The pressure was on, thousands were watching through the live stream on Twitch. It was now or never. The speed, the competition, the excitement, the power, and the prizes are all that he thirsted for. To be a worldwide legend - where only the most remarkable riders are chosen to rein their horse to victory. The elite of the elite.

Barrelling towards the finish line, neck and neck against a horse that commanded lightning, he wondered if his Racehorse had enough left in the tank to edge out 1st place… and the prize of $1 million USD? It was time to take the reins, he had one last trick left up his sleeve. 

Or maybe it will be back to the drawing board, back to breeding Greek mythological horses and trading them on the NFT Marketplace, in a bid to fight his way back up the ranks. Maybe he needs to switch up his strategy, maybe he needs to grow his stable of horses by breeding them. The desire to win is born in most of us but the will to win is a matter of training.

The article is the opinion of the author Dan F Almon - a member of the RADA community. 


 It's not only a game... But an unstoppable race that you cannot find anywhere else. 

1. Project Introduction  

No longer do you have to sit on the sidelines and watch (and hope) that your horse will win its race in this #play2earn cryptogame. Set in a stimulating Metaverse of futuristic globe-spanning corporations inspired by Greek myths with an eye-catching cyberpunk , you can own legendary horses, breed them, and race them to win the grand prize: $1,000,000 USD!

DeFiHorse Cyberrace Odyssey is an exciting addition to cross-platform blockchain gaming. Building on the concept of one of the world’s oldest sports, horse racing, set in a world where four corporations run the planet, you can own, race, and breed NFT Horses of varying Bloodlines, Breeds, Coats, genders and rarities. Combining addictive horse racing with unstoppable blockchain and NFT technology, DeFiHorse is a Metaverse e-sport game elevating the players and creators to the next level of the horse race.

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world, with its origins lost in prehistoric times. This industry spans the world with hundreds of billions in revenue. And for good reason - there’s an undeniable allure associated with this sport! From the thrill of watching your pick race to the win to the prestige of owning and breeding a stable of horses, there’s an enduring legacy that captures the imagination. But for many, the entry cost for owning horses is just too great. Thank God we have the emerging Metaverse which holds the limitless power of innovation and evolution for mankind: a universe where the impossible becomes possible. Here, the magical races of DeFiHorse unfold with loads of surprises. 


The genius of DeFiHorse comes from leveraging classic gameplay.

Despite being a rather recent phenomenon, eSports has utterly exploded in popularity. The League of Legends (LoL) World Championship events have been streamed and watched globally by more people than Major League Baseball’s World Series final and the NBA World Championships; in 2020, 47 million people watched the LoL World Championships while only an average of 9.8 million watched the MLB finals, and as for the NBA Finals? 7.4 million. These mainstream sports can only dream of those numbers now.

DeFiHorse ventures into exciting new territory at just the right time. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many are unable to attend events in person and are looking to online options to satisfy their hunger for the thrill of horse racing. Players can outfit the NFT Racehorses with different equipment and discover what tracks are best suited for their Horses. And while there may be other comparable entries in the crypto gaming market (like Zed Run and DeRace), these games are limited in user control: once the race starts, players are passive observers of the action. DeFiHorse sets itself apart with a compelling storyline and influence on the race outcome - plus who doesn’t want a crack at the $1 million USD prize?

An emerging concept to NFT game players is play2earn. As part of the DeFiHorse ecosystem, there are various ways for you to earn income. Breeding, Racing, Betting, Trading, and so on - all the fun stuff that comes with earnings opportunities.

The genius of DeFiHorse comes from leveraging classic gameplay: Quick Time Events (QTE) - most often seen in the game of Interactive Movies. Filmed in advance, there are video sequences (which could be full-motion cartoons or live-action), where a limited set of moves of the main character are controlled by the player. More specifically, if in danger, you choose the next move, action, or even a combination. Rarely is this the only gameplay , more often it’s used to keep players’ attention from wandering during game cutscenes. 

