Polygon recently set a new record for highest bounty paid in DeFi. The team at Polygon paid a two million US dollar worth of bounty to Gerhard Wagner, a white hat hacker who discovered a crucial vulnerability that had put around 850 million US dollars’ worth of capital at risk.

So what type of vulnerability could this be? Well, it’s a double-spend bug, a type of bug that could have tuned catastrophic for the Polygon ecosystem.

Bullish/Bearish Scenario

  • The bear-trap candlestick formation on the weekly time frame, alongside the buildup of bullish divergence on the 4HR time frame, shows that the bulls are back in control.
  • A breakdown of the 1.152 support implies a bearish takeover.

Important Weekly Polygon (MATIC) Announcements

  • Immunefi, a bug bounty, and security platform acknowledged that the bounty is the highest that has been paid in decentralized finance [DeFi].
  • Another exciting announcement in the Polygon ecosystem is the PECO-Polygon Ecosystem Index, which makes it possible for participants to bet on the performance of Polygon [MATIC] projects. The PECO Index is a single token that captures the best native projects on @xPolygon.

Without any further delay, Let’s analyze the MATICUSDT price chart.

Polygon (MATIC) Price Analysis:  MATICUSDT Weekly Chart 

Following the path of most top altcoins in the cryptocurrency market, the MATICUSDT triggers a bear-trap candlestick formation while trading within a rising and expanding wedge.

Although the crypto pair still trades below its all-time high, higher RSI readings above level-25 tell us that we are still in an uptrend and we may soon see a surge in demand for the MATIC token.

Polygon (MATIC) Price Analysis:  MATICUSDT Daily Chart 

A recent regular bearish divergence on the daily chart above shows that we may soon see a slowing and possible correction of current gains.

Failure of RSI values to breach below level-25 would suggest a continuation of the current uptrend.

Polygon (MATIC) Price Analysis:  MATICUSDT 4 Hr Chart 

As the RSI prints higher values above level-25 on the daily time frame, the 4HR time frame confirms entry into the uptrend with an exit of the oversold area [level-25] with the recent entry of oversold at press time.

Regular and hidden bullish divergence setups are instrumental for the previous trend reversal and current trend continuation we see on the above intraday chart.

An impending hidden bullish divergence at press time may be sufficient for the bulls to find a price floor above the 1.491 support and restore the MATIC price into new highs.