Finally, was the first thought I had, finally a turn-based strategy game in #play2earn and then I saw it: Dungeon Co-Op and fond memories of dungeon crawling with good friends came back to me. The article is the opinion of the author Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen - a member of the RADA community.

Eternal War of Gods Demons Turn Based Strategy Play2earn

1. Project Introduction  

Turn-based strategy games and Dungeon Co-Ops (Crawlers) were instrumental in the foundation of social gaming, before the internet and multiple devices, the closest thing to a social gaming experience was taking turns or playing with a few good friends.

Orbitau - Seven Deadly Sins, is a  turn-based strategy fantasy game inspired by Norse Mythology and the Seven Deadly Sins where the main scene is set around the eternal war between Demons and Gods in a magical land of #play2earn.

Combining Turn-Based Strategy with Dungeon Co-Op, and in general, focusing on the social experience of the #play2earn gamer is a very interesting move by the team behind this new project, which is backed by RADA.

Role-playing narratives are perfect for MetaVerses as they truly find their full potential in a MetaVerse that breaches the traditional limitations of an experienced alternative reality. Orbitau - Seven Deadly Sins carries the entire project through a clear and defined narrative and the foundation for a future experience-rich MetaVerse is set.

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Norse Mythology has a very rich culturally carried storyline based on Gods and Demigods and their eternal battle with the Giants but also walking on Earth amongst people. The Seven Deadly Sins are classical sins from Christianity and appear across most religions historically. As such, the narrative finds its home for most people in a known context of values and morals and a fight between good and evil, the perfect setting for an interesting new #gamefi project.

2. Market Review

Dungeon Co-Op or Dungeon Crawlers are amongst some of the most known gaming categories in the world, not least Diablo which is a franchise that forever made Dungeon Crawlers one of the most popular categories within gaming over the past two decades.

There was no internet and people could not afford two devices, that is how reality was when the first Turn-Based Strategy Games started to become popular. Personally, Heroes of Might & Might will forever be an eternal classic for me - and for many others, but Diablo was the first gaming experience for many in a real-time co-op setting, and what really is essential for both gaming categories is the social aspect.

Taking turns sitting in the “hot chair” (the one in front of the computer) was an extremely ineffective way of playing complex strategy games in terms of how much time would be spent. But the social aspect of playing with your friends or family and having the gaming experience together means that a title like Diablo still exists 20 years later and is still releasing new titles.

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Gamefi & MetaVerse

In the last quarter of 2021, we have seen many new #gamefi projects coming out with perhaps some of the best narrative and engaging storylines seen in the industry. We have backed a lot of them in RADA and Orbitau - Seven Deadly Sins follows the same strategy as it has a great deal of global mass-market appeal.

Turn-Based Strategy Games and Dungeon Crawlers are kings in traditional gaming, but so far there are very few projects launched in either category. So Orbitau - Seven Deadly Sins will be one of the first movers in #gamefi and #metaverse combining two of the traditional super categories into a more immersive #metaxperience.

3. Product Review

Orbitau - Seven Deadly Sins is a #play2earn and #metaverse project where you buy your Heræs (Hero) and then you can play and earn while having a fun gaming experience in some of the different game modes and options available in the Orbitau MetaVerse.

As you play, you earn, and then you can reinvest or you can pull out your earnings, so as such, the fundamentals of a good #gamefi project are present in this project.

The Orbitau Seven Deadly Sins Token Utilization

When you play-and-earn, in Orbitau - Seven Deadly Sins, there is a whole range of game modes and options planned for everyone to have fun while playing-to-earn. From daily or weekly quests to adventure-based tower games and eventually (according to the road map), Dungeon Co-Op, more interesting game modes are coming.

Gameplay Explained

The Heroes interface allows you to interact and equip your heroes.

The Heroe Interface

The heroes 3 primary attributes are Strength, Intelligence and Agility.

The Territory System

The 5 classes are Ocean, Ember, Forest, Earth and Ore.

The Player Experience Is Entertaining The Heroes Are Graphically Mind Blowing

Players can also join together to do co-op quests, form guilds, and battle each other in playing to create unique and valuable NFTs which can be traded on the marketplace.

NFTs include Eggs, Heroes, Pets, Lands and Rare Items.

Collect Eggs Which Are Nfts in The Orbitau Universe

There’s an Immersive PvE experience on offer where users can enjoy the mythical world of Orbitau - Seven Deadly Sins.

  • Combine and upgrade heroes
  • Pet and pet upgrade system
  • PvE quest
  • Tower training

Orbitau Offers An Emmersive Pve Experience

Orbitau is an exciting community with many features for players to work together or compete to be the king.

  • Guild quest
  • PvP and dungeon co-op
  • Land ownership and tax system

Compete to Be The King

Trade NFT and earn with Orbitau - Seven Deadly Sins.