Originating in the 1980s arcade game era in games like Dragon’s Lair - which introduced an early form of QTE - it continues to play a key role in a multitude of different game genres, from fighting games to racing games. Recent examples include the Tex Murphy games and Fahrenheit (in North America it’s known as Indigo Prophecy). With a time limit, QTEs require players to hit a particular button usually in response to an on-screen prompt on the screen. Pressing the wrong button or being too slow to perform the sequence can negatively impact the game - typically resulting in either the character getting hurt or outright death. For a more pertinent racing example, with the legendary Mario Kart games, hitting the gas button at precisely the right time results in a speed boost to start the race.

The team behind DeFiHorse draws on decades of experience to pool their talents in this promising new blockchain game which is #play2earn. The game is luxuriously depicted with a cyberpunk with vivid neon lights, the ingenious combination of ancient mythology, and futuristic technology. Get ready to experience the most premium graphics quality from our top design team.

2. Market Review

Horse racing in the real world is one of the world’s oldest sports dating to prehistoric times and with very little change. Valued at several hundred billion dollars globally, and is most certainly popular in the top three economies of the world. In 2020, the horse racing industry market in the U.S. was estimated to be over $3 billion USD and expected to hit $3.52 billion USD in 2021. There’s most definitely a hunger for horse racing in China with 2020 seeing a push from the Chinese government to promote the sport. Finally, in Japan also in 2020, over $7.5 billion USD was spent on horse racing. 

According to an evaluation by Technavio Research, as documented by Businesswire, the impact of increasing digital connectivity and rapid growth in the commercialization of horse racing and sports events shows a 9% rise (2020–2024). Some predict that online betting for horse racing will surpass football by 2026.

Millions of dollars are spent on breeding the horses of prized bloodlines, stabling and training them, and real-world horses can win massive financial prizes.


In the world of eSports, the industry revenue is predicted to exceed $1 billion USD for 2021. Further, there are expectations for it to nearly double for 2022 and hit $1.8 billion USD. The most popular platform to stream from is Twitch which had 5.8 billion hours watched globally in the third quarter of 2021. There was a recent leak of Twitch streamers’ income, and the top earner was Ninja who made an estimated $25 million USD.

In traditional gaming, Rival Stars Horse Racing earns strong reviews on both Google Play and iOS with the second having tripled in global downloads within the last year. While #free2play, there are also freemium features with some game items available for purchase with personal finances or a subscription to The Star Riding Club which provides free daily in-game benefits. Similar to DeFiHorse, players can breed and race horses but it costs $39.99 on Steam to play.

In the Asia Pacific Market (which consists of 52% of the online gaming market), there has been explosive growth over the past three years with increases of over 10% year-on-year. Both occasional viewers and eSports enthusiasts have experienced growth in numbers to achieve 495 million viewers in 2020, and are predicted to increase to 646 million viewers by 2023.


The explosion of eSports popularity with both enthusiasts and occasional viewers is impressive, and predicted to just continue to increase in the coming years.

NFT Market Capitalization

Outstripping even eSports growth is the NFT Market Capitalization which has been growing exponentially. In 2020, it increased by 50% over the previous year to hit over $315 million USD, and is predicted to increase to $710 million USD for 2021 - a rise of approximately 125%.

Buon Dau

The NFT Market Capitalization is experiencing meteoric growth in the last two years, no doubt spurred on by the Coronavirus epidemic.

Although the market size of NFTs has room for growth at this time, the technology used in NFTs is expected to launch changes to the collectibles industry and also the blockchain world in the near future.

GameFi DeFiHorse Racing Competition

We can already see there are popular blockchain horse racing games, Zed Run and DeRace that are #gamefi. However, while there are similarities to DeFiHorse, they have critical weaknesses in comparison, too.

Zed Run

Recently raised $20 million USD in a Series A round and has earned greater than $30 million USD from horse sales since its launch in 2019. Buying a horse can regularly cost $16,000, with some reports of them fetching as high as $125,000. Entire stables have been sold for $252,000 on Zed Run. Perhaps not as expensive as top-level horses in the real world, but still not cheap for most! Entry-level horses can be purchased for a little under $200 USD.

