Economic Worldwide Freedom through The Metaverse Economy

How a new Gamer Guild is creating Economic Freedom Worldwide through the Metaverse Economy.

Play2Earn Platform 

$12,5 Million USD was raised by AAGV in recent weeks in one of the most serious Gamer Guild project seed funding rounds coming out of Q4 2021. Heading into 2022, it’s a bright future for the global #gamefi market that is growing faster than any other industry in history, and as we saw as recently as last week, RADA-backed Thetan Arena got more than 5 million downloads in the first week of its official launch.

AAG is on a mission to empower Scholars to change their lives and inspire them to "Pay It Forward" to impact the lives of others. With thousands of scholarship applicants worldwide waiting for a chance to become part of the AAG Community and the massive capital influx from the seed funding round, the right ingredients are present for people to help themselves in a way that actually lasts and is sustainable.

AAG believes that the Play-To-Earn space will likely grow 100X from where it was at the beginning of 2021 and aim to contribute to and accelerate that outcome with a goal to democratize Play-To-Earn and bring 100M people into the metaverse by 2030.

The aim is to create maximum participation in the metaverse by enhancing the Play-To-Earn ecosystem and experience through their Play-To-Earn Platform.  It offers the next generation of smart contracts, including options to lend NFTs out and to have fractional ownership of NFT’s.  In addition, a full Management Software Solutions for both Scholars and Guilds to seamlessly operate a virtual Gamer Guild including all aspects of the actual business operational management.

Aag Play to Earn Platform

AAG is on a mission to empower and enable Scholars, Gamers, other Gamer Guilds, Gaming Studios, NFT marketplaces, and Gamefi titles in a MetaXperience that unifies all aspects of the Play-To-Earn business into a full Business Solution Suite for Gamer Guilds. And that is really where AAG carries the task of Democratizing Economic Freedom World Wide into reality. 

A Gamer Guild that has a mission to become a framework and a foundational enabler for others to enter into lights a fire, a fire that becomes a beacon of hope for many around the world, especially in the aftermath of COVID. People who fundamentally have no other options to change their life as they are stuck in poverty, are educationless and have no means or possibilities to better their lives. This is where the mission of AAG truthfully becomes more than just a business.

Guild Management Tools 

The foundation of how to enable mass-market adaptation is taking the Guild Management Tool and creating an environment where players, guilds, and investors come together and seamlessly interact through services that help each of them get the most out of the relationship. Opening up the Gamer Guild platform to other Gamer Guilds with a focus on business solution services and delivering scalable, simple, and accessible management tools is an infrastructuralist’s approach to long-term mass-market adaptation.

Aag Platform for Guilds

The Game Library is a repository of games that you can access through the AAG platform. Game Partners will have their #gamefi titles featured in the Game Library and they are fully vetted to ensure high-quality and full integration to the AAG infrastructure. This is so that any Scholar, Investor or Gamer Guild instantly has the same smooth access to all connected experiences within the AAG MetaVerse.

The road map of the project highlights how the AAG Guild and Play-To-Earn platform are aligned towards building the foundational infrastructure to enable the most Players, Investors and Gamer Guilds globally to be empowered.

Roadmap Towards Democratizing Worldwide Play to Earn

Learn-To-Earn and the non-profit tracks are also very interesting, and we will dig deeper into both in the following articles that feature AAG Ventures and this very promising new project.

Play2Earn, an infrastructure enabler of permanent change

Moving ahead of pioneering #play2earn Gamer Guilds like YGG ( by creating infrastructure and platforms for other Guilds, Scholars and Investors alike leads to a potential for real impact and real economic freedom.

The potential to change the lives of millions of families, especially in 3rd world countries, rural areas and places forgotten by economic growth in the last decade is finally here. Based on the data from pioneering #gamefi giant Axie Infinity 100.000s of people in the Philippines actually made a living by earning SLP (Smooth Love Potions) so they could feed their families through COVID.

Life is changing - remote work, online work, contribute2earn, play2earn, share2earn, learn2earn - everything seems up in the air. We have entered into the 3rd decade of a new millennium and tech-powered solutions are on the verge of taking the human race to the next step in our evolution. Something seems to point towards more value-based partnerships where people, organizations, and companies are forming more sustainable and lasting relationships with an aim to leave a permanent impact on the world.