DeFiHorse (DFH) is a blockchain-based e-sport horse-racing Metaverse where players and creators can purchase, trade, breed, and race NFT horses on a whole new level! In a billion-dollar cross-platform game industry, DeFiHorse stands out for its legendary, cyberpunk horse racing, its incredible graphics, the Tap to Earn system, and its unstoppable blockchain & NFTs technology.

4 Factors that Make Defihorse The No1 Anticipated Nftgame This January 2022

The GameFi and Metaverse are seeing the birth of the next big thing - DeFiHorse!!

What makes this #NFTgame one of the most anticipated releases in 2022 is down to the many different and exciting factors that add intrigue and entertainment in a whole new way in the racing game genre. With so many features to talk about we struggled to select just 4 to write about, but here are the key elements we believe make #DeFiHorse stand out from the rest, and the reason you’ll be waiting ‘at the starting gate’ for this one.

1. Make some serious money with DeFiHorse

When the game officially launches, the DFH token will be widely supported and traded on many popular platforms, making it an easy way for gamers and investors to access.

By joining DeFiHorse, every participant has the opportunity to earn. The DFH token can be used for many things such as the currency used to buy NFT horses, staking, and paying for fees to join races and tournaments. Players and teams will also receive DFH as a bonus for achievements in each race. 

Warriors who have competed for two rounds will have a chance to be invited to The International Horse Racing Championship to race and win a hefty grand prize.

Professional tournaments will be held - to warm up, there’s a $1 million USD prize pool tournament soon, a great attraction to professional gamers and investors who want to #play2earn">#play2earn.

Welcome to The Horseverse The Mane Event Will Make You Rich

2. Cyberpunk graphics have attitude and

The DeFiHorse race horses are different from any other Cyberrace from the backstory to the breeds, bloodlines, and characteristics. But it’s the mature cyberpunk graphics and steed designs that will impress gamers, and why DeFiHorse is like no other GameFi project (you know, like the boring ones that usually stick to simple cartoon s). The graphics are part of what will push DeFiHorse to the high-end segment. 

The Future Is Already Here

3. The Tap to Earn system makes DeFiHorse even more interactive

The competitive nature of DeFiHorse keeps every spectator in suspense until the last seconds - the DeFiHorse Tap to Earn system lets users directly interact with the game, enhancing the experience. During the race, in addition to equipping items and breeding horses, players can interact-in-time to help their steed change speed and outperform other competitors. As a consequence, you’re able to win more prizes, and who doesn’t want that! 

Being able to improve the final result, brings a sense of magnetism during the game that most other horse racing games don’t do. It’s so gripping and literally keeps you on the edge of your seat. Because this is a unique system that only DeFiHorse has, this game is projected to become the next big thing in the world of NFT horse racing games.

Defihorse Is An Unstoppable Race that You Cant Find Elsewhere

4. Build your own DeFiHorse Horseverse with one-of-a-kind legendary steeds

The NFT horses, named after Greek mythology, have boundless energy, and each step they take shakes the ground, shifts mountains, and creates a new galaxy. The four horse-gods symbolize four of the world's most powerful technology companies in a battle for supremacy. Each lineage has its own characteristics that impact the ability of a horse to race. They can also be bred in the Stud Farm to create new valuable assets (NFTs) that gain the stats of parents.

The revolutionized Horseverse allows racers to own horses, organize horse races, breed horses, grow stud farms, own lands or trade other assets to earn the most benefit possible. 

Breeding - Male or female, bring your horse to the stud farm, spend a little fee, and then wait a few days for a foal to be born. How rare a horse is generated during breeding, and how strong, depends on the parent’s associated factors.

Color Breeding - Color partly represents the strength, bloodline, and rarity and also shows the personality of the owner. Besides the horse’s strength, creating or owning eye-catching, trending, or unique steeds can be profitable.

Racecourses Collection - Different racecourse themes means more than grass. Themes include - Space-Time Racecourse and Radiation Racecourse. Gamers & Investors can own racecourses and take profit from hosting tournaments.

Chaos The Rarest Bloodline

Titan The Power of Creation

Poseidon The Ocean Storm

Heroic Unparalleled Power

The expert team is an added bonus

When compared to current GameFi initiatives, the DeFiHorse team's vision is clearly reflected by the game's unique characteristics. The management team and strategic advisory board of leading tech, business, and investment experts have decades of experience, not to mention a passion for the project. 

De Fi Horse15

DeFiHorse Official Channels

For the last three months, the DeFiHorse team has been constantly developing graphics and gameplay ready for launch in January 2022. Keep up to date so you don’t miss out on DFH token sales and early bird rounds, as well as other Roadmap events.

DeFiHorse is a really fun game to play. Gamers will be blown away by the DeFiHorse experience, which includes gorgeous visuals and a number of luring features. Give it a go!