There are noticeable areas of overlap between Zed Run and DeFiHorse. Both:

  • The horses (of differing rarity, bloodline scarcity, coat color) are NFTs owned by the players.
  • See the result from combining different horse breeds. 
  • Rarity of the newly bred horse depends on parents’ rarity (1 step down in rarity).
  • Male horses can breed more often, female horses are typically more valuable because they get to keep the offspring.
  • Different race lengths.
  • Thousands of horses are available.
  • Live stream is available.

However, while there are similarities, there are also key differences. With DeFiHorse, there’s an intriguing story drawing on Greek mythology but set in a futuristic world dominated by four corporations. Horses capture the imagination with mythical lineages. On the other hand, Zed Run is purely about digital horse racing with no storyline. On top of that, DeFiHorse gives players influence on race outcomes with Quick Time Events (similar to an interactive movie). So you don’t have to sit on the sideline wishing that your horse will succeed, you can play a role in that success!


DeRace has its first project IGO on Binance NFT with its token running on etherium vs BSC, and the game runs on Polygon. The focus is on betting-oriented gameplay mechanics but the game protocol is biased towards chance. It’s possible to take care of other people's horses to receive payment.

An interesting feature is that users could build and own a racetrack so players have an opportunity to earn passive income from hosting races.


Welcome to the Horseverse: DeFiHorse tactically sets itself apart from the competition in key areas that seem worth exploring.

3. Product Review


Invite your friends to race against you, or compete against others in the Horseverse for the ultimate prize: $1 million USD!

DeFiHorse is a Binance Smart Chain-based (BSC, which has low transaction fees) digital horse racing platform. All the in-game assets are represented in selected currency certified by the game platform. In DeFiHorse, the owner needs to exchange the currency into DFH tokens to completely control the NFT assets.


Well, that’s certainly an interesting question: Are you a God? Because only Gods are the ones who win!

When mankind has not forgotten the myth, Zeus and his brothers murdered and usurped the throne of their father – the Ancient Titan Krono. Suddenly, one day that story is re-enacted in human history more fiercely than ever…

Day 24, Month 12, the Year 2099...

Four big technology corporations plot to overthrow the global government. For many years, they have been silently researching and monopolizing the most advanced technologies:

  • Gene Technology
  • Quantum Technology
  • Space-time Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence Technology

When the four major corporations join forces, no government can resist. The whole world witnesses a fierce throne change.

Four great corporations rule humanity from the top of their ivory tower like the four Gods that ruled on Mount Olympus in the past. Inspired by the myth of Zeus and his brothers, they consider themselves the Gods of the New World. Every big corporation has a dream of power. When there is no one left to fight, they fight each other. The parties are equally talented, assets and human resources are gradually depleted.

The four great presidents agree to sit down, an accord to separate winners from losers without the need for bloodshed. A race between steeds - a proud pastime of the ancient Greek Gods.

They combine technology to create generations of bio-engineered steeds, as an affirmation of the creative power equal to the Holy Spirit. Whenever there is a dispute over resources or interests between corporations, a race will be held.

The best jockeys - orphans after the war for the New World, will be escorted, detained, and trained by the great corporations, ready for the races that affect humanity's destiny.

What the corporations do not expect is the self-evolution of the steeds.

Although bio-engineered with powers beyond human imagination, they evolve emotionally & begin to bond with those who ride them like the old flesh-and-blood horses. They confer on the rider both absolute loyalty and boundless power.

And since then, groups of resistance fighters are formed, beating the big corporations on their own playing fields. Corporations, raise your eyes! See the winners!

The idea that four big corporations rule four key industries of technology will allow the image and theme of the racecourse to be fully explored. It could be a racecourse in the human body (Quantum & Biology) or even a racecourse of the elite robot jockey army (Artificial Intelligence). The possibilities that can be explored are limitless.

4. Unique Selling Points

Build a DeFiHorse Metaverse

Own the prestige of a steed - a symbol of the pride and power of the Gods. Bioengineered with boundless energy, integrated with artificial intelligence and automation, they create a new galaxy with every stride, move mountains with just one breath, and shake the terrain in every move. Half animal and half-machine, the performance they bring to the race is always mind-blowing.