  • NFT trading marketplace

Trade Nfts in Orbitau

4. Unique Selling Points

In the TAUREUM ecosystem, players are not limited to one world but can access the Metaverses and enjoy the Metaxperience of any world and the multiple games and dApps that belong to each MetaVerse. Leveraging the power of modern cryptography and blockchain technology, TAUREUM states that its ambition is to create fair, transparent games to contribute to the community by giving opportunities to #play2earn.

Orbitau - Seven Deadly Sins is the first game in the TAUREUM ecosystem.

The game is developed on Unity and Binance Smart Chain (BSs) which ensures easy access for most as BSc is pushing global mass-market adaptation, it has low gas fees and easy options for buying in and out.

Players will take on the role of different Heroes to conquer highly challenging but rewarding quests and game modes to earn.

The Taureum Core Services Tech System

Orbitau - Seven Deadly Sins has a lot of potential in itself in terms of the mass market, but with the TAUREUM ecosystem, in reality, this is not just a #gamefi project but also the birth of a coming mass-market gaming platform that is built on one of the most popular game development platforms in the world, Unity.

Graphic 13

5. Tokenomics

TAUREUM (TAUM) is the first token in the long-term vision of a DeFi ecosystem, with the aim of making it easy for users to start engaging through the gaming experience.

The NFT marketplace and connected decentralized communities will allow for people to be able to own exclusive rights on unique themes, game characters, videos, music, and much more expanding what you will see in most released projects today.

TAUM is the governance token for all the games in the TAUREUM ecosystem. The token is utilized throughout to purchase products and services in the ecosystem as well as the Orbitau - Seven Deadly Sins NFT marketplace. TAUM holders will have voting rights on Taureum-related projects.

Earning $TAUM

  • Do in-game quests
  • In-game activities: tower, training, PvP, etc.
  • Lucky events
  • Staking rewards

Spending $TAUM

  • Purchase items, eggs, heroes (NFT marketplace)
  • Major hero upgrade
  • Breeding eggs

Graphic 14

ORI is the utility token for the Orbitau - Seven Deadly Sins universe and players can earn ORI and spend ORI in in-game activities. ORI can be exchanged for TAUM at a predetermined rate.

Earning $ORI 

  • Do in-game quests
  • In-game activities: tower training, PvP, etc
  • Lucky events
  • Staking rewards

Spending $ORI

  • Upgrade heroes
  • Purchase in-game items
  • Breeding eggs

Graphic 15

Orbitau Tokenomics

6. Roadmap

While Orbitau is relatively recent in development, there is a clear plan for development reaching across all of 2022 and into 2023. In 2022, there are lucky events in quarter 1, and Guild events start in the third quarter. Also keep an eye out for the Land NFT sale in the second quarter of 2022.


7. Media

Find out more on Orbitau’s official channels: 


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8. Partners & Investors

Orbitau has great potential which hasn’t gone unnoticed by dozens of backers. 

They include RADA, NGC Ventures, LD Capital, MEXC Global, Redline DAO, AU21 Capital, x21, Lavender Capital, HUB, Coincu Ventures, DEO Network, and Monster Box.

Graphic 19

9. Team

F6 Galaxy, the company behind Orbitau, was born with a mission to create a leading DeFi ecosystem with a team of highly trained professionals who have an average experience of 11 plus years in the deep-tech industry as well as building enterprises with an accumulated value of over 400 million USD. And the leadership is made up of experts in their very own field with past experiences at various Tier 1 enterprises and startups such as Paypal, Google, Havas, CMN Online, Microsoft, BeGroup, Agribank.

They believe that through blockchain and NFT, they will create a new wave of entertainment that at the same time allows them to maximize the Play-to-Earn model for their community and beyond.

The Talented Team behind Orbitau

10. Summary

As a 30 year veteran in the two gaming categories of Turn-Based Strategy and Dungeon Co-Op and as an avid #gamefi fan, I might as well start by admitting that I am going to be playing Orbitau - Seven Deadly Sins. Just in terms of the pure gaming experience and conceptual approach, I have to see what's going on for myself.

The fact that it also brings enough new gaming elements and aspects to the #gamefi table as well as the TAUREUM ecosystem, it goes beyond a singular title and looks to become a continuous gaming experience over time where you never get tired of the game, because you can just move to the next one to have a totally new experience.

The next wave of #gamefi and #metaverse projects launching here in December 2021 and into Q2 2022 (amongst others on the RADA LaunchVerse) takes another milestone of a step forward for an industry that is already taking home record after record in terms of the number of players globally. With numbers of 5-7-10 million players within weeks of launching, the young but explosively growing #gamefi and #metaverse industry has established that there is far more demand than supply.

Orbitau - Seven Deadly Sins opens up two of the super categories within traditional gaming as pioneers into these sub-genres of gaming, and it is by far some of the most interesting categories to follow the impact on #gamefi on. Due to the very social nature of these types of games, you enjoy the gaming experience when you play together and it's fun - and then you get paid.


Disclaimer: Information is gathered through research from the project's official Whitepaper and other official sources. The content in this article is the author's personal views for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment or financial advice. RADA and the author are not financial advisors and will not bear any responsibility in connection to any potential investments.