An interesting new gamefi #play2earn #free2play contender kicking down the door to a whole new sub-genre of gaming in #gamefi and opening the way for millions of new #gamefi players.

The article is the opinion of the author Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen - a member of the RADA community.

1. Project Introduction 

Heroes TD is one of the first #gamefi titles to hit the market with a full #play2earn Tower Defence sub-genre game.


Players can start by downloading the game APK, from Playstore, or App Store, installing it, and playing. Players will get 5 Basic Heroes, which can help them get through all game modes and earn some CGC. If they want to earn more CGC effectively, they will need stronger Heroes: NFT Heroes. When they decide to withdraw the CGC, they can go to DApp, log in with the game account, connect the wallet and press withdraw.

Tower Defense is a strategic game sub-genre where the player needs to defend their territory from increasingly large waves of enemies/ monsters/ bugs. Usually, the waves of mobs swarm down a path and the player must line it with traps and different means of attacks, usually towers. Normally, the player doesn’t actively play or control the towers, instead it comes down to the player's strategy before starting the wave.

Tower Defense games combine elements from real-time strategy and puzzle games. The combination of action and planning, but with the sense that there’s a perfect solution to aim for which, compared to two other sub-genres platformer games and idle games, Tower Defense games seems to get a higher average revenue per paying user. And the average revenue per daily active user is significant because the average playtime is almost double that seen in the two compared sub-genres.

Ever since the Heroes TD team were kids, they have been nurtured in games and believe that they are not only for entertainment but also for connecting people, making friends, and most importantly, improving quality of life.

Their vision has been to create games that everyone can play and enjoy together with their friends and also be able to earn something back for the time, money and resources that the players invest into the game. They feel that it’s much fairer to include the player in the success of the game long term, by giving them ownership, co-creative ownership and even giving the players voting rights.

Heroes TD envisions a future where all gamers are connected to the Heroes TD MetaVerse, where players can bring their favorite characters across many different games to continue exploring the #gamefi MetaVerse. Essentially, by continuously evolving the play experience and traveling through many diverse stories over time, the game never ends.


2. Market Review

Heroes TD is a Tower Defense Strategy Game (TDSG), a sub-genre of the Strategy Game genre which was led in earnings (as of the 2nd quarter 2021) by the modern classic Clash of Clans (COC). COC has earned $29.68 million USD and still has some serious momentum going after 9 years in the business and despite modern challenges. A game more representative of classical Tower Defense in the traditional gaming landscape is Lords Mobile: Tower Defense (LMTD). Earning a respectable $9.02 million USD to date, LMTD has seen an upward trend in popularity in the #free2play game category on the iOS App Store since the end of August 2021. In the blockchain market, there’s a clear segment that Heroes TD is tending to.

There are gaming features that have been pinpointed as key aspects for financial success. These factors include: 

  • In-app purchases (IAP): buying in-game money with players’ personal money (like emeralds in COC) which can be used to complete any action in progress like building an archer’s tower.
  • Freemiums: this feature gives access to VIP aspects, like the Gold Pass in COC unlocks the ability to compete in monthly competitions and earn greater rewards.

These features are built into Heroes TD:

  • IAP: players can use the business token $CGC to purchase NFT Heroes or earn interest through staking.
  • Freemiums: while players can play Heroes TD for free, they will start with a weak deck of Basic Heroes; should they want access to greater rewards, they will need to purchase NFT Heroes with $CGC.

As noted in the Introduction, typically players indulge in TDSG for longer periods of time. The longer they play, the more likely they will be to make IAP or Freemiums.

Share the power, share the rewards

With Heroes TD, players who build increasingly larger armies will eventually reach a point when they can no longer use each of their Heroes. This is where social connections are made in the Warlord and Commander #play2pay feature: players can build sub-armies that they loan out to other players. This new player then commands the army and leads it to battle, earning rewards for the original owner. Of course, the two players can come to an agreement for compensation for the Commander, so both can mutually benefit and earn from playing the game.

3. Product Review

Heroes TD is a blockchain-based Play to Earn game, where players summon Heroes to attack enemy bases and defend their own bases.


There are 2 types of Heroes: Basic Heroes and NFT Heroes. Basic Heroes are given to players at the beginning to experience the game. These Heroes are basic for low-level PvP Arena. Players can also use these Heroes to earn CGC for participating in Daily events, quests, etc.

For high-level PvP Arena, Ranked Match, Tournaments, and Challenges, a strong deck is needed. Players can obtain NFT Heroes to strengthen their deck. NFT Heroes can only be purchased from the Marketplace, or be summoned by using 2 NFT Heroes.

HTD and CGC are the main tokens used for all in-game activities and the Marketplace. Players can make use of HTD to further improve their decks, participate in high-level games, and become the best player.


4. Unique Selling Points


Earn HTD inside the game by:

  • Winning PvP Leaderboard
  • Trading in Marketplace

Farming CGC inside the game by:

  • PvP Arena
  • Co-op
  • Challenges
  • Tournaments
  • Various tasks such as daily events, missions, etc.


A new player can start the game with 5 Basic Heroes. With these non-NFT Heroes, they can explore the world of Heroes TD, participate in early PvP matches, and earn some CGC.

Players can then choose to withdraw these CGC to their wallets, sell these CGC at the Marketplace, or even trade with their friends using Blockchain technology.

However, low-ranking PvP matches can only earn a limited amount of CGC. To participate in high-ranking matches, a strong deck is required. Players can obtain NFT Heroes to strengthen their decks by purchasing them on the Marketplace.

