Founded September 3rd -  2021, RADA has grown to be one of the largest blockchain communities in Vietnam and now aims towards the global market. Let's find out what its all about in this article.

 1. What is RADA?

Radas Vision Is to Build A Global Community

RADA’s vision is to build a global community 

First and foremost, RADA is a DAO-based AngelList for Blockchain. We see ourselves as an angel investors community for blockchain projects.

We focus on investing in, supporting and incubating promising blockchain-based projects in their earliest rounds.

And as a community, RADA shares its investment opportunities with RADERS - the members of the RADA Community around the world - based on the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) model.

We aspire to be a fair community in terms of opportunity sharing and only promote healthy blockchain investment for all investors in our community.

Our vision is to build a global community that connects Vietnam to the world and truly empowers a whole new generational industry of technology booming out of Vietnam and into the world with the backing from the RADA Community.

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2. How does RADA share investment opportunities within its community? 

Contribute to Earn Rir

Contribute to earn RIR

Driven by fairness, we first and foremost shares investment opportunities with community members. We only promote healthy blockchain investment opportunities in a safe and transparent process that is always accountable. 

RADERS can earn investment opportunities through a specific right called RIR - RADA Investment Right. Each RIR has the equal right of an investment of 100$ in RADA's blockchain partners, with a varying token price depending on their Seed, Private and Public rounds and at which stage the project is backed by RADA.

*Read “Everything you need to know about RIR - RADA Investment Right" for more details.

3. How does RADA support Blockchain Projects? 

Like our slogan “Fuel the New Internet", we fuel blockchain projects and investments alike for their future growth and success. 

How Does Rada Support Blockchain Projects


We fund promising blockchain projects in their earliest round and has the following tiers: Silver (Backer), Golden (Partner), Diamond (Strategic Partner), and Launching Partner. Each tier of partners will have its own benefits from RADA .

Especially with Strategic and Launching Partners, RADA also provides advice at the earliest stages of incubation and throughout the development of their roadmap, helping them to build their community around the world - from their earliest founding stages to the global market.


Regardless of tier, being our Partner means blockchain projects will get the advantage of RADA’s marketing expertise and be able to spread their ideas, concepts, narratives, products, stories, and events… not just to the RADA Community, but to the world.


Our DAO-based Launchpad called LaunchVerse for GameFi and MetaVerse Blockchain Projects,  is where new projects have their initial token or NFT offerings. 

The key merits of LaunchVerse comprise of #share2earn and #contribute2earn investment rights. These two assets are what truly makes our LaunchVerse the first real DAO-based launchpad, and that is something we take great pride in. 

Normally, we only select Strategic Partners to be our Launching Partners on the RADA LaunchVerse.

*Read “Introducing RADA's Launchpad, RADA LaunchVerse" for more details.   


In the near future, we  look to implement a full Incubation Program to provide early-stage blockchain projects with the tools they need to grow and execute their ideas. Done through our globally-diverse human resources, partners and advisors network, this will prepare them for the challenges of building and scaling a global blockchain-based company.

4. Where does RADA stand in the blockchain market?

Where Does Rada Stand in The Blockchain Market

Blockchain and Gamefi startups have grown exponentially in recent years. Despite being a newly founded DAO, RADA’s mission is to deliver a polished user experience. One that extracts the best characteristics of both traditional and blockchain technology-based start-ups. 

To do this, the RADA's Founding Team has gradually and agilely built a core structure very similar to AngelList or Republic. These crowdfunding platforms have become hugely popular in a short space of time because the public wants access to invest early and on the same terms as traditional VCs.

However, RADA offers an alternative - where your contribution is the key factor of equal access, and not how much money you own.

What makes RADA’s Blockchain Project investment process different from how traditional Venture Capitals invest in companies? 

We provide everyone in our community with aligned incentives. 

Using blockchain technology and cryptography, the value that RADERS bring will have a direct impact on their investment performance. This creates a network of not only investors but something truly unique: supporters of projects. People with the same vision and mission, fully aligned and working together to change the world one blockchain-based project at a time.

RADA LaunchVerse will be the first true DAO-based community launchpad in the world where active community contribution is the main logic in defining who gets access to early investments. At the same time, it will provide fairnesstransparency, and a guarantee of fair allocation of investment rights. 

Everyone in the world can be a part of the journey. That is essential to us and our Community and as such a great deal of our focus goes on our #share2earn">#share2earn protocol and a continued focus on utilizing blockchain technology to empower and include people beyond the limitations that have normally held people back. 

*Click here to visit RADA LaunchVerse - The DAO-based launchpad for Gamefi and MetaVerse Blockchain Projects.


Why join the RADA ecosystem?

Why Join The Rada Ecosystem

RADA is a professional investor’s community - aspiring to be a fair community in terms of opportunity sharing and promoting only healthy blockchain investment for all investors in the community. RADA’s vision is to build a global community that connects Vietnam to the world and truly empowers a whole new generational industry of technology booming out of Vietnam and into the world with the backing from the RADA Community.

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