Participate in horse racing, breed your horses, grow a stud farm and own land. There are no limits in the DeFiHorse Metaverse.

Graphic Elements

DeFiHorse is attractive to both gamers and investors thanks to its graphic elements. Leaning into a modern Cyberpunk theme and , DeFiHorse stands out among other GameFi projects that use a simple, colorful cartoon with indie gameplay. This is also a key factor that helps the team behind DeFiHorse confidently move towards positioning in the high-end segment, such as the AAA games in the market.

Intense Gameplay

Besides the impressive graphics is the fantastic gameplay, which is highly appreciated for its sportiness, and has great potential in developing eSport tournament systems. The competitive nature of a horse race keeps every spectator in suspense until the last second.


During the race, in addition to Horse breed and equipment, players can interact-in-time to help the horse change speed to improve the final result, lending greater engagement to the Horseracing game.

Compelling Storyline

Zed Run is strictly business in its gameplay, but DeFiHorse weaves together tantalizing story elements, drawing from the Greek mythology past but set in a dystopian future with 4 corporations ruling the planet. In order to reduce the loss of lives as they competed for control, they started the race between steeds using orphans as their jockeys. This author certainly wants to find out more about this narrative! And in fact, storytelling has been established in research as a method of increasing player immersion in games.

Own and Trade Thematic NFT Racehorses

The 4 different Bloodlines (Chaos, Titan, Poseidon, and Heroic as detailed in the Product Review section) all have different strengths and abilities such as Pace, Acceleration and Endurance (plus different cool-down periods between races) that will manifest on the different race tracks. These abilities are only available in DeFiHorse, in order to bring one-of-a-kind experiences to players. These Bloodlines will play the largest role in the overall ability rating of the Racehorse. Their Coat colors are also desirable by other players (more on that later). With no two Racehorses the same, they can be traded in the NFT Marketplace. All NFT horse data is publicly available. Players can track the horse's appearance, race history and bloodline through this data.


Only two Chaos Racehorses can breed together to make another Chaos Racehorse.

Color Breeding

The Horses’ color scheme is one of the factors that the DeFiHorse development team focuses on.

The color partly represents the strength, bloodline and rarity of the steeds in DeFiHorse. Besides that, the colors and patterns of the horse skin also show the personality of the owner. Therefore, extremely cool color-coordinated steeds are likely to be sought after at a higher price, and with that comes the corresponding power.

In other words, besides the horse’s strength, uniqueness, or compelling visuals, trending or unique steeds will bring investors opportunities of earning profit.

Racecourses Collection

DeFiHorse diversifies racecourse themes and gameplay to enrich the experience. The steeds will not be limited to battling it out on the grass tracks like many other horse racing games out there. There are promised lands that are beyond your imagination.

At this point, DeFiHorse is testing 4 racecourse themes and working on developing others:

  • Space-Time Racecourse
  • Mutant Racecourse
  • Radiation Racecourse
  • Quantum Racecourse

Moreover, gamers and investors can own racecourses and take profit from hosting tournaments.

Breed and Build a Stable of Thematic NFT Racehorses

Similar to running a horse farm, your steed will be of one of two genders: Male or Female. Since females keep the foal, they are more valuable, but males can receive Stud fees and breed more frequently. The longer they’re in Stud, the greater the percentage of the breeding fee awarded to the male Racehorse owner. Obviously, when they’re breeding they’re unable to compete in races, so that’s all the more reason to have an entire Stable of horses to maximize the experience.

To create the next generation of horses, you will need to bring the parents to the stud farm, pay a small fee, and then wait a few days for a foal (baby horse) to be born.

The first thing to know is that horses in DeFiHorse are divided into several levels, based on rarity and associated strength. There are six factors when it comes to DeFiHorse breeding:

  • Ascended
  • Mythic
  • Legendary
  • Elite
  • Evolution
  • Population

How rare a steed was created during crossbreeding, and how strong, depends entirely on their parent pair.


