Meet Defihorses Thoroughbred Executive Core Team

DeFiHorse stands out among many GameFi projects, helping it to confidently gallop towards a position in the high-end segment. And there’s no wonder when the team behind DFH is made up of leading technology experts, accomplished in establishing reputable businesses and creating many successful products.
The elite executive team at DFH are no strangers to technology, business, and entrepreneurship. Edison Mai, Daniel Pham, and Kien Ho expertly lead the DeFiHorse Team*, demonstrating their decades of experience and easily claiming their position within the gaming industry. 

*And did you know a group of horses is often called a ‘team’, so there’s no wonder they belong so well together. 

Edison Mai Ceo Defihorse

Edison Mai

DeFiHorse CEO 

The Big Boss who operates from the Grandstand

Continuing on his mission to be an inspiring Serial Entrepreneur, Chief Executive Officer, Edison Mai injects all his vigor, energy, and enthusiasm into the DeFiHorse project. 

Great leaders reflect the essence of their product, and Mr. Mai certainly brings his never-stop-moving spirit to DeFiHorse. Not one for ever backing down, never stopping until the race is run, this is one CEO who loves a challenge and always comes out winning.    

Mr. Mai has over 15 years of expertise running and investing in a variety of industries, the majority of which are tech-related. With a passion for applied science, he has inspired and led many F&B & service businesses to success, using technology as a tool for growth. Mr. Mai is Chairman of Chewy Chewy, Otoke Chicken, and founder of Chef Station - the first cloud kitchen in Vietnam.

In 2015, Mr. Mai was awarded Forbes Vietnam 30 under 30, inspiring many young Vietnamese businesspeople and spurring the spawn of new enterprises.

As the founder and pioneer of the CitiGolf technology driving range and the LPDi ecosystem, a revolutionary token created for Golfers, Mr. Mai has recently made some other elite-class stakes in the sports-tech sector. This brings his portfolio back around to esports and recreating the bustling atmosphere and highlighting the free and creative spirit of sport, yet taking it to the next level.

And just like a rare steed, Mr. Mai is legendary, focusing on developing the game and the DeFiHorse ecosystem with the best quality. He believes in the long race, the longevity of DeFiHorse that has so many more features to come that will grow DeFiHorse much faster, and “send it to the moon!”  

Daniel Pham Coo Defihorse

Daniel Pham 

DeFiHorse COO 

A visionary leader rearing growth 

Mr. Daniel Pham, DeFiHorse's COO, is a forerunner in his field having been investing in cryptocurrency since 2017, despite the fact that it has only just become popular in Vietnam. He has made significant contributions to the growth of the national technology market over his ten years of experience in technology startups, has more than 15 years of experience in Business Management and is the. Chief Operating Officer of

After graduating from university in 2006, Mr. Pham founded April Advertising, a firm that specializes in strategic brand communications and smart, successful advertising. More than a decade later, the company has established itself as a reliable partner for a number of major businesses, including AEON, Canon, Traveloka, Zalo, and others.

Mr. Pham has a strong vision for a future world of decentralized solutions that ensures transparency, fairness, privacy and safety. The applications that DeFiHorse applies create fast and effectively focussed mechanisms that give players the best experience. His belief in the young generation of tech natives, will bring important changes to all industries and create a better world in the years to come.

Kian Ho Creative Brand Director Defihorse

Kian Ho

DeFiHorse Creative & Brand Director

Leading the charge in marketing

Kian Ho, the Strategic Director & Co-Founder of April Advertising, is an inspiring man who dares to dream and do. With seven years of experience at April Advertising, he has made significant contributions to offering effective and innovative communication solutions for a number of important businesses and brands, including Diageo, Vinamilk, Trung Nguyen, Tan Hiep Phat, Traveloka, and many others. 

Mr. Ho cares about healthcare and ensuring people have access to systems that can improve their quality of life. He is the CEO of GreenOly, a pioneering e-commerce platform specializing in genuine health care products.

As one of the youngest Creative Directors of major global agencies (Saatchi & Saatchi, Lowe, JWT, etc.) and with 13 years of expertise in creative and strategy under his belt, Mr. Ho knows how to spot trends, yet bring about new concepts. 

Mr. Ho believes that the love and excitement customers show when experiencing a product is the most important factor and is what has driven him to produce winning ad campaigns for the likes of Canon, Coke, HSBC, Vietnam Airlines, and many more. 

Just like the devotion that Mr. Ho demonstrates, DeFiHorse is a highly invested project in all details. Each element of DeFiHorse such as the plot, racecourses, cyberpunk graphics, NFT horses, gameplay, player emotions, etc. is carefully planned to maximize the experience. With the direction from Mr. Ho for global development, DeFiHorse aims for consistency, sustainability and world-class quality.

The Success of Defihorse Is Already Evident The Team Will Take that to The Moon

Besides the prominent leaders, members of each department from design, creativity,  and marketing, etc. are selected from the finest talents. Everyone is committed to making DeFiHorse achieve its shared objectives.

DeFiHorse has already seen some achievements to be proud of. They raised $5 million USD in private sales within just one week! The incredible support from the wider backing team (including Exnetwork Capital, Bullperks, Poolz Ventures) made domestic and foreign headline news, featured on reliable media like Cointelegraph, Yahoo!Finance, Coindesk, and VNExpress, to name a few. 

DeFiHorse also earned the backing from leading specialists in strategic analysis, data, and comprehensive product improvement. Some great collaborations with well-known ventures around the world include remarkable names like RADA, the DAO-based Launchpad for GameFi and MetaVerse, DEO Network, CoinLAB, Crypto Holding Ventures, and many more. 

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