5. Tokenomics


Tokenomic breakdown




IDO Platforms

The project will be launched on LaunchZone, BSCStation, Kaistarter, VNDC Launchpad, and our DApp.

Heroes TD token (HTD Token)


HTD is a specialized DeFi token for Heroes TD. HTD tokens can be used to participate in game activities and purchase assets on the Marketplace. HTD has one special use which makes it a must-have for Heroes TD - summoning new Heroes. HTD can be earned via in-game Play-to-earn activities.

In addition, a Staking feature will be introduced, which allows users to stake their HTD tokens to earn extra HTDs while waiting for game development.


Potential security flaws in code and the design of Heroes TD Smart Contract are audited by Verichains Lab - who have extensive research and development expertise in security, cryptography and blockchain technology.

Community Treasury

Treasury receives inflows from 2 ways:

  • 4.68% of all Heroes NFT marketplace transactions.
  • HTD portion of the summoning fee.

The Treasury then will use these HTD to reward players who achieve high ranking in the Leaderboard on each season.

Cloudspire Gold Coin Token


CGC is another token to be used for game activities and on Marketplace. CGC can be earned through most in-game activities. Heroes TD will not sell CGC directly nor provide liquidity for CGC.

Staking & Farming

Staking and Farming pools will launch Q4 2021 along with the main game launch so that players can stake back and invest in the game on an ongoing basis while earning through #play2earn.

Community Voting

HTD holders can participate in voting for in-game features and design changes as part of the long term commitment to the user community.

NFT Marketplace


The Marketplace is where players can trade and purchase game assets, which can be used in-game to improve their decks and battle prowess. Depending on the assets, different information will be shown to describe the item’s selling points.

HTD and CGC are the main tokens used for all in-game activities and the Marketplace. Players can make use of HTD and CGC to further improve their decks, participate in high-level games, and become the best player.

6. Roadmap

15 Road Map



  • Launching website ✔️
  • Releasing Smart contract audit report ✔️


  • Starting Bounty Campaign


  • Heroes TD Launching Events
  • IDO Whitelist


  • Listing HTD on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko


  • IDO on BSC Station, LaunchZone, Kaistarter, VNDC Launchpad and


  • Listing HTD on Pancakeswap


  • Launching DApp on
  • Starting Yield Farming


  • Offering Hero Genesis


  • Opening Marketplace
  • Deploying CGC
  • Starting CGC Farming
  • Listing CGC on Pancakeswap
  • Launching Hero Summoning feature


  • Launching Alpha Test

7. Social Media Channels


8. Partners & Investors


Heroes TD potential has been noticed by 29 different reputable investment funds, including VNDC Ventures, AlphaTrue, Alpha Moon Capital, and Launch Zone to name a few. It’s made with Unity’s cross-platform game engine, built with Firebase (a platform developed by Google for creating mobile and web applications) and leverages other technology including Etherium, BscScan, Kardiachain and Photon.

9. Team

CG Studio is a Singapore-based studio consisting of outstanding and experienced members, who have been developing mobile games and Blockchain technology for a long time. The team was founded in 2013 as VGames and has developed many games for cross platforms, e.g. Android, iOS, Winphone, Html5, etc.

“We are excited to introduce Heroes TD - a collectible tower defense strategy game with a brand new play . You can collect and build your deck to win. You can both enjoy the game and earn money from it as well. In Heroes TD, players can join a community to play with each other. Players can also create new unique NFTs and trade them with other players to get money, and most importantly, have a LOT of fun”!

14 Heroes Core Team

CG Studio team consists of a board of outstanding and experienced members, who have been working in mobile game development and Blockchain technology for a long time. The team was founded in 2013 as VGames, and have developed many games for cross platforms, i.e: Android, iOS, Winphone, Html5, etc.

They started focusing on developing casual games and world-trending games. Since 2015, they have focused more on developing online strategy games, and have published some titles: GunGun Online, Chess TD, etc. These are mid-core strategy games with attractive gameplay, which have accumulated more than 6 million downloads on the mobile stores, and are still counting.


As Blockchain is getting more and more mature, they have also applied it to mobile platforms, especially games, with a brand new approach, pioneering in creating a new exciting, and challenging worldwide market. Everyday is a new challenge that they always try their best to conquer. As they push themselves to their limit, they aim to create better and better games every day.

10. Summary

As one of the first Tower Defense Strategy Game titles to hit the #gamefi market, Heroes TD has a lot of upsides with #free2play2earn. Players can start playing immediately with free Basic Heroes and start earning CGC, but really, the best way to earn is by using NFT Heroes. These stronger Heroes fight in higher levels which have greater rewards. And it’s easy to withdraw the CGC: simply log in to the DApp account, connect a wallet and choose to withdraw.

Because TDSGs typically require a lot of planning to have the best chance of success to combat the enemy waves, players are more likely to engage for longer periods. The longer they play, the more likely they will contribute to driving the economic success of the games. Definitely promising for Heroes TD when it releases as there’s a segment of the market ready to be catered to in the blockchain world.

Heroes TD has been crafted by a team with a passion for games with the knowledge that people can connect and make friends through gaming, and just outright improve our lives with #gamefi. They understand that including players in the long-term success of games by giving them ownership over it, including voting for changes to in-game features and design.

In the future, Heroes TD Metaverse is planned to connect gamers who can bring their favorite characters into new games. With the unfolding #gamefi MetaVerse, they can continue exploring the constantly changing game experience.


Disclaimer: Information is gathered through research from the project's official Whitepaper and other official sources. The content in this article is the author's personal views for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment or financial advice. RADA and the author are not financial advisors and will not bear any responsibility in connection to any potential investments.