DeFiHorse lets players race with greater frequencies depending on their Horse’s Stamina. Racing will deplete the Stamina, which regenerates over time - but players can still race if they don’t have 100% Stamina. You don’t have to worry about losing Class points if your Horse’s Stamina is below 70%.

Manner Symbol

In advance of each race, flame symbols indicate the top three potential racehorses that are predicted to place first, second, or third in a race. This can be a useful gauge of your racehorse’s potential performance in advance.


Judge from the Manner symbol to have a better idea of how your Racehorse will perform.


Besides the ability to trade your NFT Racehorses in the NFT Marketplace, there’s also the gameplay rewards for performing well in races, plus of course, the $1 million USD prize!


Chance to win $1 million USD and become the first Horse Racing World Champion


Own a Racing Course and invite your friends to compete, or challenge other players in the Metaverse landscape! Collaborate with a friend to breed a new NFT Racehorse.

Horse Racing in the Metaverse

With clear appeal to those looking into online racing options, DeFiHorse is one of the first entrants in Horse Racing in the Metaverse to leverage blockchain technology with #play2earn.

Rank and Tournament

The DeFiHorse team aims to build an eSport game and ecosystem. To hit that target, the game will be a competition and challenge for gamers. So ranking mode, matchmaking, and elo system (this was covered in the Product Review section) are what gamers care about.

The DeFiHorse ecosystem will have 2 levels, Minor and Major.

Professional tournaments will also be the spotlight in the DefiHorse ecosystem. To warm up, there is a 1 million USD prize pool tournament soon. It will be a great attraction to professional gamers and investors who want to earn from the #gamefi project.

Trading & Liquidity

Investors & gamers also care about the liquidity of their in-game assets and how these can be turned into cash. In DeFiHorse, people can own their horses, farm, land, and racecourses, and they can trade them with others.

There are 2 methods to trading in DeFiHorse: buy and sell on the NFT Marketplace, or person to person. DFH and other tokens used in the DeFiHorse ecosystem will be listed soon on popular decentralized exchanges.

DFH Token

Based on Binance Smart Chain (with low gas fees) that optimizes for GameFi projects, the DFH Token is integral to the ecosystem.

The token is used for many purposes, such as becoming the currency used to buy NFT steeds, paying for participation in horse racing tournaments, and staking. Players will also receive DFH as a bonus for achievements in each race.

The creation, distribution, and management of the DFH token is completely transparent and committed to following the roadmap. At that time, the value (and therefore, attractiveness) of DFH to investors or gamers will not be reduced.

Marketing Strategy

Target Market

By the end of 2022, DeFiHorse expects 100,000 community members.

Part of what makes DeFiHorse so interesting is its goal of being a total metaverse experience. The team behind the project is utilizing many layers all the way to the customer acquisition strategy, an astute part of the marketing and go-to-market strategy: top-down penetration. Combining hot streamers,  tournaments,  media,  digital performances, automation, and airdrops to converge into global communities. 

Moreover, they have already identified different target markets for different stages of development. In each target country, there will be a Community Manager (CM) who will grow the community (affectionately referred to as The Herd). A country can have as many Herds as they can field, but only one Herd will represent the country in the International Horse Racing Championship. 

The marketing strategy calls on Global Streamers to Livestream contests and Championship races and invites them to be the leader of The Heard. Top Streamers, Content Creators, Game Guilds will be invited to become DeFiHorse representatives. 


The team intends to attract top global streamers like the "Queen of YouTube", Valkyrae.

The World Championship will be held once a year with a 1,000,000 USD prize pool! The three main stages are:

Regional Qualifiers - Each herd gives out their best Horses to take part in the Regional Qualifiers to join in the Group stage.

Group Stage - After passing the Regional Qualifiers, players and horses will be able to take part in the Group Stage. 

Main Event - Depending on the scores that players win in the Group Stage, they will be split into Upper Bracket or Lower Bracket. After winning all the brackets, the two best players will join in the Grand Final. 

