Just 2 months since RADA was founded, the community has grown massively and reached incredible milestones with new RADERS being onboarded on RADA’s spaceship daily. But still, the investment opportunities were rather limited to only a few groups of people at the start.1st December 2021, RADA is happy to announce the official release of the RADA LaunchVerse, a DAO-based Launchpad for GameFi & Metaverse Blockchain projects.

Introducing Radas Launchpad Rada Launchverse

1. Introducing “LaunchVerse" - RADA's Launchpad

Launching December 2021, LaunchVerse is RADA's DAO-based Launchpad for GameFi and MetaVerse Blockchain Projects, where new projects have their initial token or NFT offerings. 

As a multi-chain platform giving the community access to Blockchain projects’ launches, we have a careful and structured development roadmap. With LaunchVerse, we aim to simplify and popularise crowdfunding in Blockchain, at the same time make initial Token sales equally accessible for the masses — newbies and veterans alike.

2. LaunchVerse main features

Web 1920 – 16

Multi-Chain Supported

Web 1920 – 17

RADA believes in the future of a multi-chain world. With that, we recognize the importance of catering to each project’s preference of operating on different blockchains

LaunchVerse is happy to support projects built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, KardiaChain, Solana, and Avalanche.

Whales and bot activities resistant

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LaunchVerse aims to provide IDO access to the community in the most transparent way possible. To participate in IDOs and other related events and activities, all users must pass a KYC. LaunchVerse partnered with Blockpass - the industry’s premium KYC service to provide a secure, fast, and transparent KYC process for all participants. 

LaunchVerse IDOs always have a maximum/minimum allocation cap for all participating users. Along with a strict KYC process, whales and front-running activities are greatly limited. In this way, a single whale can’t get a significantly big allocation, while other users have much lower amounts.

Transparent and fair process for participants

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All token launches on LaunchVerse will have transparent information for all participants, most importantly: token price, prefund cap, final allocation, and refund amount. 

Depending on each project, the timeline for joining an IDO on LaunchVerse may vary. However, we always aim for the maximum joining period, to make sure it is convenient for users in different time zones to participate.

RIR for guaranteed allocation

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By using RIR as a guaranteed ticket for all token/NFT sales on LaunchVerse, we ensure all RIR holders are worthy individuals because to earn RIR, they have contributed, or provided value, in one way or another, to RADA and our partner projects.

Remember RIR is earned, not for sale. RADA only issues RIR as incentives for contributing, event participation, and rewards. We do not hold responsibility for any P2P transferring/ trading activities between RIR holders. 

*Read this article for more information on RIR.

Prefunding mechanism

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LaunchVerse allows users to prefund their investment, which allows for a more convenient and relaxing participating process. At LaunchVerse, you can prefund your allocation using RIR and stablecoins (BUSD, USDC, etc.).

To better understand how prefunding works, we have listed out some potential scenarios one might have in the prefunding process:

Scenario 1: Fully prefund with RIR 

At LaunchVerse, RIR holders have all the power. For all IDO prefund processes, using RIR will get you a 99% guarantee for an allocation. 

*For example:

- Person A successfully prefunds with 500 $BUSD and spends 5 RIR.

-> A is guaranteed an allocation of $100 - $500. The final allocation will be calculated based on the total subscription of the pool using the overflow structure.

-Best case scenario: A will get a $500 allocation. 5 RIR is burned in the process.

-Worst case scenario: A will get an allocation of $100 which equals 1 RIR burned, and get refunded his 400 $BUSD & 4 RIR.

Scenario 2: Prefund with stablecoin BUSD (no RIR)

LaunchVerse accepts prefunds using only stablecoins, as we understand there are new RADERS who don’t have RIR. However, the final allocation will only be chosen completely luck-based. Rest assured, you can claim a refund for any prefunded amount if you are not on the final whitelist.

*For example

- Person B successfully prefunds with 500 $BUSD and doesn’t use $RIR.

-> 500 $BUSD is not guaranteed. The final allocation will be calculated based on the total subscription of the pool using the overflow structure and luck-based.

- Best case scenario: B will get between $100 - $500 allocation based on lucky draw. 

- Worst case scenario: B will get $0 allocation, and get refunded his 500 $BUSD.

Scenario 3: Partially prefund with RIR

To allow for a more flexible prefunding process, users have the freedom to partially prefund using both RIR and stablecoins.

*For example

- Person A successfully prefunds with 500 $BUSD and spends 3 RIR.

-> A is guaranteed an allocation of $100- $300. The final allocation will be calculated based on the total subscription of the pool using the overflow structure.

-Best case scenario: A will get a $500 allocation. 3 RIR is burned in the process.

-Worst case scenario: A will get an allocation of $100 which equals 1 RIR, and get refunded his 400 $BUSD & 2 RIR.

