Learn2earn A New Dawn in Education

Gamer Guilds drive global #play2earn adaptation, now it’s time for Learn2Earn where AAG is aiming at becoming the future of MetaVerse education.

With a shift from traditional gaming to crypto gaming on blockchain, Play-to-Earn (P2E) is heading into the stratosphere. Providing so many more benefits, not at least being able to earn real money while playing, Play-to-Earn is a driver of change in the world and the Gamer Guilds is a big part of driving the global mass market adaptation as they fundamentally operate with the aim of removing the financial limitation of entry.

One such Gamer Guild is AAG Ventures (Achip & Achair Guild). They are launching the world’s first Learn-to-Earn Platform. The idea is simple: it will provide people with the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency while acquiring skills that are widely relevant for today’s world. Learn-To-Earn applications will pay participants digital currency for learning transferable skills (e.g. maths, programming, or even how to build the Metaverse) through a gamified experience. 

The Aag Platform Will Bring Better Economic Opportunities to as Many People as Possible

Metaverse University

The sister concept, Learn-to-Earn, is an educational platform incorporating the greatest aspects of Play-to-Earn but focusing solely on the education of scholars. Players get to learn practical skills that will also set them in good stead for future careers. 

In the hope of better economic freedom, education is a key aspect; a shift solely from learning in-game tasks to more useful proficiencies will help mentees be more employable. Users will have a chance to learn different subjects, which goes far beyond some guilds that only encourage learning better gaming skills. Topics like:

  • Basic education (e.g., math, reading, science, or languages), 
  • Financial fitness (e.g., budgeting and personal finance; accounting and business fundamentals; basic economics; and real estate), 
  • Remote jobs training (e.g., training to become a customer service agent, bookkeeper, paralegal or executive assistant), 
  • Civic wellness and social good (e.g., local laws and governance; issues and candidates on the next ballot; health and wellness; and how to reduce one's carbon footprint), 
  • Information science (e.g., programming, data science, engineering, or investing
  • Building the metaverse (creating in the virtual world, 3D development and game design, implementation and testing).

AAGV is even clever enough to know that some of the best learning content will come from their own scholars and future creators, subject matter that has not even been thought of yet.

By playing-to-earn and learning as well, scholars gain crucial new skills that will be in high demand by employers setting up business in the metaverse in the near future.

Learning and Working in The Metaverse

Investors get to be altruistic too!

Private investors can play a big part and help to fund the next generation through education. As the Play-to-Earn space increases 100 fold, a belief held by AAG, capital input won’t only be about return on investment, but about global patriotism - a chance to make a difference to the individual and to society.

AAG successfully raised over $12 million in a private funding round recently. Led by Shima Capital, Tribe Capital and Tess Ventures, and including a whole heap of other investors, it was the 2nd largest private round for P2E guilds or guild platforms reported to date.

The funding will help to distribute significant amounts of wealth where it is most needed, enabling scholars to earn a steady income by playing and contributing to the gaming ecosystem and the growth of the Metaverse as a whole. Yet, more than this, tech-enabled education will mold an entirely new cadre of skilled workers through blockchain gaming.

Aagv Doing Well by Doing Good through Learn to Earn

Why it matters

In-game guilds enable those who might not have had the chance to even start gaming because of high upfront expenses like the initial cost of buying/breeding/borrowing NFTs. 

Scholarship costs can run into thousands of dollars, but communities like AAG fund all NFTs/characters ready to start playing. What’s more, they provide training, mentoring, and education to further enhance their skills, not just in the gaming sense either. 

“I have 3 sons who grew up playing games for hours and hours, and I’d always wished that they spent their time on something more productive. With this first-ever Learn-To-Earn blockchain-based game, we can envision a world where practical education spreads to more people and more deeply because we harness the power of crypto to encourage people to educate themselves. People, especially those in developing countries, can earn crypto while learning math, programming, personal finance, how to run a business or even how to build the future metaverse through an educational game or a gamification platform,” said Nelly Sutjiadi, Co-Founder and Chairwoman of AAG Ventures.

AAG, setting the tone

The transition from Free-to-Play to Play-to-Earn will breed the guild model and encourage the formation of hundreds of guilds. AAG Ventures takes this basic progression a step further by offering the tools and foundations necessary for these guilds to function and serve their scholars. 

Looking for greater opportunities for all, hiring scholars and providing educational experiences, AAG is setting the tone for creating economic freedom worldwide. 

But, Play-to-Earn and Learn-to-Earn is just the beginning for AAGV. They look to introduce many more concepts into the Metaverse ecosystem, such as Donate-to-Earn and Volunteer-to-Earn.

Traditional gamers will be running into the arms of communities like AAG.

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