Media List

  • Benzinga
  • Blockonomi
  • Btcmanager
  • Blockmanity
  • Business Insider
  • Cointelegraph
  • Coindesk
  • Coinintelligence
  • Coingape
  • Coinspeaker
  • Coinounce
  • Yahoo Finance

5. Tokenomics

There is one token in DeFiHorse, the DFH, which is a BSC-based fungible cryptographic token (BSC stands for Binance Smart Chain, a blockchain system from the crypto-trading platform Binance). A fungible token may be exchanged for other tokens of the same type so that one DFH token has the same value and properties as any other single DFH token. 

  • DFH is the horse racing games' main utility token and in-game currency. DFH is being used as a cross-title utility and is driving the Play-to-Earn model.
  • DeFiHorse provides the first reference for how DFH can be used in the ecosystem, with each additional supporting title adding value and utility to the broader DFH ecosystem and the token itself.

How to Earn and Use Tokens

Winning races and staking can earn DFH and can be traded to purchase more NFT Racehorses and paid to enter races. 

Chiem Bao

Further detail on how to earn and use tokens.

Token Allocation

DeFiHorse has explicit plans for the total number of DFH tokens available, who they are available to, in what proportion. There are different times when the tokens are available, as can be seen in the below table:

Screenshot 2021 12 04 at 10.13.32

DeFiHorse token availability.

Community Treasury: 

Community Treasury tokens are allocated for the development of the gamer communities globally. The tokens will be released on demand.

Staking Rewards: 

Staking reward tokens are allocated as rewards for gamers to earn. The tokens will be released on-demand.


Liquidity tokens are allocated for adding liquidity post IDO. The tokens will be released after IDO.


Development tokens are allocated for operations, human resources, and technology development in 48 months.

Foundation Team:

The foundation team tokens are allocated for the founding team member. Tokens will be locked for 1 year. Then tokens will be released linearly over 24 months.

Screenshot 2021 12 04 at 10.21.48

The DFH token is a BSC-based fungible cryptographic token.

6. Roadmap

The DeFiHorse team will be ready to release the web-based game beta in early 2022.



7. Media

DeFiHorse is still a new project and establishing its footprint on the digital landscape, but no doubt there will be more announcements in the near future as developments occur.

Any latest news will be updated on their community channels.


Visit SoMe channels to find out more about the project

8. Partners & Investors

Because the project is relatively new, there are four developers and five partners at the time of writing. However, with the project’s premise and a team who each have over a decade of experience working in their respective fields, there will no doubt be more added over time, especially with the support and backing of RADA for this compelling #gamefi made in Vietnam.


DeFiHorse has the support and backing of RADA.

9. Team

DeFiHorse’s executive team and advisors are no strangers to technology, business, and investment enthusiasts. They are leading experts and entrepreneurs with decades of experience and claiming their position in the industry and include a Vietnam-based multicultural collaboration of some of the top talent available. Each brings a minimum of 10 years of experience in their fields with their CEO, Edison Mai.

CEO, Edison Mai and his Achievements

Vietnam's 30 under 30 by Forbes; the founder of the pioneering LPDi Token ecosystem, the CitiGolf golf course chain, and Chef Station - the first cloud kitchen in Vietnam; Chairman of a series of nationally and internationally successful brands such as Otoke Chicken, and Chewy Chewy.

Leaders should always have the same spirit with their products. As a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Mai brings his never-stop-moving spirit to DeFiHorse. The steeds only stop running after the finish line. In his situation, the DeFiHorse project is a challenging race, but one that will be the winning one.

Mr. Mai has 15 years of experience in operating and investing in many fields, mostly technology-based projects. Throughout his profile, you can notice many successful spots in Food and Beverage and service companies that use technology for growth. In 2015, he got his name on the first Forbes Vietnam Top 30 under 30 list and inspired many young Vietnamese startups of his generation.

Recently, with the extremely fast coverage of blockchain, Mr. Edison Mai has made some big investments in LDPi and CitiGolf. Both of them are parts of an elite class service ecosystem, small investors can own and benefit from golf courses, restaurants, and other services. They always focus on bringing high potential profit, transparency, and liquidity to investors.