Various IDO Pools

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On LaunchVerse, there will be different IDO pools catered to various types of investors and contributors. Because LaunchVerse is yet to have a tier system, these pools are structured to have different allocation logics and participation rules. This will allow LaunchVerse to fully support the requirements of incubated/partner projects, while still maintaining the core values RADA wants to provide to the community. 

Going forward, there will be 3 types of IDO pools on LaunchVerse:

- VIP pool (for RADA exclusive Partners)

- RADERS pool (for RADERS - members of RADA Community)

- Community pool (for RADERS - members of RADA Community)

Due Diligence by RADA

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As an investor, it is key to know what you are getting into.

As a project, it is key to tell your story to the community.

We ensure you are covered:

  1. Any information needed about projects for investors will be found in RADA’s Project Review articles.

  2. Events such as AMAs, RADATHON, Share2Earn, etc. will be organized in collaboration with projects, which will help RADERS learn more about the projects on RADA's Social Media Channels.  

This will benefit the partnered projects who are certainly expecting high levels of growth and exposure from their partnership with the RADA Community.

*Click here to read our latest Project Review articles. 

*Follow RADA's Social Media Channel to not miss any Events above here.

3. What makes LaunchVerse different?

#share2earn Event

Share2earn Event

A #share2earn Event">#share2earn Event will be created during the project's IDO time on LaunchVerse.

It is a community-driven program designed to spread the word about our Launching Partners. Rewards or incentives are provided to those who help to grow the community further by sharing the project with friends or to their own network.

It’s a transparent and efficient process: An amount of RIR will be rewarded each time a person joins #share2earn Event through a referral link customized for each participant, and the bigger the action was taken by the referee, the higher the reward. 

* Read “Refer a Friend’ and Earn RIR Tokens: Introducing the RADA LaunchVerse Share2Earn Referral Program” for more details.   

#contribute2earn Investment Right

Contribute2earn Investment Right

Contributors, or people who bring value to the community and our Launching Partners, are guaranteed investment allocations with RIRs for projects launching on LaunchVerse, which is fair enough. 

*Read “Getting started with Contribute2Earn - How to get RIR - RADA Investment Rights - without paying a cent!” for more details.    

4. How to participate in LaunchVerse projects?

How to Participate in Launchverse Projects

*Read “How to participate in IDO on LaunchVerse?” for more details.

5. How do I stay updated about upcoming IDO launches?

How Do I Stay Updated about Upcoming Ido Launches

All announcements are released on RADA's Social Media Channels. The best way to not miss out on any opportunities is to follow them. 

  • Telegram Channels - Get all News immediately and 24/7. 

  • Telegram Global Community - friendly global community groups or two-way exchange - whatever information you need to ask RADA, find it here.

  • Twitter - For instant updates, all announcements will be shared on Twitter.

  • Medium - Never miss a story - follow us to read articles about what we do and why and get detailed information about IDO launches.

  • Facebook Fanpage - Be sure to like, follow RADA's official Fanpage to receive the latest information in a handy app. 

6. Upcoming Projects

We’re excited to announce the first 2 projects which will be launching on LaunchVerse very soon in estimated Q4 2021 and Q1 2022.

The Parallel 

The Parallel is a virtual world universe with a real-world simulation game system where players can fully create materials in the world and participate in monetization, entertainment, and networking activities.

The Parallel Is A Virtual World Universe with A Real World Simulation Game System

Defi Horse

DeFiHorse is a metaverse e-sport game based on Blockchain technology and NFTs, empowering the players and creators to the next level of the horse race. It’s not just only a game… but AN UNSTOPPABLE RACE that you cannot find anywhere else.

Defihorse Is A Metaverse E Sport Game Based on Blockchain Technology and Nfts

7. Coming Soon on LaunchVerse in 2022

Coming Soon on Launchverse in 2022

As we approach the end of 2021, RADA has mapped out several important milestones we want to achieve with LaunchVerse in 2022:

  • $RADA Token release
  • Staking & Farming
  • DAO migrations

These are vital developments that will facilitate the growth of LaunchVerse in particular, and the whole RADA Ecosystem in general. LaunchVerse will constantly update and evolve with our community monitoring all kinds of exciting movements on the market - from potential GameFi projects to the upcoming Metaverse trend, we consider the scope of our launches to be unlimited.

The future certainly looks bright! Stay tuned for more news, all updated on our Social Media Channels.


Why join the RADA ecosystem?

Why Join The Rada Ecosystem

RADA is a professional investor’s community - aspiring to be a fair community in terms of opportunity sharing and promoting only healthy blockchain investment for all investors in the community. RADA’s vision is to build a global community that connects Vietnam to the world and truly empowers a whole new generational industry of technology booming out of Vietnam and into the world with the backing from the RADA Community.

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