can sell Blueprint on the marketplace or use it to randomly generate other NFTs including Booster, Material, or Machine Part. All generated NFTs are tradable on the marketplace. Machine Parts can also be leased to generate passive income.

2. Farming and Staking


Players and Holders can stake $GEAR for profit as a long-term investment. APY will be determined for each period, based on the token allocation for Ecosystem growth and the total amount of $GEAR staked at that time.


Holders of $GEAR can participate in a liquidity provider (LP-Liquidity provider) to receive LP tokens. LP token holders can use it to stake $GEAR or participate in the purchase of rare NFTs that are opened for sale through NFT sales. The NFTs offered for sale for liquidity providers are limited and highly valued in the market.

3. Special Event

MetaGear always aims at community values. They hope users are willing to help them build and develop the product to make it better as well as have a position in the market. Special events are organized and sponsored by Onepad's partners who are major brands in the world in the gaming and crypto field.

Events open to all MetaGear community to participate such as:

  • Creative competition: Design items, characters, background, soundtrack
  • Survey & Voting
  • E-sport: For individual & guilds

Play Earn in Metagear

Community Features

Online Chat

MetaGear will integrate a chat feature so that players can chat on many channels, including Global, Local (by country), and Guild. The online chat feature will be integrated in Q1/2022.

As part of the future development of Metaverse, MetaGear focuses on optimizing features to help players interact with each other. MetaGear is not only a game but also a miniature society.


NFTs are assets owned by each player, which means that NFTs can also become a gift for friends. Instead of trading NFTs on the marketplace, players can choose the gifting feature to send NFTs directly to the recipient's wallet. For security purposes, you need to check the correct recipient wallet address before making a transaction. Transactions will be secured through MetaGear's security system.

Community Features

5. Tokenomics

There is one token in MetaGear, the $GEAR, which is a BSC-based cryptographic token (BSC stands for Binance Smart Chain, a blockchain system from the crypto-trading platform Binance). 

As mentioned, there are countless ways to earn money in MetaGear. Trade items, accessories and garages on NFT marketplaces, from special events, and through staking and farming.  

Name: MetaGear

Symbol: GEAR

Max supply:

Blockchain: BSC

Audit: Certik

Metagear Tokenomics

Token Allocation

Graphic 25

Token Utility

Metagear Token Utility


$GEAR is the governance token officially used in the economic system in MetaGear. $GEAR will be used for the following purposes:

  • Staking: Holders can stake $GEAR with APY level determined based on TVL (Total value lock) and current $GEAR price.
  • Farming: Investors can participate in providing liquidity in currency pairs including: $GEAR/BUSD, $GEAR/BNB to receive LP Token. LP Token will be used to:

Stake to receive tokens from MetaGear partners

Stake to get $GEAR so that users are allowed to buy rare NFTs

  • Marketplace trading: $GEAR is used for making purchases, sales, and rentals of NFTs on Marketplace.
  • Buy NFT: $GEAR is used for buying limited NFTs through periodic sales, 100% of the collected $GEAR will be burned.
  • Events: $GEAR is used to reward tournaments and special events.

IDO Platform

With their strategic partnership with Onepad – a company with many years in building and developing the blockchain ecosystem, they have together created MetaGear to mark their breakthrough in online gaming integration with blockchain technology. With Onepad’s technical platform under the advice of top technology corporations in Vietnam, operating mechanisms and security are top priorities.

6. Roadmap

Despite being a fairly new project, the vision for MetaGear is clear: from the beta test at the beginning of the year to new features at the end of the year, they aim to build a following through a series of refining events. Set a reminder for the public sale in January 2022.

Metagear Roadmap

7. Media

Follow the below communications channels for legitimate information on MetaGear or to find out more about the project:

Graphic 28

8. Partners & Investors

MetaGear has great potential which hasn’t gone unnoticed by dozens of backers. 

The MetaGear team's concept is clearly expressed by the game's unique traits as compared to other GameFi projects. The executive team and strategic advisory board, which includes prominent IT, business, and financial professionals, have decades of expertise, as well as a strong desire to see the project succeed.


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Metagears Developer Onesoft


Metagears Partners

Media Partners

Metagears Media Partners

9. Team

The game developers

​Rocket Studio is a member of Onesoft, established in 2009. Rocket Studio, a team with more than 100 employees with many years of experience in gaming production and operation on the client and mobile platforms, have had huge achievements from their games with more than 300M+ downloads on Google Play and App Store. With a large number of users playing Space shooter, Galaxy attack on Google Play store, they have proved their success, and have created an entirely new genre of online fighting game that adapts with blockchain in order to bring the best experience for crypto users.

Graphic 33

The leaders

Graphic 34

10. Summary

The next generation of e-robot wars is here, and here is why we’re very happy about it. 

As a high-tactical fighting game with a touch of luck, players need to have tactical thinking in order to design a machine with the most effective combat ability. When you can influence the results through your designs and distinguishing features of each machine, MetaGear becomes more than a game, it becomes a craft.  

With a team of professional game artists, and with MetaGear continuously releasing new Gear models to help players create unlimited equipment, they make the matches more attractive than ever.

Not only is it fun creating the ultimate machine, the mix of different game and battle modes plus having the chance to earn real money makes MetaGear a thrilling new game with endless possibilities. 

The result  - a riveting game, a tactical puzzle, a chance to earn real money, a community, all backed by an expert team with an eye on expanding further into the metaverse.  

Relish in the tactics - savor the excitement of non-stop competitions - build your champion squad  - and enjoy the adrenaline rush! MetaGear is going to be a Banger, so watch out for announcements from the team on how to get involved and when you can start to play.