On DeFiHorse, that's also the values CEO Edison Mai is bringing to the table. We’re going to build a Metaverse with functions around horse racing games (for example breeding, tournament, and trading). As a successful businessman, CEO Edison Mai always gives investors the confidence and assurance to invest in.


Kian Ho - Brand & Creative Director

Co-founder of April Advertising, CEO of e-commerce channel GreenOly with over 13 years of experience in creative and strategy in major global agencies.

Steven Nguyen - Advisor

Founder and CEO of Netlink platform, Chairman of Metub network, Founder of million-dollar start-up Luxstay,... with 15 years of creating successful digital & Internet brands.

Hung Dinh - Advisor

Founder of RADA, JoomlArt, DesignBold,.., angel investor, brilliant strategist, 16 years at the forefront of web design and mobile business with outstanding brands: JUNO, Printgo, ViCare,...

Ronni K.G Christiansen - Advisor

Member of the executive board of Joomla OMS - a leading company in providing operational management systems, promises to provide orientations to help the DeFiHorse ecosystem work smoothly.

Vi Khoa - Advisor

Vice President of VISERA - Vietnam E-Sports Association, Mr. Duong Vi Khoa will certainly provide professional advice to guide the formation, organization and operation of DeFiHorse e-sport tournaments.

Also notable to the RADA community is that two key RADA community members are advisors backing DeFiHorse: Mr. Hung Dinh and Mr. Ronni K.G. Christiansen. 


DeFiHorse has a lot of potential as a project because of the team.

10. Summary

In the erupting eSports world, there’s a new #gamefi addition that’s sure to turn heads, DeFiHorse

With the support of two prominent RADA community members, DeFiHorse draws from one of the most popular and enduring sports in the world: horse racing. With established markets around the globe, the equine (the academic word for “horse”) industry is a 300-billion-dollar industry and already has some successful entries in the blockchain market like Zed Run. However, DeFiHorse addresses gaps in the Zed Run’s gameplay with some critical Unique Selling Points (USPs), as addressed in the titular section. 

DeFiHorse gives more control over the game results with #play2earn with Tap2Earn QTEs, and immerses players in a mysterious futuristic world ruled by shadowy corporations that are inspired by Greek mythology. Own and race legendary NFT Horses to win DFH which can be traded on the Marketplace for equipment, or purchase new NFT Racehorses. You can compete with your friends in a race, or also collaborate to breed new NFT Racehorses; whoever owns the female Horse gets to keep the offspring, or keep the Stud Fees if you own the male. 

But you don’t have to rely on your friends for these, you can also reach out to others in the community to help you reach your Stable goals, there’s a great social interaction element to DeFiHorse. Race against others to #play2earn the grand prize of $1 million USD.

You could also ride the wave of the burgeoning eSports industry and stream your races on Twitch - or watch others and learn ways to improve your game!

The Horses just have more bells and whistles to them in DeFiHorse. On top of the increased in-game control and narrative, each Racehorse is a unique NFT, and classified by: 

  • Bloodlines
  • Breeds
  • Coats
  • Genders 
  • Rarities

Plus they have different Stamina recovery levels which impact how successful they will be in subsequent races.

The team developing DeFiHorse has tremendous experience in delivering on quality, with precise Tokenomic plans and a Road Map targeting success in the coming year. In addition to this, the depth of their marketing plan goes beyond any other project reviewed thus far, with logical staging for targeted regions and subsequent expansion, plus a well-planned top-down strategy synchronizing globally popular streamers,  a tournament format,  media,  digital performances, automation, and airdrops to develop their global communities, the Herds.

While this is a relatively new project and is developing its social media presence, it’s got a solid foundation built with a promising game story and play that targets an enduring global market. With DeFiHorse’s USPs addressing notable gaps in its competition, this is one to keep an eye on.


Disclaimer: Information is gathered through research from the project's official Whitepaper and other official sources. The content in this article is the author's personal views for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment or financial advice. RADA and the author are not financial advisors and will not bear any responsibility in connection to any potential investments.