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What is RIR - RADA Investment Right?

What can you invest $100 in and expect potentially huge returns? Little to nothing... would be the short answer to that, until now. 

RADA gives you the opportunity to earn RIR, but what exactly is RIR you might ask?
As the title of this introduction article suggests, it stands for RADA Investment Right: RIR is a decentralized virtual currency, and as the word “earn” indicates, RIR is earned, not bought - it’s awarded to Raders for contributing their time and efforts to the RADA project. 

What is so special about RIR?

First and foremost, your reward for contributing to the project - you will get more back than what you contribute. The idea is pretty simple: you contribute to earn RIR, which you can then take and allocate to invest in specially selected, and highly promising projects. 

1 RIR equates to $100 USDT, and some of the early projects RADA already invested RIR in have been giving returns up to 1000% - that should be a very good indicator that it is well worth your time to contribute to RADA.

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In contrast to classic investments, you can only invest once a business is already listed on an exchange, but with RADA and your earned RIR, you can invest at the private stage of all the promising projects, which you will have access to via RADA. Your early private stage investment can potentially give an enormous return on investment - all you have to do is contribute.

Private stage investments provide the highest return for the least amount of investment. With RADA, you can invest earlier than any other investor outside the RADA network.

Use your time wisely, invest like an angel - contribute and become a part of RADA.

Join us NOW to receive RIR and start your investing journey with RADA!

Click the link and fill out the form to become Raders: https://bit.ly/3CENTje