Now you know the basics about RADA and what we do, next let's dig into RADA Investment Rights (RIR), what this is, what you can do with it, what makes it special, and ultimately, what you can do to earn it.

Everything You Need to Know about Rir Rada Investment Right

1. What is RIR?

Giving Our Community Fair Opportunities to Invest

“Giving our Community fair opportunities to invest.”

RIR stands for RADA Investment Right. 

We share our investment opportunities with all investors (Community Members) through RIR

RIR is a smart contract running on BSC Network (Binance Smart Chain Network). 

1 RIR has a right to invest equal to $100 USD into our Partners’ Blockchain Projects with the token price varying from their Seed, Private and Public rounds.

RIR is not for sale, you cannot buy it, but rather you have to earn it, which makes RADA the world's first true DAO Community for investors. (Section 3 will show you how to earn RIR).

*Watch this video to really understand RIR:

2. What can you do with RIR?

What Can You Do with Rir

With RIR, you can invest in our Partners’ Blockchain Projects on RADA Investment Platform and LaunchVerse our Launchpad platform.

If you’ve earned RIR and are holding it in your Wallet, it will give you an initial advantage to get a whitelist allocation during the LaunchVerse IDO Event. This means those who have contributed to earning RIR get prioritized in the token allocation over people who did not contribute and only have cash.

This ensures a fair allocation, a community standpoint, and protection. A full symbiotic relationship is formed - one that is incentivized by RIR and where each contribution is rewarded with RIR: When the projects grow, you grow with RIR.

*Read Introducing RADA’s Launchpad, RADA LaunchVerse for more details. 

3. What makes RIR special?

What Makes Rir Special

Includes everyone 

For individual investors, the chance to invest in early-stage investments in the blockchain market is almost impossible. Why? Because the requirement to get access to token allocations in token offerings requires at least $10-$15,000 USD, not to mention these slots are for big players like KOLs, Community, VCs,... Which means, it is NOT that if you have money, you can get in early! 

And even in popular launchpads on the market, you still have to stake a huge amount of money to be guaranteed for your allocation during token sale. 

But with RIR, you earn your right by contributing and get the same opportunity as those big players

Investing over time

Remember, investing in blockchain projects on their private and public stage usually means that the tokens are not fully released on TGE (Token Generation Event). Instead, you will receive the number of tokens equivalent to your investment following a vesting schedule created by the project team, usually this is under the Tokenomics section. The gradual token release could have several benefits to investors: less hassles of keeping up with the market price, steady monthly influx, etc.  


Your RIRs reward for contributing to the projects makes those projects grow. And when they grow, you will get back more than what you contribute, as the token's vesting schedule of early investment goes on linearly. 

Earn X100+

Your early private stage investment can potentially give an enormous Return On Investment (ROI) and all you have to do is contribute. Buying tokens at a discounted price means that you could recover your whole initial investments right at TGE, if for example, the token price 10x from the private price and at TGE you are vested 10%. This also means the other 90% are guaranteed profit from your RIR investment!

x400 already happened 

Some of the early projects that RADERS have already supported and invested with RIR have given phenomenal returns

To feature just one of our backed projects, Elemon, the amazing and cute DeFi game, has already made x400 which equates to +40,000% after IDO! That’s the equivalent of up to $40,000 if you had earned 1 RIR and invested $100 USD in Elemon with our community. 

This clearly shows that it is well worth your time to contribute to RADA.

*Look at the picture below to see RADA’s ROI on all investment until 19 Nov 2021.

Radas Roi on All Investment until 19 Nov 2021

4. How to earn RIR?

RIR is earned, not bought - it’s awarded to RADERS for contributing their time and efforts to RADA, as we call it #contribute2earn & #share2earn">#contribute2earn & #share2earn

How to Earn Rir

A. #contribute2earn RIR

There are many ways to contribute to the RADA Community and earn RIR. RADERS can work for us by joining our team (full-time & part-time), participating in our Airdrop Events and even taking part in RADATHON - our frequently held contests where RADERS can write, create, design,...and earn RIRs.

Contribute2earn Rir

*Read Getting started with Contribute2Earn - How to get RIR - RADA Investment Rights - without paying a cent! for more details. 

B. #share2earn RIR

Share2earn Rir

Remember the traditional referral programs? Normally, they provide incentives for customers and users each time they refer someone who makes a purchase or joins their program. These programs help drive traffic and conversion, and are vital to the success of new businesses and projects.

#share2earn has the same value creation, but is recorded ON-CHAIN by smart contracts on Binace Smart Chain (BSC) Network. And each time you join a #share2earn Event, you will earn RIR.

*Read “Refer a Friend’ and Earn RIR Tokens: Introducing the RADA LaunchVerse Share2Earn Referral Program'' for more details.

5. How to invest with RADA after you have earned your first RIR?

How to Invest with Rada after You Have Earned Your First Rir

If you have successfully earned your first RIR through one of the above activities, you can easily spend it on the token/NFT sales on the RADA LaunchVerse

It is advised that you read all the detailed schedules for any private or public pools and that you read the full project review and do your due diligence.

*Read “RADA LaunchVerse Initial Participation Guide: For all IDO/INO launches” for more details.


Why join the RADA ecosystem?

Why Join The Rada Ecosystem

RADA is a professional investor’s community - aspiring to be a fair community in terms of opportunity sharing and promoting only healthy blockchain investment for all investors in the community. RADA’s vision is to build a global community that connects Vietnam to the world and truly empowers a whole new generational industry of technology booming out of Vietnam and into the world with the backing from the RADA Community.

Want to earn RIR? Learn more about it here